Lumio Cam app review and download Lumiao camera


Lumio camera App is a very good camera software. There is a wealth of material Lumio Cam Lumiao camera, there are many gadgets, you can make the photo shoot SLR shooting effect, super beautiful photos of a mobile phone can fix!

Software introduction

Miao camera is a fully functional design inspired by the camera camera application, true and by the development of photography enthusiasts active and make full use of new system, application of the technology of modern intelligent mobile phone to make it look and use are professional SLR camera feeling. The Lumio camera interface looks like the back layout of a SLR camera, and it is not difficult to use, and the effect is good.

Lumio Cam Lumiao camera

Software features

A simple but professional application can cover all aspects of the use of a beginner to a professional photographer. The application is compatible with a large number of mobile devices.

1. compatible Instagram and instasize functionality compatible with Facebook Messenger,

2. you can display your self photographed friends at Facebook Messenger!

3. easy instasize your self photographed Instagram more like and followers

4. blur, black and white, or select a suitable color for the instasized square picture on the border.

5. share Instasize your self timer perfect Instagram post!

Lumio camera App Download

Update log

Fix some known BUG.

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