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CourseNotes Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week with Special Offer

Dear Panda LLC is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with a sale on CourseNotes and a special offer to educators. The must-have classroom iOS and Mac apps will be on sale for just $2.99 through May 9th. Dear Panda also announced that they will provide promo codes as a gift to educators to try the app for free, while supplies last.

CourseNotes is the premiere note-taking app to help students and educators stay organized in the classroom. Content in CourseNotes is organized clearly around subject and class meeting to make notes easy to find. Features such as email export, sharing and over-the-air printing help integrate CourseNotes seamlessly into the classroom workflow.

Dear Panda is looking to make the apps even more useful in the classroom by offering the apps for free to educators, and asking for their feedback. To request a free promo code, educators are being asked to visit Dear Panda online.

About CourseNotes:
CourseNotes lets you take notes during your classes and keep them organized by subject and class meeting. Review your notes later and search through multiple class meetings and notes all at once. You can also keep a ToDo list by marking notes as ToDo items, or track them as assignments by providing a due date.

Miss a class? Need to print or share your notes with a friend? CourseNotes lets you share your note sessions via email or peer-to-peer networking with other CourseNotes users over Bluetooth or a local network.

* Take text notes, draw sketches and create TODO lists
* Add assignments and TODO notes to the iPad calendar
* Print notes over-the-air right from the iPad
* Take summaries with bullet-lists for better note organization
* Export notes online and via email for sharing, printing and backup
* View shared notes of friends also using CourseNotes right in the app
* Organize notes easily by subject and class meeting
* Transfer notes via Bluetooth for peer-to-peer sharing with other CourseNotes users
* Purchase study sheets and other educational content from the in-app Premium Content Store

CourseNotes 4.0.3 for iOS is available for $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) through May 9th (normally $4.99) and is available worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store for iOS in the Education category. Volume discounts are available for educational institutions through Apple’s App Store Volume Purchase Program.

CourseNotes 3.1 for Mac is available for $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) through May 9th (normally $7.99) and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Education category.

Members of the media can get a free copy of CourseNotes for review or evaluation by contacting Dear Panda and requesting a promo code.

Slots Tale for iOS by Vasilek Games is Here

A slot game for Mac OS X, Slots Tale, has become one of the most popular games in its genre on the Mac App Store. The Top-10 rank has been reached in USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and other countries. And today it has been brought to iOS and released in the App Store. Vasilek Games announces: Slots Tale for iOS to give iPhone and iPad owners a chance to enjoy this game.

New Horizons:
Slots Tale has already charmed the hearts of players in the Mac App Store and now it has arrived to the most popular Apple’s platforms to seek for new success. Its high-quality graphics and sounds are perfect fits to the iPad and iPhone abilities. Now it is possible to enjoy this engaging not only in the front of Mac, but in any place and at any time, which can magically turn a boring awaiting of something to a relaxing underwater story like Blue Pearl, or a risky adventure of stealing treasure of a furious dragon of Enchanted Castle.

What is there:
The five slot games, bonded with the one theme of European legend, are presented in the first release. Leprechaun’s Gold, Master of Alchemy, Blue Pearl, Magic Forest and Enchanted Castle are here to spread the sense of mystery and magic. All the slots contain a double/quadruple option and free spins, but they are still very different. Wild cascade game is available in Blue Pearl, respin can be won in Magic Forest, and bonuses are obtainable in four games.

To prevent the user from getting bored, the Daily Luck mode comes forward. Everyday chance to catch the luck results in weekly and monthly rewards, if all the offered lucks are caught. A special button, incorporated in the game, which allows the user to contact the developer, gives a chance to all the gamers to ask for support or share their opinion in an easy and quick way. The usual time span between sending a request and getting answer is less than an hour, if a sender’s email is given correctly.

What is coming:
Due to the Mac version’s advance, the first block of five games is to be continued up to seven slots and with the magical number will complete the subject of the European tales. The theme of the next block is not uncovered yet.

Slots Tale 1.3.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Award-Winning Productivity App NoteSuite is $0.99 for One Week Only

Theory.io announces today that NoteSuite for iPad, which debuted in June 2013 as the No. 1-selling iPad and Mac productivity app, is now available for only $0.99 for one week only – its lowest price ever. Normally priced at $4.99, NoteSuite for iPad will be available for this special price until April 30, 2014. NoteSuite for Mac remains at its regular price of $4.99.

NoteSuite is the winner of multiple Editor’s Choice awards, including being named one of the “Best of Mac App Store 2013” by Apple, and has been acclaimed by publications around the world as one of the best digital note-taking solutions for iPad or Mac. Where most productivity apps see 5-10% customer retention, NoteSuite retains more than 40% of its new users, 90 days out.

NoteSuite for iPad helps users stay organized by capturing their notes, to-dos and documents in one organized place. It is the only mobile app to combine full-featured note taking, to-do management, PDF annotation, web clipping, drawing and document organization together in one app. NoteSuite for Mac automatically syncs with NoteSuite for iPad via iCloud and combines note-taking, to-do management, web clipping and document organization.

Available in English, German, French and Spanish, NoteSuite does not require a subscription, and it does not require additional in-app purchases. Once users purchase the app, they can take unlimited notes and use all its features for no additional charge.

Drawing with Carl Unlike Anything Seen in a Mac App – Plus iOS Update

Paris based Tayasui today has announced that it’s acclaimed children’s app Drawing with Carl is now available for Mac, and that it has updated the app’s iPad version with an array of special new features.

The new Mac version of Drawing with Carl brings the legendary ease of use of the acclaimed iPad app, and features an extraordinary user experience that has been tailored specifically for children. It’s unlike anything seen before in a Mac app, and includes big, fun and beautifully-crafted icons, gorgeous graphics, and an interaction model that remarkably resembles what is usually found on an iPad.

“We built the Mac version of Drawing with Carl using the same engine from our Sketches app, which Apple has promoted worldwide,” commented Tayasui’s Yann le Coroller, a renowned Creative Director and Animator whose Talking Carl app was featured at an exhibit last year at New York City’s MoMA.

Also, Drawing with Carl for iPad has been updated with special new features and now allows children to:
* Enhance their drawings with incredibly fun talking stickers that are inspired by Tayasui’s Talking Carl app.
* Choose from a range of ultra-realistic, professionally-designed brushes from the collection found in the Sketches app.
* Share their creative masterpieces online and vote for their favorites in the “Drawing Carl Hall of Fame”.

The updated iPad version of Tayasui’s acclaimed Drawing with Carl is available from the App Store. The extraordinary new Mac version is available from the Mac App Store.

Drawing Carl 1.0 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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Seven Seas Solitaire sets sail for iPad, iPhone and Mac OS X

Anawiki Games has announced the iOS and Mac OS X release of its latest solitaire title, Seven Seas Solitaire. Like the company’s earlier titles, Avalon Legends Solitaire and Soccer Cup Solitaire, Seven Seas Solitaire adds a strong storyline to classic solitaire gameplay, with a few thematic twists and new mechanics thrown in.

The game is available through the App Store and the Mac App Store. The iOS version is a universal app, compatible with iPhone and iPad, and the Mac version requires OS X version 10.7.5 or higher. Seven Seas Solitaire is a free download with 3-stage demo available and full version can be unlocked without leaving the game.

“Even more so than with our other solitaire titles, we set out from the start to make sure that Seven Seas Solitaire and a really strong story and theme,” says Roman Budzowski, Anawiki owner and lead developer, “Each of the levels has its own little story and its own reward, and you can choose the order you want to play them in, so there’s a real sense of exploration and adventure that you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a solitaire game.”

The game kicks off with the protagonist – Benjamin Fleet, a former naval captain – wrongfully imprisoned, accused of kidnapping the duke’s daughter, whom he had intended to marry against her father’s wishes. The action kicks off in high gear, with the player assisting the hero in stealing Benjamin’s former ship, The Falcon, and making a narrow escape across the high seas, pursued by the royal navy. From there, it’s an epic quest to locate and rescue the beautiful Elaine, clearing Benjamin’s good name in the process.

The story is set in a fictionalized version of the Caribbean, full of monsters, pirates, ghosts and magic. Benjamin’s journey takes place in a series of stages, each of which consists of several locations spread around a particular area of the sea. The player can tackle the locations in any order, and each provides a surprising adventure and an unknown reward; a few will contain quest items which need to be collected to unlock the stage’s final level and advance through the game, while others reward the player with optional bonus items or cash.

Aside from these special rewards, the player also earns money through performing well in the levels themselves. This money, in turn, is used to purchase upgrades for Benjamin’s secret island hideout, or for the Falcon itself. Each of these upgrades provides the player with special powers, so the game experience can be very different depending on the player’s choices.

“We wanted to create something really immersive,” says Budzowski, “Solitaire games can be great for relaxing, but we didn’t want to create something where the player is just mindlessly clicking away. We wanted to make sure the game engages the player on a number of levels. The story is part of that, but also we put a lot of effort into giving the player interesting decisions to make throughout.”

As well as the strategic decisions involved in upgrading the island fortress and ship, the solitaire gameplay itself offers some interesting tactical choices. For instance, running up long combos earns the player more money for the level, while the player also collects cannonballs through their travels, which allow the removal of inconvenient cards. Deciding how and when to expend cannonballs is a key part of the strategy, since they can be used either to keep a big combo going, or bail the player out when they might otherwise fail a level.

Seven Seas Solitaire features more than 300 levels over the course of 33 stages. Each stage has its own beautiful background art, while the levels’ adventures are individually narrated. There are 20 power-ups and upgrades for Benjamin’s ship and secret hideout.

Seven Seas Solitaire is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

DeskConnect Adds iPad and Mavericks Support

DeskConnect, the missing link between your devices, now supports your workflow better than ever. Today, DeskConnect LLC is rolling out major updates to DeskConnect for Mac and DeskConnect for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. DeskConnect dissolves the barriers between devices by enabling users to instantly transfer text, images, audio, video, web pages, documents, driving directions and more.

Included in the update to DeskConnect for Mac is improved support for OS X Mavericks and OS X Snow Leopard, compatibility with Apple iWork ’13, improved support for users dialing international phone numbers, and dozens of bug fixes. DeskConnect for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now contains full iPad support. The full-screen, native iPad experience provides complete integration with the iPad, including improved multimedia playback. Additionally, DeskConnect for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now includes stronger support for iOS 7, and the ability to choose a specific destination device when sending content.

DeskConnect provides unlimited transfers to an unlimited number of devices. Consumers are invited to visit DeskConnect LLC online to learn how it will fit into their daily routine.

DeskConnect 1.1 is available today as a free download from the App Store and the Mac App Store. Both apps are located in the Productivity category. Current users will be notified of the available update through the App Store and Mac App Store. If there’s any way we can assist you in preparing your story, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Ping Ben Feldman, co-founder and we will be more than happy to work with you and provide you with any further information or assets you may need.

iBank for iPad 1.2 Released, Delivers Over 50 Enhancements

IGG Software today announced the release of iBank for iPad 1.2 – a major update featuring over 50 new features, fixes, enhancements and refinements. The app’s across-the-board improvements encompass investments, reminders, budgets, scheduled transactions, sync, account set-up, stability and more. The update is available now from the App Store.

“iBank for iPad 1.2 takes the experience of using a financial app in iOS to a new level,” says chief technology officer James Gillespie. “For anyone with an iPad, it delivers full-powered, full-featured money management, with all the mobility that the platform promises – including updates on the go and instant access to all your data.”

Among the enhancements in iBank for iPad 1.2 are:

* better entry and editing of scheduled transactions;
* new ability to post and manage reminders for bills and other time-sensitive events;
* a new budget set-up assistant;
* much-enhanced investment support for bonds and options;
* new ease in adding accounts;
* a new “Refresh now” command;
* and dozens more fixes and improvements for overall usability and greater stability.

iBank for iPad outshines other finance apps in several significant ways:

– An exclusive subscription service, Direct Access, delivers mobile account updates from thousands of financial institutions worldwide. New transactions are downloaded via Wi-Fi or data connection in the background, without prompting – ensuring that all of your finances are at your fingertips, any time and anywhere.

– iBank’s attractive iPad interface presents a clear personal finance summary. Accounts are kept in one or more custom “books,” organized as needed. With just a tap or a swipe, users can access accounts; get details on accounts, budgets, transactions or investments; change pages, switch books, edit transactions, delete info and more – naturally and intuitively.

– Investment management has never been more elegant. Because the books in iBank for iPad resemble a set of financial reports, it’s easier than ever to review trades, positions, history, performance, realized and unrealized gains, market value and more. Portfolios update as changes are available, and users can drill down for security details with a tap.

– Simple yet sophisticated budgeting is a key component of iBank. Schedule regular income and bills, set targets for other earnings or expenses, track spending by assigning categories to transactions. Users can check budgets with a tap, compare current performance to previous months, review old budgets and more.

– IGG’s commitment to privacy and security is paramount: iBank for iPad is ad-free. There are no third-party services offered to users. Customer data and financial records are never stored, accessed, aggregated or analyzed in any way that benefits IGG or outside marketers. And IGG never sells, trades, rents or shares customer profiles or finance information.

Among other features, users have:

* full manual editing and entry capabilities;
* the ability to split, schedule, categorize and reconcile transactions;
* the ability to move books between devices;
* multi-currency support;
* and many other powerful finance management tools. The app is written to take advantage of the iPad’s latest dual-core and graphics processors, its high-resolution Retina Display, and landscape and portrait modes.

For automatic updating of transactions, new users of iBank for iPad have the opportunity to try Direct Access for free during a 30-day trial. Maintaining the service will cost as little as 11 cents a day: just $4.99 per month, or $39.99 for an annual subscription; all options are available via In-App Purchase. Users of iBank 4.7 (now available via the Mac App Store or IGG) can use iBank for iPad without a subscription by syncing data directly from the desktop app over Wi-Fi or a WebDAV server.

The iBank for iPad App is available for $14.99 from the App Store. iBank for iPad 1.2 requires iOS 5 or higher.

Creaceed Releases Prizmo 2 for iPhone and iPad with iCloud Support

Creaceed is glad to announce the release of Prizmo 2 for iPhone and iPad on the App Store worldwide. Prizmo 2 is now a universal application, with a user interface specifically designed for each device. Prizmo comes with iCloud support for work-in-progress documents, so that you can start processing a document on your iPhone on the go, and finish it on your Mac at the office. It’s just that easy! Prizmo, with this new version, has now become a valuable tool for the visually-impaired and the blind as we paid particular attention to improving its accessibility.

With Prizmo 2, we really wanted to build the best camera-based scanning app for iPhone and iPad (and Mac too). We’ve been hard at work over the last 16 months to achieve that goal. Moreover, we also wanted to provide a useful tool for the blind and visually-impaired people. We hope all Prizmo users will like it as much as we do!

Prizmo offers a streamlined approach to document processing: scan with a camera, recognize the text, edit, export. With Prizmo, you can skip any of these steps and go straight to the results, or instead dive into advanced editing if document requires it (brightness correction, readability improvement, multiple languages, OCR regions editing, text correction, etc.). Business cards can be sent directly to the address book. Export options include PDF with searchable text, and allow sending to various cloud services, like Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive or Evernote.

Feature Highlights:
* Completely new user experience with focus on rapid workflow
* Universal application (iPhone and iPad)
* iCloud support for sharing work-in-progress Prizmo documents across iPhone, iPad and Mac
* Support for PDF files
* Multipage document handling
* Automatic frame detection when taking the picture
* Loupe for accurate corner positioning when cropping
* 30 new OCR languages
* Advanced editing and correction of the recognized text

Improved Accessibility Support:
* Quick Capture mode to quickly copy/paste some text, or to read it out in the Voice Reader
* Voice guidance to help locate the page before shooting
* Word highlighting as the text is being read out loud
* 30 additional male and female voices in 20 languages
* Support for automation: other apps can now invoke Prizmo

Prizmo 2 for iOS is $5.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies), a 40% discount as an introductory offer, for a limited time. The regular price is $9.99. It is available worldwide through the App Store in the Business category. The upgrade is free for Prizmo 1 users. Prizmo 2 – Scanning, OCR & Speech – for Mac is available through the Mac App Store for $49.99.

Star Wings 2 for iOS – The Space Adventure Continues

Arphix Games today announces that the brand new game Star Wings 2 for iPhone and iPad is available to download worldwide for free today. Star Wings 2, also available for Mac OS X, is a new interstellar arcade game where the player explores the universe by controlling a spaceship across several missions.

Completely redesigned and touch friendly, Star wings 2: A space adventure! shines like never before. In this game, the player has to guide a spaceship to the target portal and deal with the gravity of planets, stars, black-holes and a variety of interstellar bodies.

Its spaceship launching mechanism is very intuitive and well know for being used in other successful games like Ultimate Ball and Angry Birds Space. After launch, the user can control the spaceship simply by touching the screen where the spaceship should go.

But the simplicity stops there! The starfleet of flying bugs will do everything to stop the spaceship to get in its final destination. Star Wings 2 introduces a new variety of enemies and hazards, including explosive spacemines, shooting turrets and flying bugs that will hunt the spaceship until death.

In order to complete the missions and destroy as many enemies as possible, the player counts with lots of add-ons that can be used to equip the spaceships. Also, always exists the possibility to get a new, faster, bigger and powerful spaceship anytime from the command center.

Star Wings 2 Comes to iOS Featuring:
* Several challenging levels across beautiful retina-display scenarios
* Earn gold by solving puzzles! Use it to upgrade your spaceships
* Physics-based elements: planets, asteroids, black holes, stars and more
* Hazards like space mines, shooting turrets and flying seekers
* Lots of achievements to complete and then challenge your friends
* Addictive and exciting play, for both novice and advanced gamers

Star Wings 2 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. A Mac OS X version is also available from the Mac App Store.

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Ovilius Studios Launches New Puzzle Archery Game Quiver Quest HD

Ovilius Studios launches Quiver Quest HD 1.0, a new physics-based puzzle archery game on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Mac. Use your awesome archery skills in an epic quest to save your dragon Quiver from the Evil Queen! Defeat the queen’s steam-punk robot army using a variety of arrows, including bomb and rail-gun arrows. Quiver Quest HD has 75 levels of physics-based puzzles.

Quiver Quest HD has three awesome kingdoms and in-app purchases for Bomb and Rail-gun arrow packs. Hours of fun knocking down and blowing up structures and robots.

“This addictive, fun puzzler is the first game released by our game studio in over a decade. The team last built Juggernaut Corps: First Assault over a decade ago, which we now plan on re-releasing in the near future on mobile platforms,” said Aaron Shepherd, CEO of Ovilius Studios. Shepherd added, “We hope everyone enjoys the game and has as much fun playing Quiver Quest as we did building it.”

Ovilius Studios is also launching a bunch of helpful tips on our blog and a hilarious series of tip videos by our resident gaming expert Dr. Cedric Periwinkle. Check out the trailer and upcoming videos on the QuiverGame YouTube channel.

Quiver Quest HD 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. It is also available from the Mac App Store. Android and Windows8 versions of the game will be released soon.

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