Why do Chinese people like to throw money at Buddha? To protect the world cultural heritage, the scenic spot has banned the throwing of COINS

As one of the four grottoes in China, maijishan grottoes is not only a world cultural heritage, but also known as the Oriental sculpture art exhibition hall. Maijishan grottoes are a must-see stop on a journey to gansu. Although the mogao grottoes in dunhuang are more famous in terms of tourism, maijishan grottoes are more […]

The WilliamRickettsSanctuary, where art meets nature, is a tour of Melbourne

The William Ricketts Sanctuary, where art meets nature, is a tour of Melbourne Just down the winding mountain road in dandenong, Melbourne, is the William Ricketts Sanctuary, a famous sculpture garden with more than 90 William Ricketts sculptures, also internationally known as the Sanctuary. According to introduce William Ricketts (William Ricketts) creation of the sculpture, […]

India: end: New Delhi

A660201 qutub minar, kutbuta, Delhi   I prefer to call this city “Delhi” rather than “New Delhi”, because the current capital of India, new China and old, old China and new China, has long been mixed. Generally speaking, the boundary between the New Delhi and the old Delhi is Delhi gate, while the picture and […]