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plasq Introduces Comic Life 3 for iPad and iPhone

plasq LLC today is proud to introduce Comic Life 3 for iOS, the latest edition of its award winning photo comic creation software, which brings powerful new features to iOS devices. Comic Life 3 for iOS includes a new suite of image processing tools including new parametric filters and an Instant Alpha tool that makes it easy to knock out backgrounds right inside the app. New graphics options for strokes, fills and opacity help you get the perfect comic styling. Comic Life 3 also introduces a script editor letting you create stories right in the app and easily take your words to the comic page thanks to new SmartScript(TM) technology. An overhauled editing engine brings new features including find and replace

“Our users love Comic Life’s ease of use and rich functionality,” said Robert Grant, plasq’s CEO. “Comic Life 3 gets even better with next generation comic filters, instant alpha and the ability to create amazing new stories with the new built-in script editor.”

The added image editing features in Comic Life 3 make it even easier to transform a photograph into comic artwork. A new collection of parametric filters ranging from simple line drawing to full on movie-style rotoscoping allow an incredible range of effects. You can now knock out image backgrounds with the integrated Instant Alpha tool, making it simple to place your subjects on a dynamic background.

New graphic design options further enhance the appearance of your comic pages. Element strokes now include various dash and brush options for a hand-drawn look. Balloon control is improved with a variety picker presenting many variations on most balloon types, fully positionable interconnecting tails, and adjustable balloon tail widths. New fill options include halftones, speed lines and textures. Fill now has an independent opacity control for professional style balloon and caption designs. And elements themselves now also have fully adjustable global opacity. Rough up your pages with new page texturing effects. Lettering is bolstered with a new 3D effect to make your titles really stand out and gains enhanced control for precision warping.

Comic Life 3 introduces a script editor providing you the space to focus on getting your words down before tackling page layout. Here you will find a capable word processor with spell check, find and replace and auto-pagination. SmartScript(TM) technology makes element icons appear beside your script so you can easily move from working with text to building a comic page via drag and drop.

The redesigned editing engine features improved alignment guides including smart spacing guides, find and replace across balloons and captions, and grouping.

Comic Life 3 for iOS is available today from Apple’s App Store for $2.99 in the Photo & Video category. Members of the media please contact Mark Pearson or Erica Carson.

MultiCam 1.0 for iOS8 – Take Photo Now, Set Focus and Exposure Later

Lucky Clan today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of MultiCam 1.0, its new photo app developed for iOS. Time Lapse! was developed revolutionize way of taking photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device. So far to take a photo using normal camera or smartphone the scenario was: 1. Set correct focus and exposure; 2. Take a photo. MultiCam reverses that scenario, so now we have: 1. Take a photo; 2. Set focus and exposure anytime in the future.

To achieve that goal app uses “manual focus/exposure” features of iOS8, and instead of taking single photo takes series of photos and saves them in internal gallery. Then user can open the photo and change focus/exposure anytime in the future by just moving sliders. It may be a revolution in taking photos!

* Capture from 1 to 15 focuses
* Additional “9 area focus” mode which captures images by settings focus in 9 points on camera preview
* Capture from 1 to 4 exposures
* Back/front camera supported
* Internal gallery to store series of photos
* Focus and exposure sliders in the Editor
* Export to Camera Roll from the Editor

MultiCam 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Sylwester Los.

Fan Studio introduces Nature – Private and Secret Photo Vault for iOS8

Fan Studio today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Nature – Private and Secret Photo and Notes Vault 1.03. Nature securely stores your private photos and text notes (passwords, personal journal, and more). It uses Touch ID – this means that instead of a password (which can be seen by anyone) you will login using your fingerprint – with just a touch of the Home button.

All the photos are encrypted using a AES-256 encryption. Even if someone will get access to the photos from your device or iCloud backup they won’t be able to see them as they are encrypted. The decryption of the photos takes place only on the device where the app was installed. No more passwords, use your fingerprint.

* Fingerprint login
* Photo encryption using AES-256
* Create Albums and text Notes (for passwords, private diary)
* Discrete icon and app name
* Break-in attempts – after 3 failed login attempts the app will take a photo of the intruder
* Minimalistic graphics

Nature – Private and Secret Photo and Notes Vault 1.03 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. Download and share our app in order to Stop the leaked celebrity photos.

Dreamstime App Surges in Popularity by the Thousands after Launch

Dreamstime, Inc., the largest designer database of stock photography, is experiencing massive growth via their newly released app, Dreamstime Companion. The app, which was launched in July on iOS, allows smartphone users to access the Dreamstime community and upload their own photos via their mobile devices. Tens of thousands of new mobile images have been added to Dreamstime’s vast database in only a little over two months since the app’s launch.

“The purpose of the Dreamstime Companion mobile app is to continuously inspire and enable photographers, both professional and non-professional, so they can capture and share their meaningful images on the go,” said Serban Enache, CEO and co-founder of Dreamstime Inc. “Now users can access and upload photos to our marketplace and buy them directly through their mobile devices.”

Current reports state that over 100,000 photographs have been submitted to Dreamstime since the launch of their app. Of these new photos, approximately 30,000 are mobile images. Over 85,000 smartphone owners have downloaded Dreamstime Companion, with iOS users accounting for over 31,000 new members.

“The numbers prove that the Dreamstime Companion app is a useful and advantageous tool for photographers to keep up with their photos and earnings. Because of the app, Dreamstime’s database of photographs contains more variety than ever; therefore, attracting many new users to join our community,” said Enache.

Dreamstime Companion 1.6 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

The Best Practice of Image Captioning: Fink You App is Released

Tenedos Apps is pleased to announce the release of Fink You 1.0, their newest iOS app. Fink You takes away the difficulty behind adding things and captions on pictures. Anyone can use the app for adding badges and texts over their photos on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. Or even Pinterest. This app is social media integrated, so users can use it in common social networking websites both importing their photos into the app and exporting them. It also comes with a very useful design and all-in-one posting. App also enables iOS users to create and produce artistic images.

Fink You will be widely recognized for its original user interface. This app enables the users to make a wide array of ingenious projects which will make their photos more interesting by sharing selfies on holiday, sharing recipes, inspirational quotes, celebrating some special days and a lot more.

Tenedos Apps is very confident that all iOS users especially those who love posting and sharing photos on major social networking sites will love to use this app that will take their photo sharing experience into the next level and double up their social media followers.

Fink You 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

Lumy – The Ultimate Tool for Anyone Interested in Photography

Appatakkars today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Lumy 1.0, a universal app for iPhone and iPad. We all know that light is the most important element in photography. While there are, many other aspects for great photography, if the light is wrong, nothing else will work! So, “What is the best light ?”. The best light is often soft, warm and directional. You might be thinking that it would be nice if you knew when you could expect such a light. Actually, there is a time when such light occurs – this time is known as the Magic Hour (sometimes known as golden hour). Best of all, baring weather issues, it happens twice a day.

The purpose of “Lumy” is to let you keep track of that Magic hour. So, you could anticipate the light and get ready ahead of time to take advantage of it. “Lumy” shows you the weather informations like cloudiness and temperature for the next 5 days, so you can plan things out.

You can get sunrise, sunset, morning and evening magic hours for your current location or for any major location around the world. Except for the weather information, “Lumy” doesn’t need an active internet connection.

* Weather informations (C/F)
* Current location & All major cities around the world
* Sunrise / Sunset / Magic Hours
* Notifications
* No Internet Connection needed for magic hour calculation
* Universal (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch)
* Familiar, gesture driven design

Lumy 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category from August 27 2014.

Lazy? Stop scrolling for ages to access your best iPhone pictures

Are you tired of scrolling and searching to access your special iPhone photos again? Do you think it is not fun to create lots of albums? Use Photohook, the app giving you the simplest and fastest access to your preferred photos and to the ones that were taken at the same time. When something special happens and you take pictures, as time goes they sink deeper and deeper among all the others stored on your device. Developed by Roundsight LLC, Photohook lets you jump directly to the photos you want to preserve. No matter how long ago they have been shot. With Photohook, you organize your few very best photos without feeling it.

Simply and quickly decide which photos should be saved from slow disappearance through sinking at the bottom of the library:
1. In the Photohook app, tap on a picture to preserve it
2. Later, easily jump back to that picture any time you want
3. Access the pictures taken before or after the destination picture too

When looking at photos, Photohook lets you move your device to the left or to the right in front of your eyes to see other parts of the picture, thereby simulating a bigger virtual image (gyroscope-based movement tracking). If you do not want to move the iPhone in front of your eyes, you can choose to rely on the usual pinch and drag gestures to decide which parts of the picture you want to see. Direct map access is provided for geotagged photos.

Photohook 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

InstaTxtr updated with adjustable photo filters and new light-leak pack

Independent developer, Chee Ket Yung today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of InstaTxtr 2.2.0, an important update to his all-in-one photo editing app for iOS devices. Incredibly easy to use, the all-new InstaTxtr has every tool to let anyone edit their photos in just a matter of seconds, and perfect for sharing on their favorite photo sharing or social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. Version 2.2.0 brings more awesome features including adjustable filter effects and a new pack of gorgeous light-leak overlays with 7 new filters added to the existing filter packs.

“InstaTxtr started out as a simple and fun photo texting and filter app that was specifically designed to allow for photo texting and editing photos in the popular square mode for the Instagram,” explained Chee Ket Yung (Christopher), the developer. The version 2.0 update was a big step forward to make InstaTxtr a full-fledged photo editor with comprehensive features, with over 80 new filters, light-leak textures and various preset cropping tools. It introduces redesigned adjustment tools, redesigned photo frames and square frame for posting full-sized photos for Instagram without having to rely on third party app to do so. So we are most excited about today’s release of 2.2.0.”

Within just a couple of weeks after the release of version 2.0 here comes the version 2.2.0, which aims to make the InstaTxtr app more complete; to cover the shorts in version 2.0 with the following new features:

* All filters are now adjustable which allow the users to adjust the strength of any filter to more easily achieve their desired results & give more flexibilities of photo editing

* A new gorgeous light-leak pack that consists of 24 light-leak textures

* All overlays/textures can be applied onto the photo with different blend modes including Add, Color, HardLight, Multiply, Normal, Overlay, Saturation, Screen, SoftLight and SourceOver

* Improvement of the intensity adjustment of overlays and various other improvements

This new version comes with 126 adjustable photo filter effects and adds another 24 gorgeous light-leak textures to the existing; making up a total of 52 awesome textures/overlays. The adjustable filters are definitely value-adding at no additional cost; providing more flexibility of photo editing for the users.

For limited time, InstaTxtr 2.2.0 is currently free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. All filter packs and overlays can be had via the in-app purchase of the complete pack which costs an insanely low price of only $1.99 (USD). A Universal and iOS 8-ready version is being developed, aiming to release a couple of weeks later.

Fuzel Collage 3.0 – Now available on both iPhone and iPad

Today, Not A Basement Studio proudly announces the launch of Fuzel Collage 3.0, the next version of the 2013 Editor Choice App for iPhone. This major update brings you a brand new design, many new features and improvements, and for the first time ever, iPad support as a Universal app.

* Photos:
There’s no rule to how many photos in a collage, so choose from just 1, or 100 – it’s up to you
Pick photos from your Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or snap a new photo right in the app

* Templates:
See your photos beautifully lay out in hundreds of auto-generated templates

* Decoration:
Have fun with your photos – add photo effects, stickers, frames, labels & frames. Download new decor packs weekly

* Animated:
Create a fun animated collage from your photos with music & beautiful transition. Customize with your own music & watermark

* Sharing:
Once you’re done, just tap on “Save to device”
Share online via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more

Fuzel Collage 3.0 is free to download as a Universal app and available worldwide in the iTunes App Store in the Photo & Video category.

Prompter – the Smat Snap App for iOS

Prompter today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Prompter for iOS. Capture snapshots and file them to your customisable and preset albums via the default album filing feature allowing for a pro-active approach for the organisation and filing of snapshots. No more sieving through hundreds of photos in your camera roll. With Prompter’s default album feature any subsequent photo deletion, album creation and filing becomes obsolete!

Version 1.0 is designed from the ground up, keeping intuitive and practical snapshots handling in mind to create a hassle free and proactive application. Prompter is easy to use, intuitive and offers a solution for the everyday photo application. It’s the smart snap app!

Photo Options:
* Auto flash, flash on/off options
* Front/Back camera selection option
* Camera speed – Thanks to a light version used to apply the camera feature with the app, the camera readiness becomes more reactive, helping to capture photos faster following a speedy app launch

* Snapshot confirmation option – allows the user to make sure that only those snapshots you would like to keep are retained in your albums
* Prompter mode on/off – stay in control if you would like your snapshots to be filed into your camera roll or into dedicated preset albums
* Default prompter – ensures to file your snapshots in the right folders
* Cloud push – when cloud settings are activated, all created folders and snapshots in your local iOS device get pushed over smoothly to your other iOS devices

* Anticipate your events, gatherings, vacations by creating your albums. Select your album from the intuitive scroll wheel

Prompter 1.0 is available for free for the first 50 snapshots through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. With the 51st snapshot an in-app purchase is available for the price of $0.99.