Color matching APP Logo Icon Design works, worth copying reference

You can’t resist the desire to send a car when you see the super – burning APP UI design. Share these excellent APP Logo icons design works.

These APP logo icons are designed from a design studio in the UK. Color collocation is very awesome.

Look at the big picture directly.

Design of APP-logo icon for collocation and collocation


The following is a big picture of each IOS APP icon.

1_1x 7_1x 9_1x 10_1x 12_1x 15_1x 18_1x 19_1x 20_1x 21_1x


After looking at these delicate color APP logo icons, do you have a sense of UI design blockbuster? If so, those works will certainly move you and let you love them.

Finally, the 25 school enlisted the chasing network address of these color overfired APP logo icons:

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