2018 linear icons that may fire, linear icons painted with colors

In the second half of 2017, many APP began to design some beautiful APP linear icons.

As we all know, linear icons are divided into four types: simple linear, complex linear, illustration class linear, contour class linear.

The linear icon of the 2018 fire is an emotional illustration of the APP icon.


If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look at these colorful, emotional APP icons.

Color linear Icon

Airbnb2 Auspost_icons_2x Clearly_icons Holi-cons Icons_gratify


The characteristic of the above linear icon is to add some colors on the basis of the original monochromatic linear icon, which is rich in icon meaning and emotion.

For example, the following music class APP’s linear Icon:




线性图标源文件下载:cheetah.ai    200 KB


In a word, simple and crisp linear icons, decorated with color, make our app linear icon more than one expression. Suddenly, these linear icons are young. It also conforms to more young user preferences.



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