Mobile phone theme design learning: five sets of lovely animal creative image design

Children who want to learn the theme of the mobile phone must watch and absorb some excellent mobile phone theme designs every day.

For example, the 25 schools shared the following:

1, vivo mobile theme interface of the competition work study: graphics and structure

2, 2 sets of Chinese wind theme icon design case appreciation, Very Beautiful

3, mobile UI theme interface icon design appreciation, the beauty of the


Today, we continue to share some beautiful and lovely mobile phone theme interface works for the creative image design category.


First group: cute wizard interface mobile phone theme design

Design appreciation of mobile phone theme interface


The second group: cute bear mobile phone theme design

Cute bear mobile phone theme design 2



The third group: the design of the theme icon for the cute cat’s creative cell phone

Design creative icon design for cute cats



Fourth groups: the theme design of the cute owl creative cell phone

The design of the owl creative theme Icon


Fifth groups: the theme design of the cute little white rabbit creative cell phone

Design of a cute mobile phone theme interface for small white rabbits


Finally, the school know you to share some views to share Xiaoliang leaves.

1) can start from the copy, after a certain amount, the understanding will be deeper, and everything starts from the hands-on.

2) first, no flat or flat, light or realistic. Think more about the whole. Practice or compete, try to complete the whole work, try not to do only half of it, exercise (force) to think about the logic of design.

3) after the performance skill and the execution ability, it is the idea. See and think more, whether it is illustrations, 3D, software production, the current industry is active design style. Take your own way… This is another story.

4) do not hold on to the theme of the mobile phone, and do not lose its direction because of the current domestic market. The design is the same, thinking more about the three major components, concept refining, creative integration, the design process of the norms, echoes, system has a correct grasp. Everything is going to come.


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