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TravelPop the Globe-trotting Quiz Game Now Available

Are you a world trivia master? FreshPlanet Inc., the makers of SongPop, today is proud to announce the release of TravelPop, the globe-trotting quiz game for iPhone, iPad, and Facebook. TravelPop puts your knowledge to the test with hundreds of quizzes featuring over 30,000 beautiful photos. Quiz yourself on food, landmarks, culture, inventions, and more from 13 countries including China, Brazil, Australia, and Canada.

As each photo pops up, quickly swipe or tap to answer. Answer quickly and correctly to win coins, level up, and unlock souvenirs (achievements). Challenge your Facebook friends or match up with random opponents around the world. TravelPop brings the quiz gameplay perfected in SongPop to a whole new audience. Learn more about the photos featured in the game with Wikipedia integration, and share your favorite photos on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Key Features:
* 30,000 iconic photos spanning over 140 categories
* Quizzes from several of cities and countries including USA, Japan, Italy, Mexico, and more
* Dozens of souvenirs (achievements) to unlock by completing challenges
* Connect with friends via Facebook or play against random players worldwide

TravelPop 1.0.8 is currently Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Herd Em – Addictive iOS Arcade Puzzle Without The Pay Walls and IAPs

Following a soft launch and extensive gameplay research in Canada and New Zealand, 1 man band development house ‘Bang Means Do It’ is thrilled to announce the global launch of Herd ‘Em, an addictive arcade puzzle for iPhone and iPad. Casual iOS gamers around the world are invited to dust off their old straw hat and break out the lasso; the animals are loose and it’s time to Herd ‘Em! Head on down to the App Store to download the latest addictive puzzle craze.

With an easy, pick-up-and-play mechanic and eye-catching, cute 2D farmyard graphics, Herd ‘Em is a game that will appeal to players of all ages. The simplistic, colourful graphics and cute animal characters transport users to a fun and playful game world, inspired by the big hit puzzles of recent times: Jelly Splash, Farm Heroes Saga and Connect The Dots.

Once inside, players must use their wits to solve a multitude of challenging puzzles. Each level has been meticulously crafted and fine-tuned to challenge a particular aspect of the players ability, so players must adapt their tactics and playing style, if they are to succeed beyond the introductory levels. It’s a simple but compelling and challenging mechanic that demands ‘just one more go’. Upon completing each level, players are rewarded with stars that can be used to unlock farms, where they will find new and challenging level designs with different game modes.

Herd ‘Em is 100% free to play. The game is free to download, there are no In-App Purchases and no virtual currency. The more you play, the more levels you unlock – nice and simple. Enjoy all 25 levels in this addictive arcade puzzle!

* Be sure to connect big herds on ‘Reach The Score’ levels
* You’ll need lightning reactions to beat the ‘Timed’ levels
* Stay focussed and you’ll have the ‘Herd The Animals’ levels mastered

Herd Em – Free Farmyard Match Three Arcade Puzzle 1.0.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Photo Book Flip lets selfie lovers instantly create photo books on iPad

Apperie, LLC is proud to announce the release of Photo Book Flip 1.0.1, offering the easiest way to let selfie lovers, Instagramers, and shutterbugs instantly create beautiful digital photo books on their iPad. With just a tap, Photo Book Flip intelligently lays out photos into minimalist templates inspired by photo-centric magazines like Kinfolk. Unlike most photo apps that only let you browse photos one at a time, the app lets users flip through their own photos as if they were a beautiful photo magazine. With Photo Book Flip users can experience their photos in a more appealing, different, and delightful way.

Within a week of its launch, users have claimed the app as working “like magic” and making browsing photos more enjoyable. Photo Book Flip has ranked in Top 50 Paid Photo and Video apps for iPad in six countries including Canada and New Zealand.

* Instantly turn your photos and albums on your iPad into beautiful digital photo books
* Works with Photo Stream. Create photo books on iPad with the photos taken with iPhone and other iDevices
* Minimalist design inspired by photo-centric magazines and books to spotlight your photos
* Over 20+ page layout variations used automagically to create photo books
* Flip through photos like a book in the iBooks app

Photo Book Flip 1.0.1 is currently priced at $1.99 USD and available through the App Store globally in the Photo and Video category.

Appublica Introduces Dragorena For iOS Unique Pvp-Battle Game

The heat’s coming up as Appublica launches their second title Dragorena specially designed for iPad. The main idea of this game is ‘casual fantasy RPG’ to be played like nothing else before on the App Store. There are plenty of small MOBAs on iOS these days. But are they truly mobile-centric? Dragorena real-time PvP game is the answer. Unique gameplay, super easy controls, cartoonish but yet fairly detailed 3D graphics make Dragorena really comfortable and addictive mobile game.

Now, Appublica, an independent developer of mobile games, announced that Dragorena 1.0 is available for free for iOS 6.0 or higher on the App Store in USA, Canada and Mexico. The availability in other countries is coming up soon. The game offers short but extremely dynamic sessions about 1 minute each with lots of different tactics, spells, mobs, upgrades and other exciting features. User Interface minimalism allows easily to pick up and play Dragorena 1.0 for any skill level enjoying the game as its best.

In-app purchases, starting at $0.99, allow users to buy gems for dragons’ improvements. But, players are also able to collect virtual currency in battles. Fight modes are regular and premium (for X2 experience). Deep SNS integration and Leaderboards make the game truly social. Many additional features are planned for the near future, including new dragons, match modes, spells, power-ups, and more.

* 4 initial elemental dragons and arenas to master
* 4 types of elemental experience to gain
* 5 sessions in a row with cool down
* 5 unique magic spells for each dragon
* 10 types of mana and armor
* 5 in-fight power-ups
* Lots of different mobs and obstacles
* About 50 upgrades
*Facebook and Twitter integration.

“We love Dragorena and would like to share it with all RPG addicts. We also believe once try Dragorena 1.0, it won’t leave anyone indifferent,” said Appublica team.

Dragorena 1.0 is free) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Balanced for iPhone reaches 100,000 downloads in just 10 weeks

Jaidev Soin, the Australia-based developer behind life improvement app Balanced, announced today that the app has reached 100,000 downloads in just 10 weeks. Balanced is a motivational tool that helps users focus on doing more of the activities that matter to them. The app’s smart prioritization, simplicity, and positive feel have been heavily praised by users, and play a large part in the app’s success.

Jaidev, Balanced’s creator, says, “As an independent developer I never dreamed Balanced could be this successful; the response has been amazing. I’m committed to refining and improving Balanced to increase its appeal even further. The app’s success so far is a great achievement, but it’s just the start.”

Quick Facts about Balanced
* Price: Free (with an in-app purchase)
* Available for: iPhone & iPod touch
* Launch date: 24th July 2013
* Top countries: USA 36%, UK 6%, Germany 5%, Canada 5%, France 4%
* Top activities added: Meditate, Read, & Hit the Gym
* 12,000 activities are marked as done each day (one every 7.2 seconds)

A driving force behind Balanced’s success is that it doesn’t try to make users feel bad for the things they aren’t doing, like so many other goal setting or to-do apps. Feedback from early prototypes showed that users naturally felt guilty for not doing more in their lives, and were trying to get away from that guilt. Based on this, Jaidev developed Balanced to be positive, forgiving, and most importantly to help users feel that their lives are on track and under control.

Shortly after launch, Balanced was included in Apple’s New and Noteworthy section, and peaked at a top 10 Productivity ranking on the App Store in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, and 46 other countries. This early boost allowed the app to gain mind-share among users, and has helped it to compete against established players in the life improvement field.

Balanced 1.1 is currently Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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Travel App TripWhat Now Available on the Apple App Store and Online

TripWhat 1.2 helps users explore or plan a trip in their favorite city. The app takes the guesswork out of researching destinations by curating data from Urbanspoon, Yelp, Seatgeek, Last.fm, WikiVoyage, Google Maps and other sources. This data is combined into one app offering users a comprehensive guide to events, restaurants, and attractions in 250 cities across the United States and Canada.

“With the launch of TripWhat we wanted to help travelers discover hidden treasure on their next adventure, quickly and easily,” said Brenden Sherratt, TripWhat’s Marketing and Community Ambassador. “When you are on vacation you don’t want to waste your time combing through ten different websites or guidebooks. TripWhat aggregates information from popular websites and shrinks it down to fit into the palm of your hand.”

TripWhat provides up-to-date information, combining multiple data sources to not only allow the user to find the nearest music venue, but also provide biographical data for the band playing that night. Users can also create personalized itineraries and explore guides that are created by other users, like top sights to see in New York. TripWhat has curated over 600,000 different attractions, and over 100,000 events in 250 cities across the US and Canada, so users will never be without the perfect activity on their next trip.

TripWhat 1.2 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Travel category. It is also available on the TripWhat website.

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ATracker for iPhone – Easy and Elegant Daily Task and Time Tracker

WonderApps AB proudly announces implementing social network sharing function and new overview panel in its popular iPhone app ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking 4.1.

ATracker is a time tracking application which is very easy to use and requires minimal setup. On the main screen, user can see the complete user defined task list and the overview of today’s time spending, and start/stop time recording simply by tapping the task. It only needs a name and/or icon to setup a unique task, with advanced settings as optional. So user can focus on own work instead of wasting time on mastering the app.

Currently, ATracker is in top 100 list in productivity category in major Europe countries, e.g. UK, Germany, France, Spain, etc. In top 200 list in productivity category in US, Canada and China.

This new feature allows user to share their time tracking report in bar chart or pie chart with customized text to their Facebook or Twitter account by pressing the Facebook or Twitter button in the report tab. Also, in this release, a new overview section is introduced on the main screen to present today’s aggregated time spending on each task. Users can now use color coding to easily distinguish tasks in all functions including the reports as well.

With an elegant minimalist UI design, ATracker provides:
* A complete list of all tasks on the main screen with one row for each task
* Start and stop task by just one tap. If the user taps a new task, it will start tracking the new task and stop previous one automatically
* Overview of today’s time spending on the top of main screen
Complete task log. Show task for any given date. Add missed or modify existing task
* Statistics in bar chart and pie chart. User can share the report via Facebook or Twitter with customized text
* Export task entries in CSV format with report chart via Email
* Save note for task entries
* Set alarm for tasks. Alarm will sound even if the app is not running
* Full customization of tasks with hundreds of icons to choose from and color coding
* Full customization in user interface, including choose different skin (preloaded or from user’s photo library), setting task item style etc.

ATracker – Daily Task Tracking Lite 4.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. A PRO version is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). PR and screen shots are provided in German, French and Japanese. Promo codes are available upon request.

Count Dracu – The Friendly Canadian Vampire, Now on iPad and iPhone

Popcorn Grenade has announced the official launch of Count Dracu and Friends for iPhone and iPad. Join Count Dracu and his lovable, ghoulish cast of friends as they take kids on an interactive journey while teaching them all about opposites, like tall and short, fat and thin, and the unique characteristics that makes us who we are.

Every page contains:
* Fun animations that comes to life with the touch of a finger
* Cute sound effects & enchanting music
* Easy to understand navigation
* Characters & props can be moved around anywhere on the scene

This app is made in Toronto, Canada, and so most of the characters in the app represent the diverse multicultural ethnic community that Canada is well-known for. Count Dracu is a friendly vampire from Downtown Toronto. Frankie Frankenstein (pronounced ‘Frankensteen’), comes from a well-respected Jewish family who live out in Forest Hill. There’s Howie Hallowich, the Ukrainian werewolf who’s family owns a chain of Pierogie Restaurants. Raggy Nader, the always-ready-to-party Egyptian Mummy; Yetinder Kumar Singh, the muscle-bound albino East-Indian Yeti, and many more culturally diverse lovable characters.

What’s with the multi-cultural characters ? Denny Kurien (Popcorn Grenade founder, creator & developer of the app) has the following to say, “The characters in Count Dracu and Friends are a manifestation of me and my own friend here in Canada. Having immigrated here 10 years ago, I love the multicultural vibe that the city of Toronto had to offer, and thought I’d share my own life-story through these interactive storybooks. Plus Halloween is our favorite time of year – we always love to dress up in ghoulish costumes, and take our kid out trick-or-treating. We’re targeting a new wave of parents (mostly Gen X and Gen Y’ers) who probably got tired of the traditional nursery rhyme and mother-goose apps that are flooding the app store. So we here at Popcorn Grenade, we want to offer them something different. We want to tell them, it’s okay to dress your toddler up in black, as opposed to bright colored pastels. It’s okay to not follow the norm, and think a bit outside the box. Be sure to check out our Count Dracu Facebook Fan Club, where you’ll get to learn more about each of the characters, as well as get access to upcoming stuff like Count Dracu coloring books, contests, free goodies, and Count Dracu plush toys.”

We hope you enjoy Count Dracu and friends, and with your support we hope to continue producing more apps like these down the road. Thank you for supporting small businesses like us.

Count Dracu & Friends 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. A LITE version of the app is also available to be downloaded for Free, where users can go through the first 4 scenes of the app before being asked to purchase the full app.

New QHSE Focus Magazine is Live in App Store

New and enhanced QHSE Focus Magazine had been just released at App Store. QHSE Focus Magazine is the first in the world iPad magazine for Quality, Lean Six Sigma and Health & Safety Professionals. By today, QHSE Focus Magazine has been ranked in Top 10 Newsstand Business Products Listing at App Store across the world including US, Canada, Australia and Italy as well was featured by Apple as The # 1 Magazine in Business Category.

QHSE Focus Magazine has always been attentive to the readers’ recommendations and today it has presented new features that include:

Separate Editions:
Now the magazine will be issued in 2 separate editions: “Health & Safety” and “Quality and Lean Six Sigma.” Professionals may choose the preferred edition and enjoy it.

Enhanced Interactive Features And More Free Bonuses:
* Videos with enhanced interface
* Option to send emails to the contacts mentioned in the magazine right from its pages
* Option to share articles and videos through numerous social networks with one tap
* Lots more

Here is what industry experts say about QHSE Focus Magazine:

“I saw the previews for QHSE Focus Magazine and it looks great. The magazine has gathered some phenomenal folks from industry to present their stories.” – Cary Usrey, Process Improvement Leader.

“This is the best new workplace safety and health magazine to come around in a long time.” – Dave Weber, Founder – Safety Awakenings.

QHSE Focus Magazine 3.2.1 is Free to download and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Each issue of the magazine costs $7.99 (USD). All subscribers will receive 25% discount that will make it $5.99 per issue. Try this magazine now and join the world’s most advanced and successful community of Health & Safety, Quality and Lean Six Sigma professionals.

Apprope Releases Long-Awaited Photo Quiz Sequel

Photo Quiz 2 is a sequel to the popular app Photo Quiz, which reached the top 100 most downloaded in the US, top 20 in the UK and Canada, top 10 in Australia, and top 3 in Scandinavia. This time, it’s offering plenty of different challenges – some that keep players guessing and others that get them laughing. Players will be presented with four pictures that have one thing in common. Simply by tapping the letters in the word bank, players can spell out each guess.

This sequel comes with hundreds of new challenges, which get progressively harder the more someone plays. Gameplay can last for hours.

This time, the rules have changed a little. The game offers three different “hint” opportunities. Tapping on the magnifying glass icon reveals letters in the answer. Tapping on the bomb icon removes some of the word bank letters that aren’t being used. Finally, the key icon reveals the word completely, for the extreme cases where players get stumped. Every time an answer is correct, players earn more hint opportunities. These helpful tools can also be purchased in the game.

Support Languages:
* English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish

Photo Quiz 2 (v1.0) is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.