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Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts on PaigeeWorld

PaigeeDraw Inc. is thrilled to announce that Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts make their first appearance on PaigeeWorld! Ten new Sailor Moon inspired drawing tutorials have been added. These new tutorials will be a huge hit with the PaigeeWorld global community for manga artists and fans. The new Sailor Moon tutorials were created by PaigeeWorld artist and moderator Chikukko. Chikukko is a PaigeeWorld member from the UK and has been a member of the community for almost a year.

PaigeeWorld is a social network for manga artists and fans with over 400,000 new members in 2014! PaigeeWorld is like Instagram for artists. All content posted to PaigeeWorld is an original creation from one of our members – hundreds of thousands of pieces of art are uploaded monthly by the community.

PaigeeWorld has thousands of drawing tutorials to help members practice and learn new techniques. There are tutorials for all artists from beginners to experts. Tutorials have been created for pencils, markers as well as watercolors. Members can practice drawing their favorite PaigeeWorld characters, as well as some of their favorite manga and cartoon characters including Sailor Moon, Disney and more! Interested in K-Pop? There are now tutorials for some of the latest K-Pop artists in the “Celebrities” section.

PaigeeWorld is quickly becoming THE place for artists to be online. With a 5 Star rated application and over 6000 reviews world wide on the AppStore, PaigeeWorld is becoming the fastest growing global community for manga artists and fans. Create an account on PaigeeWorld today and come join the fun!

PaigeeWorld is a social network for artists and art enthusiasts. The company was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010 by father and daughter duo, Preston and Paige Rohrick. PaigeeWorld has a community of over 500,000 members who share their art, follow other artists and make friends world wide.

PaigeeWorld 2.2.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. PaigeeWorld will soon be available for Android.

PaigeeWorld Releases Newest Version of Social Network App

PaigeeDraw Inc., an independent software development company formed by Paige Rohrick, is thrilled to announce the release of PaigeeWorld 2.4, an update to its very popular social media art app for iOS and Android devices. This release has been timed with the release of PaigeeWorld Android 1.0. Version 2.4 sports a new look for Paigeeworld, and also introduces a new Discover feature for iPad. With over a half of a million downloads on the App Store, PaigeeWorld is becoming one of the fastest growing social network for artists and art enthusiasts.

PaigeeWorld is a community for artists of all skill levels. Amateurs and professionals alike can find a home on PaigeeWorld. With real-time feeds, categories and tags, members can find the art and the artists they are looking for. PaigeeWorld discovery features help even the newest members get noticed and gain followers fast. Members find it encouraging to belong to such a supportive community.

One member had this to say about PaigeeWorld: “I have gained more followers on PaigeeWorld in 1 year than my Facebook, Instagram and 4 years on DeviantArt combined!” said Tessa van de Nadort “icanreachthestars” on PaigeeWorld.

PaigeeWorld is a veritable playground for people who love manga and anime and art in general. Users can create profiles, upload their own artwork, “follow” and “like” other artists and collect points that can be used to unlock drawing tutorials. It is an app that is engaging, educational and highly entertaining.

PaigeeWorld 2.4 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. With the release for Android version on Google Play, PaigeeWorld is well on it’s way to become the social network for young artists everywhere.

PaigeeDraw Teaches Manga Drawing With Holiday Style in 4th iPhone App

PaigeeDraw release 4th iPhone App

PaigeeDraw has struck a chord with manga enthusiasts and created a community where artists can meet to share their love of drawing.

This Christmas marks PaigeeDraw’s one year anniversary and punctuates many months of very hard work. PaigeeDraw is a small start-up company founded by 17 year old, Paige Rohrick. Paigee is a manga/anime artist who has created four iPhone/iPad apps this year teaching budding artists how to draw. Between attending high school full time, attending university art classes and creating a small business, Paige has been very busy.

In addition to creating apps, PaigeeDraw has developed a huge following on facebook with over 300,000 members across all of the PaigeeDraw facebook pages. It is evident that PaigeeDraw has struck a chord with manga enthusiasts and as a result has created a community where artists can meet and share their love of drawing. Sales on the app store have made it possible to run numerous contests this past year and be able to give away literally thousands of dollars worth of quality art supplies; many to kids in parts of the world where these supplies are not readily available. 

PaigeeDraw Christmas is the second edition of the app which originally debuted last Christmas. It has over 40 tutorials that are fun and inspiring and highly informative. Every tutorial has step by step instructions containing visual guides, a written instruction page and a list of the tools used. All of the art is original work created by Paige and is a huge inspiration in itself. PaigeeDraw Christmas is a great way to entertain any aspiring manga artist over the holiday break and into the coming year.

PaigeeDraw Inc. is an instructional art resource and online store teaching budding artists how to draw using manga techniques as well as some of Paige’s own original methods. These apps list all of the tools and supplies needed to complete any of the drawings and PaigeeDraw makes things even easier by making these supplies available on the online store at shop.paigeedraw.com.