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Flat design is quite popular in the past few years. It can be seen in web design, App development, or PPT. The flat style is mainly combined with simplified typesetting, bright color, visual affinity and intuition. Now iOS, Android or Windows 10 are all similar flat design effects. It looks very comfortable and clean, so many websites will adopt this style.


If you want to use a flat style in the UI design, the color can find Google or Microsoft’s usual color matching from “Material UI”, and it can also match the illustrations that look pleasing and pleasing, making the design look very qualitative!

The “unDraw” recommended in this article is a great flat design library, 006The design is very quality, the original author Katerina Limpitsouni continues to update, anyone can find beautiful illustrations from here, free download SVG or PNG format, without marking the source, can be used for commercial use.

It is worth mentioning that unDraw can directly adjust the main colors of illustrations online. This way will be more closely integrated with your UI design and complement each other.At present, many patterns are included, and they are also very detailed.

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Open the Illustrations page of unDraw website (or select Browse Now on the front page), you can see all illustrations and illustrations currently included. UnDraw does not provide RSS with subscription updates, but if you want to receive updates at any time, you can only focus on the Twitter of the designer (seemingly no other way).



I think the most useful part of unDraw is that all illustrations can adjust colors online quickly.Sometimes the pattern we find from the gallery is pretty good, but it can’t be integrated with the existing style (it seems to be particularly abrupt). In unDraw, the switch color function can be found directly from the top right corner, and a few good color options are provided by presupposition.

Try switching colors, and the unDraw illustration shows a totally different feeling.



Click on the illustrations you like. There will be the title and related keywords of the pattern. Perhaps it is not far from your understanding. Click 033.“You can download the SVG vector file immediately. For websites, blogs or self media, press “Download PNG for blog posts/social media“You can download the general picture file format.

UnDraw illustrations can be used for personal or commercial purposes, without indicating the provenance and modifying them.

Recommended reasons:

  1. * * 041
  2. The MIT License can be used freely for personal or commercial purposes.
  3. Adjust the main color of the pattern online, so that the picture can integrate the existing design style.

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