China’s most beautiful observation deck, free parking but charged 5 yuan, want money crazy? Traveler: yes

With the continuous improvement of material level, people’s spiritual pursuit is more and more indispensable, and tourism is the most common kind. From group tour to customized tour, from domestic tour to overseas tour, from free tour to self-driving tour, the way of travel keeps changing, inspiring people’s pursuit of poetry and distance. These two […]

The most complete buddhist temple of the Ming dynasty in northwest China is known as the “small imperial palace”, which has existed for more than 600 years

Since Buddhism was introduced into China, the ancient Chinese civilization has been enriched by religious art and culture. Hamming sense of dream, the beginning of its way. In the long history of more than 1900 years, a large legacy. Among them, what fascinates me most is the beauty of religious architecture and the essence of […]

It was once the only village in the jungle where humans lived, and it refused commercial development to protect animals

The original taru village was once the only human settlement in the chitwan valley, and it was almost unknown to tourists until tourist attractions were developed. Chitwan, Nepal’s third biggest tourist attraction after trekking and the Kathmandu valley, was once a royal hunting ground for nepalese nobles and foreign dignitaries. Today, chitwan is a famous […]

Driving haba lake, the paradise on earth in the desert, you can not imagine the scenery of the Yangtze river in the northwest

If I don’t come to ningxia, I really think that northwest China is full of loess, desertification environment, and sparse precipitation climate drought. It is like not to go to gansu for a walk, still do not know “long on the jiangnan” is how to return a responsibility. Of course, ningxia, which is situated in […]

Why do Chinese people like to throw money at Buddha? To protect the world cultural heritage, the scenic spot has banned the throwing of COINS

As one of the four grottoes in China, maijishan grottoes is not only a world cultural heritage, but also known as the Oriental sculpture art exhibition hall. Maijishan grottoes are a must-see stop on a journey to gansu. Although the mogao grottoes in dunhuang are more famous in terms of tourism, maijishan grottoes are more […]

Tianshui first prize: no business, no two-dimensional code merit box, du fu has written 100 poems to praise

What is an ancient temple? Ancient temple, daisei towering, bamboo trails interesting. The nanguo temple is worth a visit. Nanguo temple, the first temple in longyou, was built in the northern dynasty (the construction time is still controversial), has a considerable scale in the tang dynasty, has a history of more than one thousand years, […]

Eternal regret: the early qin tombs were looted and excavated, leaving only a few remnants of history to make future generations sigh

The qin dynasty, the first unified dynasty in Chinese history, had a profound influence on Chinese history. Whenever we talk about the qin empire and want to see the history and culture of the qin dynasty, xi ‘an is always the first choice. However, the culture of the early qin dynasty was active in the […]

I didn’t think! This small county in gansu is the birthplace of the qin empire, known as the “hometown of qin huang”

When we talk about the culture of the great qin empire, the first thing that comes to mind is the qin mausoleum in xi ‘an, the terracotta warriors and horses of the qin dynasty and so on. Especially the magnificent qin terra-cotta warriors and horses of the grand scene, shocking every visitor. But few people […]