Tencent video TVD design big God, teach you app icon design four steps

First of all, Mr. Chun is very grateful to the Tencent video TVD design team’s design of dry goods sharing, which can be used in a large company and large team cooperation under the output of a set of icon design methods. Also from high school some complete standardization of the APP icon design method.

At least let’s get to the small company APP designers to know how a large company’s design team is going to extract a high quality APP icon.

The following is the Tencent video TVD design team, which teaches us the app icon design four steps. It’s worth reading slowly.


Icons design four step method 1 Icons design four step method 2 Icons design four step method 3

The above is a very systematic, and very standardized design process of icons and the complete icon design of the four steps.

Let each designer know how to design the icons of your own app product and the app product logo. This is also the most practical idea of the design of icons.




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