Transparent screen photo app review and download

transparent screen camera App is a mobile phone camera application, transparent screen camera App can provide a convenient camera for the user, allowing users to use the mobile phone side side of the camera, easy to delay, bring convenience to the user life.

Software features

The difference between this program and other products of the same kind is:

1. Support a front camera. A transparent front camera allows you to see the image behind you while you are concentrating on your mobile phone.

2. You can use a mobile phone while you take a photo. You can walk through this program and check the situation on the road.

3. Variable resolution adjustment.

4. You can hide pictures and hide pictures with pictures. It’s very fun.

5, do not need the root, also can provide the silent picture mode. You can take a high definition picture if you get rid of the picture after your own root.

6. Auto photo, has been lost, destroyed you click on any operation

7. There are more other small features, such as startup protection, vibration, and so on.

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