332 illustrative styles of urban representative architectural icon design appreciation

If you are trying to design a APP that introduces the world’s famous cities, the architectural icons that represent the city are your essentials.

A building icon can represent a city, so the reduced version of the illustration style building with the representative color of the city can express the attractiveness of the city accurately.

Foreign UI design God, to share with us 332 illustrative style of urban representative architectural icons. It’s very amazing.

The city architectural illustration style thumbnail The city building 2 thumbnail illustration style The city building 3 thumbnail illustration style


Every illustration style building icon under the name of the name of the city, I do not know if you can know what? Is the urban building icon in China reasonable and accurate?

Of course, as a UI designer who works hard to learn, these 332 illustrative urban representative architectural icons are good copy cases.

332 illustrative urban architectural icons with an appreciation address: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41467371/332-Landmarks

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