Gorgeous text photos app review and download

app is a gorgeous text picture photography applications, network construction is oball text photo editing tools. The gorgeous text photo app allows you to edit the text easily in 10 seconds.

Functional introduction

> just upload a photo or take a new photo

> type any text to a photo match

> choose any font color or style that you like

Adding a picture on the text will certainly attract people to pay more attention to your photos.

It can help you express yourself in a gorgeous way.

So it’s just a colorful, fashionable text that matches your feelings, your car, your clothes or the weather photos…

Software features

+ you can upload a photo from the album, or take a new photo immediately.

+ up to 66 font colors can be selected

+ up to more than 200 font styles are available

+ up to more than 40 new and special font styles are available

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