Original designer image IP entrepreneurship – 780 linear expression package material downloading

According to the recent news reports of the major science and technology media, the twelve culture obtained 43 million yuan A+ round financing, the real fund led investment.


To see such a message, the school feels that it has given the designer a strong entrepreneurial direction, that is, to develop its own original image IP. Some of the original IP image contains exploring commercial realization channels, such as authorized cooperation, peripheral products sale, doll machine line shop etc..

These are the opportunities for our designers to change.

About the design of WeChat expression bag, 25 schools shared the other way of expression: self expression, humor, cute facial expression package design and a group of super cute mobile APP expression package design — moving orange girl.


Today, we share a set of free linear expression packages. A total of 780 original vector expression packages.

App Icon

A total of 780 emoticons. 2 sets of facial expression icons for the naked face and the yellow face.


These 780 emoticons are worth downloading and learning, and we find out if they are interested in the design of the expression package. Because the original image of IP is another direction for future designers.

780 facial expression icon material website download address: http://emoji.streamlineicons.com/

Chasing network address: https://dribbble.com/shots/4430447– 780-Free-Vector-Emoji




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