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Dragon Poppers – challenging fun puzzle game – now in the App Store

Tofemedia, a website and app developer, today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Dragon Poppers 1.0, their new free puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. An addictive and fun puzzle game featuring adorable colored dragons, Dragon Poppers challenges players’ memory and skills with unique puzzles.

The goal of Dragon Poppers is to cause chain reactions by popping as much dragons in sequence. Players are rewarded for popping the most turtles in the least amount of pops. Challenge yourself through over 800 levels that get harder as you progress. With gorgeous HD graphics, unique sound effects, colorful animations, and unlock-able levels, Dragon Poppers delivers addictive gameplay that provides hours of entertainment. Players can even challenge friends via Game Center.

Dragon Poppers Features
* Colorful HD graphics
* 800 addictive and fun filled levels
* High quality music and sound effects
* Power-ups and hints
* Play against friends with Game Center
* Universal app (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch)

Tobias Feil, the lead developer of Dragon Poppers, had this to say about the app: “I’ve always been a fan of games that are easy enough to pick up and play, but provide enough challenge and depth for longer gaming sessions. Dragon Poppers is the perfect balance of ease and challenge the entire family can enjoy!”

Dragon Poppers 1.0 is currently Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

KitCamera Updates Dynamic Photo & Video App to Add Pro Quality Features

Developer Sebastian Short has released a new update for the popular photography and video app KitCamera, which is available now on the App Store for $1.99. The app features multiple filters and effects for shooting photos and video, offering format and editing options that allow them to be uploaded and used universally. The newest version includes improved speed and quality, as well as the addition of a “crystal” lens that adds blue chromatic effects at the edges of the image.

KitCamera gives users a more professional quality approach compared to cameras and recording devices that come standard on phones and tablets. Users can shoot photos and videos in full HD, with effects in real time mode. Additionally, users can remove effects after shots are taken without compromising the quality. Specific adjustments can also be made to focus and video resolution while capturing footage or photos to achieve accurate, desired results.

“Mobile automatically opens up the opportunity to capture and records rare moments quickly,” said Sebastian Short. “Unfortunately, when it comes to perfecting, altering or transferring content, factory apps have a hard time doing so without compromising some of the quality in the process. Our app is a great tool for people who desire a more professional look to the final product.”

When users find themselves in the editing stages, they have the ability to adjust JPEG compression to prevent uploading issues and avoid editing outside of the app. KitCamera can display a preview of EXIF metadata with histogram by each specific channel to perfect the smallest details. After users settle on a finished product, they have access to auto sharing and saving places such as Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive and more.

“Most photo apps are built around convenience and the capability to capture a quick shot,” said Short. “We figured that people shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality in the process of getting photos on the go.”

* In app editing
* Multiple filters and effects
* Auto sharing and saving features
* Adjustable jpeg compression
* Adjustable video resolution in real time while shooting videos
* White balance and exposure setting in real time
* HD video recording

KitCamera 3.0.1 is available for $1.99 to download through the iTunes App Store, in the Photo & Video category.

Sailing School Appeals to Seafarers with Educational Content

The love of the open sea is universal among mariners, whether they’re sailing beginners, motorboat captains or working seamen. That’s why Sailing School, available now for just $4.99, appeals to seafarers of all kinds with its videos, animations, questions, and other safety and education content.

This latest version 2.0.1 includes the same impressive content from Nautica SIA, a Latvian business in the seaport city of Riga. But Sailing School, reduced for a limited time from its price at $49.99, now is in a smoother and bug-free mobile app featuring full HD video lessons, test preps and exams on too many topics to list! Among them are navigation basics – definitions, calculations and the use of aids ranging from GPS to lighthouses – as well as international buoyage systems, weather and meteorology, types of anchors and understanding tides. The lessons are designed for beginners and working professionals.

“We are a world leader, and there are many large companies that work with us because our videos are really good for students and their teachers,” said CEO Askolds Hermanis. “It’s not just for sailing and sailors, who love the product, but for all boaters. Even maritime colleges use Sailing School lessons.”

The app is designed for convenient mobile use, and optimized for iPhone 5. But while it’s indispensable out on the water, Sailing School lessons are supported by additional course notes on the Nautica SIA website. The content reinforces the lessons, and the website offers news and other information for enthusiasts that ranges from practical product or service info, to salty stories about encounters with rogue waves, landmark lighthouses, and superstitions, to sailing that’s featured in film and in literature.

* Easy-to-use app is the “world’s first sailing school” for mobile devices
* Lessons feature full HD video, animation, pictures, sound, test preps and exam questions
* Sailing School topics are covered in nine different sections
* Content is useful for beginners, as a class teaching tool, or refresher for seasoned sailors

Sailing School is available for just $4.99 through the iTunes App Store in the Navigation category. It is also available at the Google Play store.

Sports Replay is an All-in-One Video Analyzer and Coaching Solution

Parents, coaches and athletes of all ages and skill levels – from kids just starting out to experienced performers – who want to dramatically improve their results and diminish their chances of being injured can now head to the App Store, and download the amazing new app Sports Replay from SellanApp.

Designed to work anytime and anywhere in the field, arena or court, Sports Replay is remarkably easy to use all-in-one video analyzer, reviewing tool and coaching solution. The app is ideal for competitive sports such as basketball, football, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, track & field, soccer, baseball, rugby, volleyball, hockey, golf, cycling and more. Plus, it’s just as useful for all other highly technical activities such as dance, aerobics, gym activities, cross fit, weight lifting, fitness, yoga, Pilates and many more.

In addition to an intuitive interface that allows users to review and analyze their videos within minutes of downloading the app, Sports Replay empowers users to:

* Import videos from the device’s camera roll
* Record videos directly from the app
* Slow down video speed for detailed frame-by-frame analysis (1/2, 1/4 or 1/8)
* Customize video resolution (from 320 x 180 to HD 1280 x 720)
* Highlight key video areas via advanced drawing tools
* Pause the frame, darken the screen and highlight a certain player
* Add an audio track on top of the video to provide insightful narration
* Customize the app’s theme and screen

Plus, users can save their videos on their device’s camera roll, and easily share them with coaches, team mates, parents, friends and anyone else they wish via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DropBox or email.

“Sports Reply is extremely easy to use and gives anyone the power of having an entire video technical team on their mobile device,” commented a spokesperson from SellanApp. “And while it can certainly be used during competitive events, it’s even more valuable for use while practicing in order to help improve performance, lower the risk of injury, and help anyone get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of the sport or activity that they love!”

SportsReplay 1.0.0, the amazing new all-in-one video analyzer, reviewing tool and coaching solution that can be used anytime and anywhere, is offered at no cost, and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. The app was crowdfunded by several enthusiastic backers on SellanApp.

Katak for iOS – Addictive Head-to-head Game With Frogs Eating Bugs

French App Studio Appakabar is pleased to announce its new app game Katak. Katak is an addictive game where two people play face-to-face on the same device. Appakabar created this game to show how the iPad can entertain two people together. The idea of this board game is to use the iPad as a multi user device. Katak can entertain kids, families, friends, parties, long train rides… Simple controls make it fun for all ages.

Katak offers game play on 3 arenas. Appakabar loves nature, frogs, vegetation and beautiful landscapes. That’s why each stage has its own atmosphere, unique setting, specific insects and different strategy. All insects have chaotic paths, and require speed and dexterity to be grabbed. The landscapes are absolutely immersive, featuring HD graphics to take advantage of the iPad retina display.

Each player is a frog who has to catch insects with its tongue. The goal of the game is to earn more points than your opponent. The game is played by skillfully tapping in front of the frog to throw the tongue. The further you tap, the further the tongue goes. Each round lasts a limited time. The first frog to win 2 rounds wins the match. Bonuses and penalties make the game more complex. Butterflies poison the frogs temporarily: the tongue shrinks, control is reversed… Dragonflies boost the frogs: large tongue, kill all the bugs… When two or more bugs are grabbed at the same time, the combo multiplies the points.

Soft and clear ergonomics give the players all the information they need to evaluate their position in the game. Visual helpers can be turned on to guide the user: the direction of the tongue becomes visible. Katak provides a single player mode, with 3 difficulty levels of AI. The game also permits recording high scores.

Katak is the new gorgeous board game for everyone to play together. For a limited time, Katak 1.0 is offered at the introductory price of $0.99 USD (Reg: $2.99) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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33rd Division Redeployed After Years of Waiting

Craneballs today proudly introduces 33rd Division 1.0.1, their newest game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 33rd Division is a stealth-action game from World War 2 that draws inspiration from the masterpiece game Commandos. Players become leaders of the famous 33rd Division and must lead the men past German patrols unnoticed and unharmed. The game requires tactical thinking and quick reactions.

The War is under way and the Allies desperately need reinforcements to secure their position on the front. Only you can provide enough Engineers, Medics and Sargeants to win the war. You draw the line between glory and defeat!

The complicated history of the long-term re-deployment:
Craneballs originally released the game in 2009, but took it down, because they felt it was outdated. The game saw great reactions (and made it top 5 overall in Germany) and Craneballs intended to polish the game up and put it back online. Yet they were tangled in other projects and the resources were limited. Fortunately, e-mails from players of the original game kept coming, asking about the whereabouts of the game, which persuaded Craneballs to give it a go.

The work started in Autumn 2012. Some people might think that a year is a long time for a remake, and there might be some truth to that, but that’s how we make games. We believe good things need time to ripe well.

At the beginning of the development 33rd Division was considered a sort of a gift to loyal players of the original, but during the work it turned out the new 33rd Division has far surpassed the original. It feels fresh, it looks and plays great on iPads and the new inventory items add a completely new dimension to the game. The German gamers were the ones who wanted to have their way with the patrols (which is why we added the grenades and sniper to the new inventory). Beating your friends’ scores is too much of fun to miss.

What’s new apart from HD graphics and iPad support?
* Inventory with a bunch of support items! It’s sniping and hand grenading time. Too bad for the German patrols
* Gamecenter and Facebook integration to race in the higher score battle among friends
* Multiplier system for higher score
* The craved x2 button to speed things up
* The game is free

33rd Division 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Feel free to contact the developer for additional information.

ChikaBoom – Explosive Puzzle Game Launches on the App Store

Holova Studio today is happy to announce ChikaBoom, a cute and explosive puzzle game for iOS. ChikaBoom takes the player into the colorful world of lovely puzzles. The player will grab the chicken and throw him around to blow up the little evils. The game has lovely soundtracks, funny animations and amazing HD graphics.

What makes this game different is about timing. Every time the player throws the chicken, the timer begins. After 2 seconds, the chicken will make a big explosion. That is when the player has to make sure that the little evils are in the explosive range. The timer stops if the player catches the chicken after throwing, and continues to explode if he releases the chicken.

Each level is a unique puzzle where the player has to use the number of explosions effectively. If it’s not enough, some levels need quick action combine with good timing to win.

* 80 colorful levels across 4 unique worlds
* Funny and cute evils, with wacky personalities
* Power-ups through tough levels
* Awesome HD graphics
* Funny music and sounds

ChikaBoom is $0.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Cuebox : 3D Pool game without gravity released today for iOS

If you’ve ever thought that billiards can’t surprise you anymore, here comes Cuebox – the first real 3-dimensional billiards game developed by 3rD World Games. What makes this app exceptional is that the balls are floating inside a box that replaced classic pool table. It is a change of perspective on traditional billiards that provides the whole new dimension of fun with zero gravity.

“The idea behind Cuebox was to create a game that brings whole new set of possible movements while keeping classic rules of billiards and typical user interface known from popular pool games” – says Daniel Korczak, the founder of 3rD World Games.

The app enables you to play the most popular 8-ball and 9-ball games in a completely new version. The rules are the same as their classic equivalents, the novelty is that you get to aim in every possible direction. Above that, Cuebox introduces 3D-Ball – a game with bigger number of balls, which makes it better suited for the extra space.

What’s more, you can personalize the settings according to your taste. You may pick the table, that will suit you best, out of the given 6. What you have on your disposal are different shapes, sizes and the locations of the pockets. Then, thanks to awesome HD graphics, you’re free to select your favourite skin for the table and for the balls.

If you’re done with choosing your personal settings, pick the player mode. You can enjoy Cuebox either with friends in 2 player mode or you can play alone against a computer-controlled opponent with 3 various levels of difficulty. If that’s all a piece of cake, you can change the size of the pockets or shorten the aiming lines to make the game more challenging, and off you go!

There are different camera movements to give you a whole and clear view of the table. Track the actions from different perspectives and change cameras to see the table from whatever angle you want. After each shot the camera swings to a different mode, including fish eye, which gives an additional and interesting visual effect.

Apart from all that, Cuebox comprises also many other options. There are, for instance, statistics where you can check how your accuracy improves the more you play in 3 dimensions. To make the beginnings in the 3d pool easier, a quick tutorial is available for the users to have a grip on the controls. The game is optimized for both tablets and phones with the possibility to adjust graphics quality so that it runs smoothly also on weaker devices.

* Billiards without gravity in 3D
* Multiplayer in Pass and Play mode
* Single player option with 3 AI difficulty levels
* Classic 8-Ball and 9-Ball rules, just extended by extra dimension
* 3D-Ball – special edition of 8-Ball with more balls , better suited for 3D tables
* 6 tables with different shapes, sizes and location of the pockets
* Simple controls resembling typical pool games
* Adjust touch sensitivity
* Apply handicap with 5 aiming lines lengths
* 6 camera movement modes to show the table after shot

Cuebox : 3D Pool 1.0.1 is only $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

DeepSpaceRace 2.1.0 – Update to 80s Inspired Classic Video Racing Game

Independent software developer, T&T today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of DeepSpaceRace 2.1.0, an update to their popular game title for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Inspired by classic video games of the 80’s such as Wing Commander and Outrun, DeepSpaceRace challenges users to fly as long as possible through an asteroid field that progressively becomes denser.

At the start of the game, users enter the hangar where they can select their spaceship, view its stats, or buy and select skins. A large holoscreen at the back of the hangar provides access Game Center and the ability to view local and global race statistics.

To navigate the asteroid field, players tilt their device from side-to-side. To accelerate and decelerate the spaceship, players tap between their afterburner and brake areas on the right side of the device. Utilizing the afterburner depletes fuel so users need to collect yellow fuel tokens throughout the game to refill their spaceship’s tanks. Increasing the amount of afterburner fuel allows players to fly faster.

Asteroids can be destroyed by tapping on the left side of the screen to fire weapons. However, firing weapons increases their heat. If the weapons become to hot, users cannot fire them until they have cooled down. In-game credits are earned by destroying asteroids. Asteroid collisions deplete the spaceship’s shields and will eventually end the game. A daily reward increases the earned credits by up to 50%.

Players are further challenged by the time counter. Flying the spaceship through green gates adds gaming time. If the green gates are missed, time gets reduced. When the time counter reaches zero, the game is over.

Feature Highlights:
* Vivid 3D visuals with fullscreen antialiasing
* Advanced image effects like HD textures and realtime reflections
* Dynamic velocity-based camera movement
* Choice of 4 unique spaceships and 2 bonus spaceships
* Choice of different skins for ships
* Game tutorial
* Ability to earn in-game credits
* Local and global statistics
* Game Center support including leaderboards and achievements
* Endless play
* No in-app purchases necessary or existing (Pay once, Play Often)

The game offers 6 unique spaceships that possess different specs in fire rate, acceleration, speed, maneuverability, and shield strength. Players can purchase additional skins using in-game credits.

Featuring advanced imaging effects such as HD textures and realtime reflections, DeepSpaceRace utilizes velocity-based camera movement to enhance the player’s experience. “The whole user interface is very unified and good for both colorblind and hearing-impaired players.” says Lena LeRay of Indie Games (Jan 6, 2014).

“DeepSpaceRace is easy to play but hard to master,” says Thomas Ganshorn, CEO of T&T Games. “It’s our first ‘real’ commercial project so we want to have contact with a community of gamers that are interested in the game’s development and willing to provide feedback and ideas that could even influence design decisions. For a limited time to celebrate the newest version of DeepSpaceRace, fans can visit our website and register to win a 3D printed model of a NOVA SR1.”

Ganshorn adds, “Also, we have intentionally developed DeepSpaceRace as a POPO – Pay Once, Play Often – game without any virtual currency, extra boosts, or consumables. In the past, we have felt cheated by F2P games and we don’t want our gamers to have that experience. Therefore, DeepSpaceRace will never include in-app purchases or advertising.”

DeepSpaceRace 2.1.0 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers.