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Reach Your Health and Weight Goals with BMI Explorer Pro 1.0 for iOS

Duo-Pisces today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of BMI Explorer Pro 1.0, their new health and fitness app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. BMI Explorer Pro is designed to be a broader, more complete tool than the original BMI Explorer, which was released earlier in 2014. BMI Explorer Pro includes all the functions of BMI Explorer plus a variety of new features.

Upon launching the app, BMI Explorer Pro automatically displays the current date. Users may easily change this timestamp to enter in additional measurements by tapping the calendar icon. For global users, BMI Explorer Pro displays units in both English and metric measurements.

After setting height and weight bars with the easy-to-use sliders, BMI Explorer Pro automatically displays the user’s BMI (body mass index) results, which can then immediately be saved. Based on the measurements entered, BMI Explorer Pro will inform the user if they are outside the normal BMI parameters and how much weight they need to gain or lose to be within the normal BMI range. BMI Explorer Pro also includes a speech function so users can listen to a convenient assessment of their health.

Feature Highlights:
* Simple and intuitive User Interface
* Displays BMI results instantly
* Securely saves weight, heigh, and BMI values along with time
* Plots saved data in professional chart
* Detailed analysis of data to show the trend of progress
* Ability to print hard copy of data plots via any wireless printer connected to device
* Offers useful advice on how to lose weight
* Available in metric and English systems
* Speech function available
* Includes Fun Facts related to weight and health
* Universal app

BMI Explorer Pro securely saves weight, height, and BMI data along with the timestamp within the user’s device. Three professional plots on height, weight, and BMI are available so the user can view progress or identify any trends over time. Users can also select metric or English measurement and an on/off feature of displaying the user’s stats. This detailed analysis of the user’s health data is displayed in a colorful graph that can be exported to any wireless printer connected to the user’s device.

To help the user reach their health and fitness goals, BMI Explorer Pro offers useful advice on how to lose weight covering a variety of topics such as healthy eating, exercise, and stress reduction. BMI Explorer Pro also includes fun facts related to health and weight loss as a way to challenge and motivate users to reach or maintain their fitness goals.

“BMI Explorer Pro truly goes above and beyond the competition to help anyone who wants to keep their weight and health in control,” says Christine Wang of Duo-Pisces. “Whether you are looking to keep yourself fit or have just launched a weight loss program, BMI Explorer Pro is the best tool to help you reach your goals!”

BMI Explorer Pro 1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. An Android version is also available on Google Play.

TuneTime Interval Timer Adds iOS 8 Health Support

Atlantia Software today lifted the covers off the latest version of its interval timer app for iOS, TuneTime Interval Timer. The update brings a host of improvements in support of iOS 8, most notably the addition of integration with Apple’s Health app and the ability for users to specify calorie burn for custom workouts. Once a user enables the integration in the app settings and authorizes Health, any time they complete a workout that has specified calorie burn, those burned calories will be automatically entered into the Health app alongside the rest of the users data.

“The Health app and possible integration was for me, one of the most exciting features that arrived with iOS 8”, said Nick Bonatsakis, Atlantia Software developer and sole proprietor. He added, “Given the focus of TuneTime as a fitness app, it was a perfect fit to add Health support, so I’m thrilled to be able to roll it out for folks to enjoy. It was also a great opportunity to add a few more improvements that users have been asking for such as improved music selection capabilities.”

TuneTime Interval Timer 3.2.1 is currently Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. The update also includes an improved music selector, a number of stability improvements and is a universal app, supporting both iPhone and iPad.

Bxtel Releases Tinnitus App for iPhone and iPad

Bxtel LLC today introduces Offwhite 1.0, its new tinnitus treatment app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tinnitus is most often an annoying ringing sensation that affects the hearing of up to 80% of all adults. Up to 5% of the adult population experiences chronic tinnitus, and the distraction of tinnitus severely impacts quality of life. Fortunately, there are a few ways to treat tinnitus, including notched white noise therapy.

Offwhite soothes tinnitus with masking therapy by using white noise to gently drown out the tinnitus. Offwhite differs from other white noise generators by allowing the user to adjust the noise to their liking. Once the user identifies their tinnitus frequency, that frequency can be removed from the white noise, which allows for notched white noise therapy. Notched white noise therapy retrains the brain to cope with tinnitus. Alternatively, the user can select a frequency to make louder, and for some users white noise with a frequency boosted is more to their liking.

The app is very easy to use. Press the play button, and then move the frequency slider to a frequency that is the most soothing. The particular frequency can be boosted or notched, made louder or quieter.

* White noise masking therapy
* Notched white noise therapy
* User-selectable notched frequency
* User-selectable frequency boosting
* Frequency range from 0 to 11,000 Hz

Bxtel founder Ben Tyler says “I have tinnitus myself, so I wanted to make something to help it feel better. Offwhite calms my tinnitus when it flares up, and I think Offwhite would be great for others with mild to moderate tinnitus.”

Offwhite 1.0 is $3.99 and available worldwide through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

Tickl Launches As The Worlds First App For Rating Love Making

Whether starting a new relationship, keeping a long term relationship alive, or even trying for a baby, Tickl tracks and stores all of the statistics associated with intimate moments. For a bit of fun it can also rate performance based on the users ages, worldwide statistics and an incredibly complex algorithm, that took years of arduous testing.

Created by a small dedicated team in London, Tickl offers a simple beautiful interface to document all the intimate times that any couple spend together. Aimed at anyone over the age of 18, Tickl is truly revolutionary. With a ‘one click’ start, users simply need to pop the app under their pillow and then take a look after the session to see total time spent, how many calories were used and also compare statistics against previous sessions. Using the built in ‘tickl rating’ system (patent pending) users can also see a standardized rating for each entry and even use this to attempt to improve their score each time.

Key Features:
* Simple to use, beautiful interface and intricate Tickl rating system
* Tracks calories used
* Documents all the intimate times couples spend together
* World table shows which countries are ‘tickl’ing the most
* Post ratings to Facebook or Twitter

Security is of the utmost importance within Tickl; information is never shared with third parties and the app can also be easily password protected to secure information from prying eyes.

Tickl 1.0 is released as a Free app with an upper limit of 5 sessions for software trials, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. Upgrading for $1.99 gives an unlimited use allowance, as well as a 99c fee to remove the ads.

Patented sleep cycle app for iPhone and Android eliminates overweight

There are many different options when it comes to people losing weight. Especially when it comes to choosing an app that helps someone lose weight, there are many to choose from. Now, a new app has recently been released in the iPhone and Android app market called the Sleep Cycle:The Weight Loss Alarm Clock.

This unique and patented sensor free and easy to use sleep cycle alarm clock app allows Android and iPhone users to wake up with a gentle and relaxing Tibetan alarm tone. Developed by a neuroscientist, this application will redefine the way a person sleeps and wakes up all while allowing them to lose weight. Scientific studies show that stress when a person wakes up affects their cortisol levels, weight and skeletal muscle mass. By reducing alarm tones to something less stressful and more soothing therefore aids to resolve this problem.

Higher levels of cortisol in people which can occur when someone wakes up in a stressful environment create a number of negative effects such as weight gain, depression, pain, suppressed thyroid function, high blood pressure, fatigue, headache and much more.

When phone users wake up to the gentle and soothing tones with the patented Sleep cycle:The Weight Loss Alarm Clock, they will begin to feel the difference the first morning. All users need to do is download the app on their phone, plug in the power to the phone and night and have a restful sleep until they slide their finger across the screen to deactivate the alarm in the morning. This innovate alarm clock constantly readjusts to a user’s personal sleeping habits looking for small details and integrates these details in a complex algorithm to make waking up every morning unique and effective.

According to the National Research Centre in Denmark, waking up with a normal alarm clock puts the body under unhealthy and unnecessary stress making the body raise cortisol levels and causing health problems such as weight gain. A Yale University study showed that slim persons who are under high stress levels gain weight in their abdominal area.

Now iPhone and Android users can jumpstart their weight loss routine every morning with Sleep cycle:The Weight Loss Alarm Clock. Using Sleep cycle:The Weight Loss Alarm Clock is an easy way to change someone’s life for the better. The app is available for iPhones and Androids and is only $0.89. There are no special tools or sensors required and very little lifestyle change is necessary for this incredible healthy weight loss tool.

Sleep cycle: Weight Loss Alarm Clock 1.1 is $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. It is also available for Android.

BarreFit: New app brings ballet barre workouts to iOS

Atlantia Software today introduced BarreFit for iOS, a workout instructor, timer, and log that is focused around the latest craze in the fitness world, ballet barre. Featuring a beautiful and streamlined user interface, designed from the ground up for iOS 7, it boasts a number of popular ballet barre workouts as well as a powerful workout builder for those users wishing to add their own programs. The app takes users through the workout of their choosing by timing each move, reporting progress (including spoken queues, time to go, and current rep), and plays selections from a user-specified music.

“The ballet barre movement has really been gaining momentum so we felt we had a great opportunity to contribute something great to the fitness community,” said Nick Bonatsakis, lead developer and founder at Atlantia Software. “I think the app provides everything needed to do these types of workouts at home and we’ve taken great care to make sure it stays simple and easy to use,” added Bonatsakis. Finally, when asked about the future of the app he remarked, “We already have some social integration as well as RunKeeper in there, we think letting users get their data in and out of the app is huge. Apple’s recently announced HealthKit is most definitely something we’re planning on integrating, in fact we’re already working on it so stay tuned!”

BarreFit 1.0.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

TuneTime Music Hour Adds iOS 7, Custom Workouts & RunKeeper Integration

Atlantia Software today introduced the latest version of its musical interval timer app for iOS, TuneTime Music Hour. The update adds a completely redesigned user interface inspired by the elegance and simplicity of iOS 7 as well as a brand new workout customization system that allows for the creation of virtually any type of timed interval workout program. Along with this new system, users have access to a wide range of pre-made workouts such as the popular Scientific 7-Minute Workout, Tabata, and Gibala workouts. Finally, rounding out the list of new features is a tight integration with the popular RunKeeper service that enables users to have their workouts automatically uploaded upon each completion.

“I love the user experience methodology of iOS 7 and really wanted to do it justice with this update to TuneTime,” said Atlantia Software sole proprietor Nick Bonatsakis. “The app was originally a very generic musical timer, but as more and more users started using it for fitness activities, it became clear to me that I needed to build out some features tailored towards those users. The interval customization is incredibly flexible, allowing you to create virtually any type of timed interval workout. And of course, the audio playback is still rock solid, playing a song for each interval and even providing spoken queues to inform you of your progress and current interval information.”

TuneTime Music Hour 3.1.1 is Free (with in-app purchase to unlock premium features) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

Morgan Spurlock releases Super Size Me: What Are We Eating? for iOS

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (One Direction: This Is Us and Super Size Me) continues his mission to raise awareness about what we eat with the new interactive Super Size Me: What Are We Eating? App available now for iOS devices via the iTunes App Store. With this special app, consumers have instant and location-aware access to restaurant nutritional information presented by Ron English’s beloved character, MC Supersized.

Super Size Me: What Are We Eating? automatically detects the nearest restaurants and exposes nutrition facts from a large and growing community database of menus from America’s best-known chains. In addition to location-based menu guidance, the application allows users to use quick indexes to view daily value percentages, facts, and nutritional advisories for tens of thousands of menu items, streamlining access to health information. Requests can be submitted for additional restaurants or menu items to be added to the Super Size Me: What Are We Eating database.

“With the Super Size Me: What Are We Eating app we wanted to make sure nutrition information was readily available for everyone to access as they make their dining decisions,” states Spurlock. “We also wanted it to be fun at the same time as informative, so we created MC Supersized to help people make healthy choices.”

The interactive app features tools for families and individuals alike to better manage their health and dietary needs by allowing users to combine items and feed them to MC Supersized to view meal or daily totals. Special features include excerpts from the Oscar nominated film SUPER SIZE ME that are unlocked by exploring menus and meeting challenges. Users can also share meals and nutritional facts with friends and family over text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. The Super Size Me: What Are We Eating? App was developed by General UI, a mobile software company founded in 2009.

Super Size Me: What Are We Eating? 1.0.7 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. App download codes are available to journalists upon request for your story consideration; Please email us and we will send this off to you asap.

Introducing Weight Loss Alarm Clock app for iTunes and Android

Stress begins in the Morning. Conventional alarm clocks harm our health. A new study shows that even the wake-up call of a conventional alarm clock puts our body under unhealthy stress. The concentration of the stress hormone “Cortisol” is more than double compared to when we wake up by ourself. So, using this sleep cycle alarm clock could be a good idea.

Scientific study results: The concentration of the stress hormone Cortisol was tested under various waking conditions: waking both on workdays and on a free day with a conventional alarm clock and waking spontaneously.The results showed that the Cortisol levels in the first 30 minutes after waking with a conventional alarm clock had risen by an average of 100% – regardless of whether it was a workday or a free day. When the probands woke spontaneously, however, the concentration of Cortisol rose only 39%. This means, conventional alarm clocks induce allmost three times more unhealthy stress in the morning. To provide good and healthy sleep, we should keep cortisol levels healthy and under control.

In recent years, research has shown that how we deal with everyday stress can affect our waistline in particular. This can be a huge threat to our health because abdominal fat is more dangerous – and increases disease risk more – than fat located in any other part of the body. Excessive abdominal fat is linked directly to serious health conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

Women in particular have been found to accumulate more fat around their waists while they’re under stress. In fact, a Yale University study showed that even otherwise – slim persons who are under high stress levels are prone to put on weight on around their abdominal area. When we are stressed out, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol has been proven to encourage fat storage in the abdominal area. The worst part is if we don’t alleviate stress, cortisol levels stay high even when the origin al source of stress has subsided. The prolonged effects of cortisol will cause even more fatty deposits to find their way to your middle even when the stress seems to have passed. Obese persons have significantly higher urinary free cortisol excretion than normal-weight persons.

Higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream have been shown to have negative effects, such as: weight gain, depression, pain, suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances, decreased bone density, skeletal muscle wasting, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, impaired erectile function, menstrual abnormalities, fatigue, chronic pain, headache, migraine, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, poor digestion, oily skin, acne and eczema. Elevated cortisol also leads to wrinkles, sagging, and impaired wound healing. Elevated cortisol in pregnant mothers influences cortisol metabolism during the baby’s crucial development periods. Cortisol is what makes us fat, so installing and using this app could be a good idea.

The good news is, despite the fact that stress is an unavoidable part of life, there is something we can do about it. Using a sleep cycle alarm clock could be a way. The new Weight Loss Alarm Clock for iOS and Android is the best, it requires no sensors. To keep cortisol levels healthy and under control, a clinical neuroscientist developed and patented an innovative sleep cycle alarm clock. “Weight Loss Alarm Clock” for iOs and Android wakes us at a moment when we are nalready almost awake. It does not need any sensors, no motion sensors, no acoustic sensors like other sleep cycle alarm clocks. It wakes us definitely in your light sleep phase. Then our brain is already active and in a state similar to when you wake up by ourself.

Compared to conventional alarm clocks, the new “Weight Loss Alarm Clock” gives an individual wake up, which adapts itself to the users’ particular needs within a few nights. This patented alarm clock leads to a gentle and stress free wake up. Sudden, abrupt waking in the morning as with loud, conventional alarm clocks and the associated release of stress hormones from the adrenal gland will be avoided by using this novel and intelligent self adapting, personal sleep cycle alarm clock. Cortisol is what makes us fat, so installing and using this app could be a good idea.

Health benefits are cortisol decrease, weight loss, stress reduction, increase of skeletal muscle mass, pain reduction, enhanced male virility, enhanced erectile function, improvement of cognitive performance, improvement of fatigue, chronic fatigue and better general health and physical fitness. “Weight Loss Alarm Clock” is very easy to use. In order to be woken up smoothly, sleepers will be guided from the deep sleep phase or dream phase into the light sleep phase by gentle sounds.

Unlike the hitherto existing sleep cycle alarm clocks “Weight Loss Alarm Clock” does not require any additional implement such as wristband motion sensors, sound sensors or movement sensors. Users simply set their desired wake up time. After waking up, they merely slide a finger across the screen to stop the alarm. Everything else is taken care of by the patented and intelligent system.

The Weight Loss Alarm Clock 1.0 is $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. It is also available for Android.

100 Push-Ups to Sculpt your Body with Push-Up Workout App

JH Digital Solutions has released the best new mobile fitness application available for Apple products. Free to download, Push-Up Workout is compatible with latest generations of iPads,iPhones and iPods. With its simple interface and gradual approach, everybody will be doing a hundred push-ups in no time.

It was designed with a minimalistic, easy-to-operate approach which allows it to focus on the most important aspects of its job, getting users to new fitness levels. Motivating people to reach their fitness goals, users will soon notice a positive change in their body shape and core strength.

Push-Up Workout utilizes a simple but ingenious method of counting push-up reps, nose to screen contact. Not only does touching the user’s nose to the screen keep count of reps for motivation and records, but it helps to ensure proper push-up form and encourage full range of motion.

All it takes is four simple steps to use Push-Up Workout; choose your fitness level, put your device on the floor and start training, touch your nose to the screen to keep count, and increase your strength. Its gradual approach makes it fun and empowering to use.

Specifically designed for the iOS7 mobile operating system, Push-Up Workout meshes well with the iPad and iPhone user interface. It is currently free to download.

JH Digital Solutions, has produced other popular apps such as Word Champion, Times Tables for Kids, and Christmas Games for Kids, and is well known for producing quality gaming and teaching applications. Founded and run by Jari Huomo, it has a number of fun and useful apps available in a variety of languages.

Push up workout 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

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