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Make it for Teachers & School for the iPad

Planet Factory Company is pleased to introduce Make It, a powerful new iPad tool for teachers, parents and students to quickly and easily create their own individual educational games and activities. They can then share them with family, friends, colleagues, classes or individuals through social media or email, and can be played on any device or operating language.

With Make It users can create games, activities, books, tales, slideshows and share it with this incredible app for iPad & iPad mini. Make It is a powerful authoring tool for iPad combining multiple dynamic templates, proven didactic methodology and professional presentation techniques in one easy-to-use app.

* Create dynamic interactive games for classroom or students
* Share projects with anyone, on any platform (PC, MAC, iPad, Android), anywhere
* Connect via the cloud, email or social networks
* Personalizable content and downloadable libraries
* Unlimited output with 8 different interactive dynamic activities to choose from
* A powerful storyteller to help kids develop their creativity and narrative skills
* Introduce or reinforce complex concepts in a way students really connect with
* Embedded educational methodology
* Recommended Age: To use the app, 7 (readers) but to play the games, 0+

The app comes with interactive menus, drawing, memory, relationships and quizzes (including written), a range of themes and multiple content libraries to access from the outset or users can select their own content to include. No other app allows you to create the range of personalized games and activities that are included in Make It. ‘Make It for teachers and schools’; it’s unique on the Apple Store!

Make it for Teachers & School – tool for classroom to create & share educational games and activities (Premium) 1.6 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

tapsBook creates shareable and print-ready photo books for busy users

Photo startup AtomKnows updated its award-winning iPad photo book app, tapsBook, featuring innovative workflow to help busy individuals create digital and print-ready photo books in just seconds without using a computer. The new update enhances the mobile first user experience by intelligently generating multiple page design options, which users can quickly flip through and preview via simple swipe gestures. In this latest release, tapsBook further strengthens its unique capability for flexible output options (digital and printed) by optimizing the shared story web viewing experience on any device: smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Those who are attending the 2014 Mobile Photo Connect Conference at Fort Mason in San Francisco on October 15 can see a live demo of the app at the Show and Tell #3 session. The current updated version features:

Book creation improvements:
* New book creation wizard on home screen so you can jump right in

Page editing improvements:
* One-tap “style the page” feature, which changes the page layout and background automatically based on page content
* Clear all pages in book – place your own photos quickly if you prefer
* 25 new page backgrounds and 50-plus more new layouts, including double-page spreads
* Apply one background to all pages
* New page sorter – rearrange pages with ease, simply hold and drag

Photo editing improvements:
* More intuitive photo-editing user experience – crop is now the default action when editing
* Auto-correction when cropping photos outside border
* Photo border styling (24 colors and adjustable width)

Flexible book output options:
* Convenient in-app printing to local Walgreens with same day pickup
* Best-in-class shared photo book viewing experience – full-screen mode on PC or vertical scrolling mode on smartphone

“tapsBook is about continuously lowering the bar for photo book creation so more and more people can experience the value of photo books,” says Xiaohu Yao, tapsBook CEO. “Whether digital or printed, photo books not only make unique personal gifts for special occasions, they are also wonderful keepsakes of everyday moments.”

tapsBook 2.2.2 is available for free download through the iTunes App Store in the Photo and Video category worldwide. tapsBook offers two tiers of pricing: 1) free tier up to 500 shared photos 2) all-inclusive subscription starting from $2.99/month that includes 4GB cloud storage.

Steampunker – An adventure game for iPads released

Steampunker, a new point-and-click adventure game for iPads has been released. The game has unique hand-drawn steampunk graphics and original music. The adventures of Vincent, our hero, begin when evil robots attack the Earth. We meet Vincent in a harbor, then he boards a submarine, travels to an island, flies to the Moon in a rocket and finally fights the robots in their spaceship. In order to complete the mission Vincent has to explore the world and find objects needed to fix the vehicles and move in his unique steampunk-style world. The game contains a series of puzzles linked together into a traditional “point-and-click” adventure story.

Antyweb.pl on Steampunker: “Graphics are Steampunker’s strongest point. The backdrops of locations traversed by our hero, as well as the graphics accompanying the subsequent puzzles and brain-teasers, all create a unique alluring atmosphere. The game is simply stunning. Also noteworthy are the intuitive navigation model and the wide variety of original puzzles and brain-teasers.”

* Five chapters including more than 30 puzzles and brain teasers
* Unique hand-drawn steampunk graphics
* Original music recorded by Silver Rocket

The game has been developed by Telehorse, a company established by Mariusz Szypura – a graphic designer and musician. Steampunker, which was made in Unity 3D, is his first game to be released. It should be noted that Szypura created the game entirely on his own, also composing and producing the soundtrack. Steampunker has been selected for the Indie Prize. The game will participate in the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect in Belgrade in November 2014. It will also be presented at Tokyo Game Show and Poznan Game Arena.

Steampunker 1.0.2 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The iOS version has just been released. It will be followed by the Android version towards the end of the year. Telehorse has scheduled PC and Mac versions for 2015.

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Travel Riddles: Trip to India – New Puzzle for iOS, Android, Mac and PC

Notus Games Studio today is proud to announce the worldwide release of Travel Riddles: Trip to India 1.0.3, a new puzzle game for Android and iOS devices, PC and Mac that the whole family can enjoy. The game has been released in English with more localizations in the pipeline. Collect more than 70 artifacts on the awesome puzzle match-3 levels and use incredible powerups to set the highest score.

When you want to travel far and get new and fun experience, India will wait for you with its riddles, ancient wisdom, exquisite aromas, spicery and lost treasures. In this free puzzle game you will visit Taj Mahal, enjoy perfect beaches of Goa, explore ancient cities. Complete matching levels while travelling along the mighty Ganga River and find the forgotten temples of the past in the jungle forests. Each new level is more difficult than the last, so prepare for an exciting time! Your journey around the world begins! Welcome to mysterious India.

Game Features:
* Work your way through challenging levels in this engaging puzzle game
* Earn lots of gold to charge power-ups
* Use your Match 3 skills to set the highest score and collect all golden stars
* Free matching game in Indian setting
* Enchanting eastern music
* Beautiful locations

Travel Riddles: Trip to India 1.0.3 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. Travel Riddles: Trip to India is available for both Mac and PC. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Upgrading to new iPhone? Backup your SMS using SMS Export Plus app

SMS Export Plus app exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. The texts on your iPhone are now one of your most important forms of communication with your friends, family, loved ones. Maybe a friend sent you a funny joke that you want to save or maybe you need to make a backup of a text for legal purposes or may be running low on storage space?. Whatever the reason, SMS Export Plus lets you access and save your iPhone’s messages on your Mac or PC in most widely used excel format.

No need to worry about loosing important messages of your iPhone. By using SMS export plus app anyone can preserve all messages in Excel file. SMS Export Plus gives you the ease of a tabular format to scan through your messages quicker. You can sort your messages based on multiple criteria, leveraging the sorting feature of a tabular format. With SMS Export Plus, you can now save your messages rather than delete them to free up some memory on your iOS devices.

Feature Highlights:
* Save exported messages directly to your computer
* Backup messages are saved in .xls format
* Email the backup messages in excel file format
* Browse all backup messages in the .xls file very easily – You can filter messages by sender or sort messages by time & date
* Easy to search for any message in your backup file
* You can export SMS or iMessages of Multiple devices into multiple excel files
* Detailed help guide available within the app

SMS Export plus is listed in Top 50 charts of Productivity category in the US.

Available the wonderful feature-rich SMS Export Plus 1.6 at just $3.99 (USD) worldwide from the App Store under the Productivity category. SMS Export Plus has been rated 4 by many of its existing users.

Ocular – OCR PDF Scanner

TrueBlou today is pleased to announce Ocular 1.0. The app allows iPhone/iPad and iPod touch users to scan multi page documents and store them directly on their device. Scans can be transformed into editable text files using the built-in OCR functions. The scans, edited text files and photos can be converted into PDF files and shared by email, print, iMessage, AirDrop and the built-in Wi-Fi Server. Ocular is available exclusively on the Apple App Store for USD $1.99.

Ocular has been designed with ease of use in mind yet includes many sharing features, its own feature rich text editor which can be used to create documents or edit converted scans. A Wi-fi server to quickly copy documents, PDFs and scans to a desktop computer or other internet enabled device and being iCloud enabled allows Ocular to keep all of its scanned documents and text files in sync across many iOS devices.

Ocular takes great advantage of the camera in the iOS devices and uses advanced algorithms to enhance image quality. Users can further choose from three preset image filters to make text sharper and clearer. Ocular currently converts scanned files into editable text documents in 14 languages.

Ocular supports a number of ways to share the PDF documents it creates. The PDFs can be synced using iCloud, sent by email, iMessage, AirDrop, printed and transferred to Mac or PC over Wi-Fi.

All of the processing done by Ocular is performed entirely on the users device. This means no data at all is sent to us or any other third party. A users documents remain completely safe and secure. Indeed the only time an internet connection is used is to perform sync functions with iCloud.

Pricing and Availability:
Ocular is available exclusively on the Apple App Store at $1.99 (USD) in the Business category. Ocular is compatible with iPhone/iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7.0 and later and equipped with a camera.

Hidden Artifact Agency by Hullabu rockets to the top of Apple App Store

It’s rare to find a new contender in the increasingly competitive Apple App Store. This weekend, startup firm Hullabu, Inc’s latest free to play hidden object game, Hidden Artifact Agency, appears to be racing up the charts. This beautifully mastered hidden object game is the 10th game from the game publisher, and the second to hit “Top 10” status, following it’s widely popular episodic adventure game, A Wizard’s Curse. With over 25,000 Facebook followers on the company’s fan page, it’s game-on for Hullabu players!

In Hidden Artifact Agency the player acts as an Agent for the fictional firm, solving crimes and recovering stolen artifacts. After a short but helpful tutorial level and cut scene, the player is launched into a case regarding a missing Mayan calendar. Visiting meticulously drawn locations across Rome, the player uncovers the truth of the missing calendar and works to return it to its proprietor.

Throughout the case it becomes clear that not everyone the player encounters is being honest and you’ll need to get to the bottom of the case, even if it means creating less than upstanding alliances. The game is free to play and is available on iPad. The popular franchise will be available on the PC and Android platforms before the end of the year.

Hidden Artifact Agency 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Ambitious Mobile Photo Editing App Launches: PicsPlayPro

PicsPlayPro from JellyBus, Inc. is an ambitious, powerful photo editing application for iOS devices. The new launch is intended to herald a new era in mobile photo editing. JellyBus aims to equip mobile users with the same robust functionality they’ve come to expect from PC software, now in a mobile format for smartphones and tablets. PicsPlayPro is, in fact, packed with more features than many comparable PC programs and much more functionality than its mobile competitors.

Within an elegant and intuitive interface, amateur photographers, digital photo enthusiasts, and more serious photographers alike will find an incredible array of editing and enhancement tools. Hundreds of filters can be used in infinite combinations, at varying opacities, to create exactly the effect desired by the user. Responsive correction tools for color, brightness, contrast, and more make fine tuning photographs to preserve memories and express oneself precisely a simple task. Paint tools, dozens of fonts, stamps, borders, and textures allow even further enhancement. Traditional tools, of course, are available in abundance, with the ability to rotate, straighten, and crop right at the user’s fingertips.

PicsPlayPro also makes extensive use of smartphone capabilities with its saving and sharing functionalities. Integrated access to a wide variety of social media networks within the app create a streamlined experience for users. From the moment a photo is taken until it is shared with loved ones or broadcast worldwide, PicsPlayPro has the necessary tools to realize its users’ visions.

* Take photos from within PicsPlayPro using the in-app camera function and edit from there
* Capture the spirit of memories with 200 different powerful, beautiful, fun filters, customizable with ten different themes
* Filter themes: Scene, HDR, Blur, Art, Vintage, Grunge, Beauty, Professional, Color Splash, Black and White
* Combine different filters to create an effect that’s uniquely expressive
* Control filter opacity to further finesse photo editing
* Environmental settings
* Robust undo, redo, reset functions
* Full editing feature set: crop, straighten, rotate, and more
* Histogram, smart sharpen, colored curve, and black & white curve
* Decorate photos with text, stamps, borders, and textures.
* Fun stamps to add to photos, including speech bubbles
* Over 30 border styles to choose from, with custom roundness and thickness
* Share photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, KakaoTalk, Line, and more

PicsPlayPro is $3.99 and PicsPlay – Photo Editor is free and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Photo & Video category. JellyBus, Inc. is devoted to its continued, active development and improvement, consistently adding functionality based on user feedback. It’s compatible with a wide variety of iOS smartphones and tablets.

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Alien Shooter Ex – Mobile 3D Action Game Hit Now Free

Alien Shooter Ex, a runaway hit from much loved PC and mobile action game developer RNTS Media, is now available as a free download in the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store.

Alien Shooter Ex launched recently at $1.99, and the much anticipated mobile game has lived up to, and exceeded, fans’ expectations. “The updated graphics are incredible,” one reviewer raves. “Alien Shooter Ex takes the Alien Shooter franchise to a whole new level, especially for mobile gamers.” The generous, limited-time offer making the full-featured download of Alien Shooter Ex free is likely to tempt many more action fans to try out the game as well.

The virtual dual-joystick control system is a triumph of elegance and efficiency, so intuitive most players will have mastered the movement and point-and-shoot mechanics in moments.

RNTS Media aims for immersion, to allow players to be swept up in the adrenaline soaked adventure of an alien invasion run amuck. Alien Shooter is non-stop action, enhanced with RNTS Media’s signature attention to detail. The game even features social multi-player modes so that friends can help one another complete missions.

RNTS Media’s expansion into the mobile gaming arena has already been noteworthy, and making their newest, hottest title free for a limited time can only improve their standing with gamers. Alien Shooter Ex holds its own easily against other action shooters above its usual $1.99 price range; therefore this free promotion is limited to only one week.

* Expansive 3D world with 25 Stages
* Elegant, sensitive, uncluttered dual touchscreen joystick controls for smooth character movement and point-and-shoot targeting
* Fast-paced, action-heavy, in-your-face gameplay
* Incredible textures, lighting, crisp graphics, and exceptional character and level design
* Find dozens of useful equipment and booster items in game

Alien Shooter 1.0.1 is free and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Market in the Games category.

Halloween update to Toy Monsters brings lots of magic tricks to discover

Melesta Games wishes a happy Halloween to all gamers and brings a spooky season specials to turn-based MMORPG Toy Monsters. The Monsters invasion to the fantasy world goes on, and player has to stand up against evil encroachers once more. This time the battle for Good is set in Halloween atmosphere. Pumpkins and candles are on the field, and gamers are to take courage and discover, what are they all about and complete Halloween quest.

With terrifying masks available to users (ghost, vampire or a witch) going on Halloween quest and trick or treating fearsome monster for his treasures is just a piece of cake! A mask scares enemies away and gives important power-ups, so players should try them on and pick the best one!

Finally, each gamer can take an advantage of great every day gifts and holiday discounts in the game. Hoarders can stock everything they need and enjoy even more!

From the technical side Toy Monsters also gets better and better! User interface usability is improved; some minor bugs are now fixed.

Playing a Halloween update of Toy Monsters is just plain fun, it definitely is a must-have for all MMORPG fans!

Game features:
* Two types of gameplay: PvE and PvP
* Worldwide MMORPG: Real-time game with real people
* Cross-platform play across PC and mobile devices
* Turn-based battle mechanics
* 3 playable characters (Zavr, Mask, Fury) and plenty of unique monsters to fight
* 12 unlockable missions to explore
* Numerous upgrades, bonuses and power-ups for your character

Languages supported:
* English and Russian

Toy Monsters 1.3 for iOS is free, and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.