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Must-Have New Social-Hub from Islom Kamalkhodjaev Lets Users Manage

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who are fed up with juggling multiple social network accounts and crave a solution that lets them manage and control their social life in one convenient place, can now download the remarkable new must- have app Social-Hub from developer Islom Kamalkhodjaev.

Crafted with a clean, elegant and simple iOS 7-inspired interface, Social-Hub is an integrated all-in-one app that lets users easily review their friends’ feeds and post new content via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They can also save time and effort by cross-posting to multiple accounts, and there’s a fantastic one-touch shortcut to view messages – which is perfect for getting the latest updates and news in the shortest possible time.

Plus, users can access Social-Hub’s exceptional dropdown menus to manage each of their Social Network accounts. For example, users can view and edit their profile, browse favorites, see what’s trending, and more – and all without exiting the app.
Other notable Social-Hub features that users will love include the ability to:

* Apply great visual effects and edit photos prior to publishing them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
* Add their friends’ RSS feeds so they’re constantly in the loop
* Conveniently “like” and view Instagram photos
* Get more done in less time, which saves their device’s battery life
* Password protect the app to prevent unauthorized access

And to top it all off, Social-Hub has been designed to mimic the native look and feel of each social network app, so that users enjoy smooth, seamless and efficient interaction.

“Essentially with Social-Hub, users can fit their entire social life in one completely unique app,” commented developer Islom Kamalkhodjaev. “And because we’ve integrated each native app’s look and feel, users will enjoy the interaction that they’re used to, except they’ll be able to do more in less time – and have more fun along the way. Plus, we’re constantly improving the app and are already planning on the next wave of great new features!”

Social-Hub from developer Islom Kamalkhodjaev is a remarkable new all-in-one social app that lets users easily, quickly and simply connect with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and RSS, as well as review and edit their social network account details.

Social-hub 2.3, the must-have solution that manages and control multiple social networks in a convenient, integrated all-in-one app, is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

PaigeeWorld Releases Newest Version of Social Network App

PaigeeDraw Inc., an independent software development company formed by Paige Rohrick, is thrilled to announce the release of PaigeeWorld 2.4, an update to its very popular social media art app for iOS and Android devices. This release has been timed with the release of PaigeeWorld Android 1.0. Version 2.4 sports a new look for Paigeeworld, and also introduces a new Discover feature for iPad. With over a half of a million downloads on the App Store, PaigeeWorld is becoming one of the fastest growing social network for artists and art enthusiasts.

PaigeeWorld is a community for artists of all skill levels. Amateurs and professionals alike can find a home on PaigeeWorld. With real-time feeds, categories and tags, members can find the art and the artists they are looking for. PaigeeWorld discovery features help even the newest members get noticed and gain followers fast. Members find it encouraging to belong to such a supportive community.

One member had this to say about PaigeeWorld: “I have gained more followers on PaigeeWorld in 1 year than my Facebook, Instagram and 4 years on DeviantArt combined!” said Tessa van de Nadort “icanreachthestars” on PaigeeWorld.

PaigeeWorld is a veritable playground for people who love manga and anime and art in general. Users can create profiles, upload their own artwork, “follow” and “like” other artists and collect points that can be used to unlock drawing tutorials. It is an app that is engaging, educational and highly entertaining.

PaigeeWorld 2.4 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. With the release for Android version on Google Play, PaigeeWorld is well on it’s way to become the social network for young artists everywhere.

Anime Stickers App Brings Conversations To Life With Stickers

Launching today, the new Anime Stickers app helps people express their emotions with stickers. Joseph Liu and his team bring a whole new experience to messaging. The app offers a vast variety of anime stickers with each of them showing a different emotion, personality, pose, or activity. When chatting with a friend, instead of writing the user simply picks the emoticon he feels closest to at a particular moment and sends it. It is a much more personal way of communicating than plain words.

“When you look at the App Store, you’ll see that the majority of emoji and sticker apps uses the same stickers and similar graphics which isn’t really great for the user. That was the reason to develop the app – to make a better product which people will love to use.”, said Joseph Liu, Anime Stickers cocreator.

Being developed since April, Anime Stickers is the product of Liu’s desire to change the user experience of emoji & stickers apps and his teams’ passion for Japanese anime art and culture. During the brainstorming process the Czech-born developer noticed the low quality of high ranked emoji apps in the Apple App Store. That was the motivation behind making every detail of the app perfect.

Altogether the app features 160 stickers organized into 8 categories of 20 stickers each. Each category contains emotions and poses of one character which means that there are 8 different anime characters in the app. It’s also very easy to share the stickers with friends by various social messaging apps such as iMessages, Whatsapp, Twitter, or Facebook.

People who cannot find the right words to say can use anime stickers. This app can make online chat more personal and users can have fun exchanging stickers with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Anime Stickers 1.0 is Free with in-app purchases and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. Every user has access to 2 free categories and has the option to unlock one more by sharing the app on Facebook. The remaining 5 categories can be unlocked via in-app purchases for just $0.99 USD (or the same value in a different currency depending on the region). The ads may be removed for another $0.99 USD.

Imagemess for iOS – Messenger App that Transforms Your Words into Images

Independent developer, Andrei Barlan today is proud to announce the release of Imagemess 1.0, his new social networking app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Imagemess is a messenger app that automatically transforms your words into meaningful images while you type. The resulted message is a series of lively images and GIFs portraying your thoughts. You will send an amazing image message to your friends in seconds. It’s that easy. When words are not enough, try Imagemess!

* Imagemess magically transforms your words into images while you type
* An image message is a series of images portraying your thoughts
* Send an amazing image message in seconds. It’s that easy
* The app uses a carefully build search engine for maximum accuracy for your words
* Make it as personal as you want, by choosing other images that go with your mood, or add your own images
* Even the simplest image message catches your eye, surely your friend will enjoy and remember it
* Image messages are easy to share with your friends, by name, email address, SMS, or post them on social networks

“I created Imagemess because I needed a way to send thoughts to my friends as I have them in my mind, alive, fun and charged with emotions,” explained Andrei Birlan, indie developer. “So I built the app that transforms the plain text message into a series of meaningful iconic images, an image message. For example, if you type laugh in your message, Laurel and Hardy will portray the laughter.”

Send your thoughts! Imagemess 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

Game Changing New App Annecto from Annecto Inc. Makes Networking Easy

Move over LinkedIn! There’s a game changing new way for professionals across the world to easily and efficiently connect anytime and anywhere, and take their careers and businesses to the next level: say hello to the new no-cost app Annecto from Annecto Inc.

Created with patented technology and available for iPhone, iPad, Android-enabled smartphones and Windows Phone, Annecto – which means “connect” in Latin – lets users search and connect in real-time with nearby professionals who share their interests, whether they’re at an expo, conference, workshop, airport, flight, or anywhere else. And still, that’s only part of the remarkable story.

That’s because Annecto uses #hashtags, but with a brilliantly clever twist: instead merely tagging a comment or content (as is done on Twitter and Facebook), it uses them to locate and connect with people in real-time. For example, everyone attending an Apple Special Event or Worldwide Developers Conference can enter the corresponding #hashtag (e.g. #specialevent or #wwdc) into Annecto’s search field, and start networking with fellow developers before, during and after the conference. This process works for any industry, interest or location worldwide.

At the same time, Annecto offers significant advantages to commercial users, including transportation companies, recruiters, event organizers and property managers:

* Transportation companies can transform their fleet into a real-time networking platform to reach customers and understand passenger needs
* Recruiters can find and meet talented potential candidates at various business functions and locations, or while on-the-go
* Event organizers can enhance the value they’re offering attendees, by providing them with an innovative new way to network and connect, as well as viewing attendee demographics (company, title, industry etc)
* Service providers and retailers can connect with prospective customers while they’re on-site in order to attract traffic, generate leads and close sales

“Essentially, Annecto is to networking what Google is to search,” commented Mathieu Haddad of Annecto Inc. “It’s not just designed to make life easier and simpler, but to completely change how people network and connect anytime and anywhere. Quite simply, Annecto combines a geological platform with an advanced search engine to facilitate human interaction in a whole new – and profoundly improved – way!”

Annecto 1.9.2, the game changing new app that makes networking easy and efficient by connecting professionals in real-time, is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

RollOnBy Social Aggregator for Chromecast brings social lives to the TV

Kanda Software, a leading software development firm, today is proud to announce the release of RollOnBY 1.0 for iOS, its new social feeds aggregator for Chromecast. RollOnBy combines people’s busy online social lives into a unified experience. It mashes updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ into a continuous slideshow and allows to follow recent social updates while playing with the kids, working out, cooking or doing other activities around the house. The application is specifically created for Chromecast users, however people can also enjoy RollOnBy on the iPhone or iPad while on the go.

RollOnBY social feed aggregator monitors recent updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, including pictures, videos, friends’ status updates and likes. Users can read, like or comment by clicking on the post in a browser or on the mobile device. The post will immediately open in an originating social network.

* RollOnBy is specifically created for Chromecast users. You can easily cast RollOnBy slideshow to your TV
* If you are away from home, simply enjoy RollOnBy on your iPhone or iPad while on the go, in the gym or anywhere else
* Monitor recent updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google , including pictures, videos, friend likes and friend status updates
* Conveniently read posts, reply, like or comment. Click on any post on your iPad or iPhone and it will open in original social network
* Enable/Disable any combination of social networks depending on your preference for the moment
* Pause/Resume the slideshow anytime

RollOnBY 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

ebb App for iOS reinvents private image sharing

The privacy of our online images has been in the news recently. And the news has not been good. As society is becoming increasingly concerned about online privacy, ebb reinvents private image sharing.

When meeting in person, sharing with a friend happens “in the moment”; only memories of that conversation remain. Why should our online interactions be any different? Do we really want all online interactions to stay online forever? ebb lets users recapture the magic of sharing a picture during a chance encounter with a friend.

ebb recognizes that many different types of conversations take place around images we share. Sometimes we want to give one another a glimpse of what we are doing, sometimes an image triggers a long conversation. ebb provides users with the maximum flexibility and control.

With ebb, users can share images anytime, decide with whom they would like to share them, and have a conversation with them. ebb allows users to decide exactly how long an image will be shared with each of their friends, or even choose at what time an image will first become available. Access to any image that is currently being shared can be revoked at any time. When an image expires or is revoked all the private conversations between sender and receiver disappear along with the image.

ebb has an intuitive image-centric interface where each image leads to conversations. We are used to seeing images as part of our online conversations. With ebb, the conversations become part of our images. ebb is private: our patent pending image processing technology, combined with encryption, allows us to store images and gives users full control of who has access to them, but it does not allow us to read the conversations or analyze the images. ebb mirrors our real life interactions: when an image or a conversation “ebbs away”, it also disappears from cyberspace.

With ebb users can:
* Send and receive protected images
* Chat one-on-one with anybody they are sharing an image with – Conversations are also protected and disappear when the image is revoked or expires
* Choose for how long they would like to share any one of their images with each of their friends, choose a time as short as seconds, and as long as days
* Revoke access to any of their images whenever they like
* Select at what time an image becomes initially available

* Images cannot be accessed by recipients after they have been revoked or have expired
* Images and text messages are encrypted – The keys are stored in the user devices, so that images or conversations cannot be opened in our servers; only users who are sharing can access them
* Images and conversations are removed from our servers after they have expired

ebb can be used in many different scenarios: exchange quick updates during the day, discuss a work related image, share their vacation memories, their baby pictures and more. No matter what the situation is, users can share easily, while staying in control.

Language support:
* English, Spanish and French

EBB – Secure image sharing 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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New Dating App Lets Us Facebook Creep, but its Not Creepy

Pinch is the latest dating app from Ice Breaker LTD to turn your Facebook into a high-quality social dating pool. Singles can take control of their love lives with the app by using it as a simpler way to browse a friend’s single connections and make a match. The improved design of the app is out today on iOS 7 with a focus on control and quality.

“I know so many great people that are frustrated by the current dating apps scene… they mistrust profiles of complete strangers or aren’t impressed by limited profiles hand-delivered to them by other apps,” said Micha Netanel, the creator of Pinch. “Pinch works because you have full access to a huge network, which helps break the ice.”

Pinch’s network is powered by your Facebook friends. The app gives you thousands of verified singles on one screen. With such a high volume of potential matches, singles can look through and create plenty of intriguing matches with the blessing of a friend. To create a match users simply “Pinch” two profiles together to initiate a compatibility game.

Pinch gives singles a series of private questions to answer once a “Pinch” has been initiated. Together users discover their similarities and differences to reveal a compatibility score. This subtle ice breaker is designed to give users an easy way to start a flirtatious, private conversation.

About Pinch:
Pinch is the leading mobile dating app for quality matchmaking through your social life. The iOS app accesses a user’s Facebook profile to give them access to thousands of single people within their network of friends.

Pinch 2.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

New App WHATT is a Fun Way to Share Text Updates with Close Friends

iPhone users who love to share status updates to keep their close friends in the loop – but want their posts to stay personal and impactful – can finally do so by downloading the fresh, simple, and fun free app WHATT from WHATT, Inc.

Whether they’re looking to announce big news, offer an opinion, make a recommendation, ask a question or anything else, WHATT lets users type their unique text update, personalize it with their choice of color, and privately share it with their friends in as little as two taps.

In addition, WHATT’s interactive functionality makes liking and replying to text updates a breeze, and users can quickly find the posts they liked or commented on by accessing their “Favorites”. WHATT users can also track the number of views to see how many friends have read their text updates and have the ability to post them to Facebook and Twitter.

Yet perhaps most refreshing of all is that with WHATT there are no ads or distracting content. It’s simply a beautiful clean app full of your close friend’s important messages, likes, and comments.

“While Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Foursquare and other tools have their place in the social media world, there’s nothing out there that focuses exclusively on text- based updates between close friends,” commented Simon Berger-Perrin, founder of WHATT, INC. “And that’s where WHATT comes in! It eliminates the dreaded ‘signal-to- noise’ ratio that many users experience with other tools, and connects users to their close friends in a private and personal way. It’s exactly what millions of iPhone users have been craving – and now, after months of extensive development, it’s finally here!”

WHATT 1.2, the remarkably simple, friendly and fun way for users to share text updates with close friends and keep them in the loop, is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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Meet Paigee from PaigeeWorld at Anime Expo AX 2014 in Los Angeles

Paige Rohrick, founder of PaigeeWorld, will be at AnimeExpo AX 2014 in Los Angeles from July 3rd to 6th. Paige will be there to promote PaigeeWorld’s new IOS release Version 2.2. You can find Paigee at 2:00pm daily at the Marvy Uchida booth #550. PaigeeWorld is the social network for artists and art enthusiasts. PaigeeWorld V2.2 is the newest release of PaigeeWorld and has two exciting new features – Discovery and Invite-a-Friend!

Discovery is a new social network feature available exclusively on PaigeeWorld. Discovery allows members to rapidly find and like drawings by other members. It also provides a mechanism for members to discover new amazing artists joining the community and do not yet have many followers. For new members, Discovery allows their amazing art to be potentially viewed thousands of times. On the leading art site, new members get virtually no art views their first weeks, months or even years – with Discover a new member could receive 10’s of thousands of views in a single day!

Discovery gets PaigeeWorld members’ art seen! Discovery can take an artist out of obscurity (like on leading sites) and into the spotlight immediately. Discovery allows art to be viewed and liked up to 10x faster than communities like Instagram – this is a tool for rapid discovery!

PaigeeWorld is also introducing Invite-a-friend with version 2.2. Like it sounds, invite-a-friend allows existing members to quickly and easily invite their facebook and email contact friends to PaigeeWorld. Members are rewarded for inviting their friends with bonus PaigeePoints and a special PaigeePin badge are awarded to members who invite their friends.

Find Paigee at the Marvy Uchida booth #550 each day at 2:00pm. Paige will be giving away PaigeeWorld promotional materials throughout the show. Find Paige mingling around the convention – get a picture with Paige, or let Paige take your picture! Paige will be posting cosplay photos throughout the show directly to PaigeeWorld.

Paigeeworld – Manga Anime Draw Art 2.1.2 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.