Croatia: Night City Zagreb

A660201 night in Zagreb, eternity after time train.   Entering Zagreb in Zagreb, the sky was still bright, winding around to the hotel in the center of the city, and then standing on the street after check-in, it was found that the sky was dark. Judging from this, Zagreb should be a big city. Standing […]

Croatia: peace and war

A660202 up: the fairy tale village of rastoke by the water; down: the open-air museum of the Croatian revolutionary war, Karlovac   Rastoke and Karlovac are two places not far from each other on the way from Lake 16 to Zagreb. They are not noticeable on the map. I can’t even read their original pronunciation, […]

Croatia: Plitvice and lakes

    &Croatia has a long coastline, which makes it easy for people to focus on the ancient cities with both cultural and natural beauty. In fact, the inland also has beautiful natural landscape, such as the sixteen Lake National Park. According to transliteration, it should be called Plitvice Lakes, but I mistakenly thought it was […]