Driving haba lake, the paradise on earth in the desert, you can not imagine the scenery of the Yangtze river in the northwest

If I don’t come to ningxia, I really think that northwest China is full of loess, desertification environment, and sparse precipitation climate drought. It is like not to go to gansu for a walk, still do not know “long on the jiangnan” is how to return a responsibility. Of course, ningxia, which is situated in […]

The most delicious mutton in China is not in xinjiang, not in Inner Mongolia, but in this small county of a thousand years

Ningxia is located in northwest China, bordering shaanxi in the east, Inner Mongolia in the west and north, and gansu in the south. However, in such a desert area, it has the reputation of being south of the Yangtze river, which is amazing, and also a miracle of nature’s planning. According to records, this reputation […]

Local people do not go to the night market, only pit outsiders? The coexistence of night market culture and city culture

The night market is an active symbol of the charm of the city and a representative of the city culture. It oozing through the youth of most people and flowing with the economic development of an era. For the night market, often under the night, living color shengxiang, vigorous growth is also eclectic, fresh clothes […]

Top 10 must-see scenic spots in yuntai mountain, henan

Winnie the pooh Towering mountains, the ocean seems to be water. Especially like this sentence: the peak of yuntai, landscape legend…… 在如今我们这个速食的年代,看多了明星们今娶明离的八挂新闻,厌倦了钢筋水泥的都市生活。不知从何时起,对于自然生态的山水之旅格外偏爱。云台山风景区,位于河南省修武县境内,国家五A级风景区,世界地质公园。以独具特色的“北方岩溶地貌”被列入首批世界地质公园名录,同时又是河南省唯一个集国家重点风景名胜区、国家森林公园、国家水利风景名胜区、国家猕猴自然保护区等, also known as zhengzhou people’s back garden ~ Yuntai mountainIn 280 square kilometers,Every inch of land is unique, and every breath is moving.Here,There are波光涟漪、峰林与山水交融的Ovary lake,There is a quiet beautiful ancient village, a dream […]

Don’t miss this place when you go to xinjiang. It is close to the world heritage site and 50 kilometers away from the ancient western regions

In autumn, damei xinjiang has another gorgeous, attracting many photographers and self-driving tour enthusiasts. In the face of xinjiang’s snow mountain grassland, the kind of freedom and natural and unrestrained is indescribable, only people who have been to the deep experience. South of the tianshan mountains, at the edge of the desert in the acre […]