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STEP Journal for Life is the Ultimate Visual Journal – Now on Android

Innovative life journal developer WePlanet announced today that lifelogging has taken a giant leap forward with the release of the STEP Personal Smart Journal on the Android platform. Live blogging, journaling and an increasing focus on up-to-the-minute communication is the impetus behind the STEP Personal Smart Journal, an automatic journaling app that makes intelligent usage of existing resources.

Helping users capture and tell the stories of their lives, STEP Journal makes intelligent use of smartphones, apps, social media and wearable devices to gather all of the scattered moments of life into a hyper-connected, information-rich and up-to-the-minute journal. The Android-based app, now available on the Google Play store, STEP Journal is remarkably easy to use, and lets users add value of self-awareness and reflection, added meaning and cute icons. And the iOS version has been featured on over 100 App stores such as US, Japan, China, and more. ‘Web-version’, as a facilitator to store precious memories, edit entries, and add more thoughts, will be opened in the near future.

“In today’s hyper-connected world, peoples’ digital footprints tend to get scattered throughout cyberspace,” noted a WePlanet spokesperson. “STEP Journal merges those scattered footprints into a single location automatically, presenting a single timeline. Not only is it easy to share, that meaningful log helps STEP Journal users understand themselves better.”

STEP Journal can be shared, but it is not automatic; it is completely private and personal unless the user decides to share it. As a personal self-help and development tool, STEP Journal helps users gather multiple logs into a meaningful presentation, see their daily patterns at a glance, and more easily spot opportunities for improvement.

“STEP Journal is more than just another blogging platform. It captures everything about the user’s life in a fully visual, personalized and private platform – delivering a venue that goes way beyond information for its own sake. By capturing daily moments and adding relevant details as needed with just a few clicks, users are able to embrace the lifelogging lifestyle as the ultimate self-improvement tool.”

As an automatic journaling tool, STEP Journal takes the tedium out of recording life’s everyday tasks. Keeping the STEP Timeline meaningful and correct, the app also adds several shortcuts, including a Favorites list, a Bookmarks function and automatic calendar and location-based services.

* Seamless import of status, places, pictures, and tagged friends from social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Swarm and Instagram
* Events from Calendars
* Photos and locations form the smartphone Camera Roll
* Locations using GPS
* Data from fitness tracking devices such as Jawbone UP and Fitbit

STEP – Journal for Life app 1.4.0 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. It is also available on Google Play for Android devices.

Track Kit – Record and Share Your Best Travel Experience

Lifeware Solutions today is proud to announce the release of Track Kit Pro v1.4, their innovative GPS tracking application developed for iPhone and iPad devices. Hikers, runners, tourists, drivers, hunters and fishermen can record and share their GPS tracks, pictures, notes, recommendations and guides. The application helps to keep and share memories about great events, journeys and adventures.

* Offline maps: map caching for offline usage
* Multiple alternative maps: Google, Bing, Bike, Hiking and others
* Works with multiple tracks: display and compare all your tracks at once.
* Different color schemas for tracks: gradients for speed, vertical speed and altitude
* Quick camera button to take pictures without switching to full-screen camera
* Infinite number of waypoints
* GPS saving mode for long trips to save battery
* Augmented reality and label tracking
* Analog and digital speedometers, compass and military rangefinder with a set of sniper scopes
* Search tracks at Track Kit website companion
* Works on all devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Track Sharing Feature:
* Share tracks via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter
* Import and export GPX, KML, KMZ files
* Share tracks at Track Kit website

Track Kit allows you to create amazing tourist guides and save and edit your trails, add your photos and waypoints to a trip route, link images and videos to your map, embed maps and photos to your blog or website. www.track-kit.net offers a set of unique features for presenting your GPS tracks: image gallery combined with map, automatic GPS track playback, google street view video generation.

Track Kit Pro v1.4 is $2.99 USD for a limited time. Track Kit Pro is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

Introducing Nav Camera: Photos and Movies with Geolocation Data Overlays

Hunter Research and Technology, developer of the popular Theodolite app series, today is excited to announce the release of Nav Camera 1.0, its newest iPhone app. Nav Camera uses the proven navigation, augmented reality, and image processing engines from Theodolite to create an app that focuses on photogaphy and video recording with data overlays. The app has been crafted with attention to detail, and benefits from over five years of development and testing heritage, along with real world usage by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive sportsmen, first responders, military personnel, and search and rescue workers around the world.

Nav Camera lets users take photographs and record movies in landscape and portrait orientations with geolocation overlays and custom notes. Geolocation overlays include date, time, position, altitude, GPS datum, and compass bearing. Overlay data is updated in every frame when recording movies, which is great for documenting dynamic scenes or scanning an area. Users can enter up to four lines of custom notes to be rendered into the overlay, which is perfect for job descriptions, project names, company/staff information, invoice numbers, or additional comments/documentation. Various parts of the overlay can be turned on or off, and multiple overlay colors are available.

Nav Camera includes features for serious users including multiple reticles (three types of crosshairs and an SLR-style focus/exposure indicator), colored lens filters to improve use in dark conditions and preserve night vision, and multiple position formats including military grid reference system (MGRS), universal transverse Mercator (UTM), British/Irish National Grids, and six latitude/longitude variations. The optional “Datum Pack” adds over 220 geodetic datums to the app for more accurate position and altitude computation from GPS data. Optional datums include NAD-27, NAD-83, OSGB-36, ED-50, and hundreds of others, covering regions and countries on all continents around the world.

Find out why apps like Nav Camera and Theodolite, and their field-proven results, are featured in Apple Keynotes, written up in magazine articles and professional journals, and used by everyday explorers and pro users around the world. Where will you take Nav Camera on your next adventure?

Nav Camera 1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

Sailing School Appeals to Seafarers with Educational Content

The love of the open sea is universal among mariners, whether they’re sailing beginners, motorboat captains or working seamen. That’s why Sailing School, available now for just $4.99, appeals to seafarers of all kinds with its videos, animations, questions, and other safety and education content.

This latest version 2.0.1 includes the same impressive content from Nautica SIA, a Latvian business in the seaport city of Riga. But Sailing School, reduced for a limited time from its price at $49.99, now is in a smoother and bug-free mobile app featuring full HD video lessons, test preps and exams on too many topics to list! Among them are navigation basics – definitions, calculations and the use of aids ranging from GPS to lighthouses – as well as international buoyage systems, weather and meteorology, types of anchors and understanding tides. The lessons are designed for beginners and working professionals.

“We are a world leader, and there are many large companies that work with us because our videos are really good for students and their teachers,” said CEO Askolds Hermanis. “It’s not just for sailing and sailors, who love the product, but for all boaters. Even maritime colleges use Sailing School lessons.”

The app is designed for convenient mobile use, and optimized for iPhone 5. But while it’s indispensable out on the water, Sailing School lessons are supported by additional course notes on the Nautica SIA website. The content reinforces the lessons, and the website offers news and other information for enthusiasts that ranges from practical product or service info, to salty stories about encounters with rogue waves, landmark lighthouses, and superstitions, to sailing that’s featured in film and in literature.

* Easy-to-use app is the “world’s first sailing school” for mobile devices
* Lessons feature full HD video, animation, pictures, sound, test preps and exam questions
* Sailing School topics are covered in nine different sections
* Content is useful for beginners, as a class teaching tool, or refresher for seasoned sailors

Sailing School is available for just $4.99 through the iTunes App Store in the Navigation category. It is also available at the Google Play store.

Trip Trak Free 1.1.0 Updated to include Spanish language-driving log

Ron Boyd Design today is pleased to announce the latest update of Trip Trak, an app for iPhone and iPod touch that makes it easy to record and store mileage and more. Users can now use in Spanish language.Trip Trak also records routes traveled, expenses, and gives turn by turn driving directions all in one place. Users can also easily export data to their Dropbox folder, via email or by AirPrint. Trip Trak also allows the user to store up to three different vehicles with unlimited trips and categorized expenses. Using the latest technology offered by the operating system and iPhone 5s, Trip Trak sends a friendly reminder when the user forgets to input ending mileage and prompts voice navigation when turn by turn navigation is accessed while the vehicle is in motion.

Anyone who needs to know the exact location and when they were there will appreciate the GPS location recording that pinpoints location with a to the minute timestamp. For those whom detailed information is not as important, Trip Trak offers a handy battery Saver button that turns off the apps GPS tracking when it enters the background during a trip, saving battery power for other tasks.
Security is always a feature, and with Trip Trak users are assured that absolutely no data is stored or exported without their knowledge and explicit permission.

Trip Trak 1.1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Pre-release demo codes are available upon request.

myGolfstats Updated With Top Notch GPS Feature now available for Free

Developer Sports Data Systems Inc. has released an updated version of myGolfstats that includes a world-class GPS feature showing distances to the greens on over 30,000 courses. Golf Shot Tracking and USGA Handicap application are included as well. Available now on iTunes for FREE as a 15 days offer, the app will be priced at $7.99 annually.

The app is a convenient collection tools for golfers, allowing users to track stats, scores, and handicap instantly on their device. The myGolfstats update features a new, superior GPS navigational function that is kind to the battery.

The myGolfstats enhances the overall gameplay experience by allowing continuous hole-by-hole updates for entire foursome. The app displays all the players scores and includes the same scoring categories used by professional golfers, including scramble, fairways, sand saves, putts, and more. The app also calculates handicap and tracks user rounds throughout the entire season.

There are several other screens to assist the player to improve performance. These includes a round summary with all statistical neatly displayed, Money Shots, Club Distances, Set Goals, Graphs, and the Scorecard, which is golf central.

“This application essentially gives the golfer everything the pros have right in the palm of your hand by recording all stats, scores and GPS allowing users to improve on their game,” said Bill Helman of Sports Data Systems Inc. “The statistical scoring categories offers golfers an easy to analyze their game. The result is an improved overall game, and an enjoyable, competitive social experience.

The golfer can easily navigate the myGolfstats app interface by simply tapping the desired category to view hole entries, scores, round summary, money shots, or stats. Golfers can also gain access to the USGA handicap feature if desired. The apps newest features enable users to set goals for future comparison, measure and analyze shot distance, view the group scorecard, record tips and share on social media for bragging rights.

Because golf is a popular social activity, myGolfstats is an ideal tool for everyone to track and organize information and keep each other honest in the process. The app improves the quality and speed of the game by getting rid of scorecards, pencils and wasted time on calculations. Using recorded information over time, avid golfers can evaluate their short term and long-term progress. Together, these features allow golfers to identify weaknesses and take their game to the next level. The updated version of myGolfstats creates an interactive, organized golfing experience that enhances the experience and user skill level.

* Keeps track of golf stats
* Scorecard (upto 4 players)
* Hole Entry
* myHandicap Card
* Money Shots
* Superior new GPS tracking feature
* USGA handicap available
* Post scores on a partner website.
* Calculates handicap after 5 rounds and continues updating
* Graphical stat display
* Social media score sharing
* Round summary stat display

myGolfstats + GPS 3.4 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category.

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TourPal Raises Over $1 Million to Promote Android App and Crowd-Sourcing

TourPal, a leading travel guide smartphone application, has announced it raised over $1 million in series A funding to be used for marketing of the new IOS version features and the launch of its Android application. The money was raised from private angel investors. To celebrate this TourPal are offering many of their USA tours for free (for a limited time).

The funds are going to be used for promotion of the latest IOS version that includes TourPal’s brand new crowd-sourcing based recommendation system for restaurants, bars, shopping and more as well as marketing of their recently launched Android travel guide app.

The recommendation feature takes a fresh approach to the task of helping tourists and locals find only the best restaurants, bars and shops around them in all places covered by the app. It does so by scouring the social networks, checking which places have gotten the most social signals (i.e. likes, check-ins, Instagram tagging etc) and showing them on an interactive, GPS based map. This way only the most popular places are shown and the users don’t browse through an endless selection.

Another benefit of this novel approach is that there is no need to accumulate a massive amount of app users for this system to be effective (as oppose to user generated reviews), the unique algorithm used is all that is needed. The places are shown with the amount of likes and check-ins they got along with the Instagram photos taken there, so for restaurants for example, you can actually see photos of the dishes and the place’s decor.

“Our vision is to define the new era in modern tourism and to bring the power of the knowledge of the masses to all tourists. ” says Mr Boaz Beeri, CEO of TourPal ” This fund round, will assist to promote our new IOS version and the Android app launch thus aiding in realizing this vision” he adds.

To celebrate this TourPal are offering many of their USA audio tours for free (for a limited time). Free tours include Washington DC, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia and more. This is in addition to their always 100% free: offline and online maps, tour routes, recommendation system for restaurants, bars and shopping, travel tips, multilingual support and more.

TourPal 2.0.3, the innovative new way to enjoy GPS based audio tours around the world, is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Travel category.

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Apple includes Theodolite among Amazing iPad apps during Special Event

At Apple’s October 22 Special Event, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced a clip showcasing “All of the amazing ways our customers are using iPads,” and the Theodolite augmented reality navigation app was featured among them.

A range of remarkable apps were showcased as examples of playful, astonishing, and ingenious uses for the iPad. Theodolite is shown being used atop the Great Wall of China, as an iPad user surveys the amazing mountain scenery and ancient architecture around him.

Theodolite is a multi-function viewfinder that combines a compass, two-axis inclinometer, rangefinder, GPS, map, nav calculator, tracker, and geo-tag photo/movie camera into one indispensable app. Uses are endless, and the app is great for hiking, boating, hunting, golf, outdoor sports, sightseeing, navigation, and finding your way around. Theodolite also has professional grade features, and is used extensively by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive sportsmen, first responders, military personnel, and search and rescue workers around the world.

Find out why Apple included Theodolite among the most amazing apps for iPad. Where will you take it? What’s your next adventure?

Pricing and Availability:
Theodolite (iPhone, iPod touch) and Theodolite HD (iPad, iPad mini) are available on the iTunes App Store for a 50%-off 4-year anniversary sale price of $3.99 USD. Theodolite runs on any camera-equipped iPhone or iPod touch. Theodolite HD runs on any camera-equipped iPad or iPad mini. More information, including screenshots, is available on the Hunter Research and Technology website. Media professionals interested in reviewing Theodolite can request a promotional code to download the apps from iTunes at no cost.

myGolfstats + GPS 3.4.3 adds a myHandiap Card and goes Free in iTunes

Sports Data Systems, Inc. today is proud to announce the release of myGolfstats + GPS 3.4.3, an important update to their wildly popular sports app, developed exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The myGolfstats + GPS app upgrade helps golfers pinpoint areas of improvement for their games by using stats usually available to touring pros. It also provides a myHandicap Card on a separate screen.

The app accurately measures all distances via their iPhones. Tour pros and serious golfers alike rely on specific sets of data to find the areas of their game that need improvement. Whether it’s missing fairways, greens or getting up and down statistics provide the golfer insights of where their performance on the course is falling short.

Here’s where myGolfstats + GPS comes in:
myGolfstats + GPS provides detailed statistical analysis for the most crucial areas of your golf game all in one convenient place. But with this new update it’s packed with even more benefits. Whether you are a casual or competitive, get the same information as the pros right on your iPhone. Already in the top 10% of paid sports apps last year, the addition of the GPS adds even more value to myGolfstats making it one of the most complete apps on the market.

The reason is the simplicity and seamless transition from the scoring screen to the GPS is done with the touch of your finger. “By adding the GPS functionality to myGolfStats we feel that golfers have one of the most complete golf aps in the market, explained Bill Helman, president of Sports Data Systems, Inc. “Not only do you get a complete breakdown of your critical performance stats but also laser accurate distances for your shots.”

It’s like having your own Tour caddy on the road with you:
myGolfStats offers the same information as the expensive hand held range finders at 5% of the cost. There are 33,000 courses in the database so it is usable world wide. A unique feature of myGolfStats is the Handicap Card Screen. It is updated after each round and an official USGA Handicap is available to all users. as well.

“To add even more value to myGolfStats, we’ve included features such as: separate scorecards for up to four players, summaries of your rounds, club distances and you can save up to 100 rounds,” continued Helman. “Finally we’ve put an increased focus on what we call ‘Money Shots” or specific areas of your game that determines what types of scores you put up each round. Money Shots are fairways and greens hit, sand saves, and scrambles. As any Tour player would tell you, knowing what areas of your game to focus on is the key to improving performance. What we’ve done with myGolfStats is automated the process for you in one incredibly simple app.”

myGolfstats + GPS 3.4.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category.

PixelEspresso releases MapNap 1.1 for iOS 7

PixelEspresso today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of MapNap version 1.1, a major update to its easy-to-use geolocation-based alarm app designed for the iPhone and iOS7. MapNap makes commuting less stressful for sleepy, playing, reading, chatting, or otherwise preoccupied commuters who don’t want to miss their station or stop, especially when it is dark outside.

MapNap uses the iPhone’s GPS in turn-by-turn driving mode to watch the user’s current location and notify the user when geofence around the tracked destination has been crossed. This is much more reliable than using ordinary geofencing apps like Reminders, which notify the user only after a certain amount of time has passed since crossing the geofence.

MapNap features:
* reliable location tracking and arrival detection that works in the background
* turning destination tracking on and off with a tap on the destination icon
* local notifications, sound and vibration on arrival
* tracking multiple destinations at the same time (when unlocked)
* using GPS only when tracking a destination to extend battery life
* quick and easy addition of new destinations and setting up geofences around them
* stopping all tracking with a single tap of a button
* support for metric and imperial units

New in version 1.1:
* MapNap is now free to use for a single destination
* One-time in-app purchase unlocks unlimited destinations
* Current users get unlimited destinations unlocked automatically
* Improved reliability of arrival detection
* Tracking can now be activated by tapping the corresponding destination icon
* Improved general responsiveness of the app
* Newly added destinations now have both vibration and sound turned on
* Added Stop Sound button to the Sound Picker
* Sound Picker is now much more responsive
* Replaced Tracking switch with a toolbar button in the Detail view
* There is a new orange tint on all controls to match the main icon color
* Icons are used in all cells and buttons to aid readability
* Added a button to send email to Support from Settings
* Added a button to open MapNap website from Settings
* Added a button to open MapNap press kit page from Settings
* Version is now displayed at the bottom of Settings
* New app icon
* Bug fixes

MapNap 1.1 is Free of charge and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category. The free mode allows the user to track a single destination. Unlimited destinations can be unlocked for $1.99/GBP1.49 from within the app. Existing users get unlimited destinations unlocked automatically. MapNap requires GPS signal to be available and is best used with headphones so that audible notifications are not missed.