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Symbol – Blow It! The First Multi-Sensory Mobile Game – Available Now

Turtle Mam Mam, an indie mobile app development studio based in Paris, today is proud to announce the launch of the first multi-sensory casual game. Symbol is about connecting shapes or colors with a twist: avoiding hot symbols. This addictive game – with state of the art graphics and sounds – looks, sounds and feels like no other. The blow feature is a world first in the casual games industry. The game’s monetization concept is also unprecedented, since it offers in-app purchase options that can be defined as “purely positive.”

“Symbol opens a new era in casual games” say Sebastien and Yasmina Lecomte, founders of Turtle Mam Mam studios,” It’s the first game that requires you to think, touch, look, feel, listen, but also blow! The game is simple and minimalist, it will challenge your brain and provide you a unique adrenaline-charged experience, involving multiple senses.” It’s main goal is for all players to feel emotion.

The gameplay is easy: connect symbols matching colors and/or shapes, without ever touching a hot symbol, or the game is over. 3 game modes are available: “clock” – be fast and connect as many symbols as you can in 2 minutes, “20 moves” – be strategic and use your 20 moves, and “infinity” – unlimited moves and timing… but remember: the game can stop at any moment if you touch a hot symbol! Use “coolers” to get rid of hot symbols whenever you need, and experiment an exhilarating feature never seen before: blow on your device’s microphone to make the symbols fly away! Feel the realistic gravity effects. Listen to a beautiful and soothing melody inspired from jazz music and randomly but harmoniously created by your actions. Choose an atmosphere: each of them offer stunning artwork and sounds.

Symbol is a free app and also carries a whole new monetization concept, never seen before in the game industry. It’s not based on limitations or holding the player hostage: along with optional game modes and extra coolers, users can buy “atmospheres” to give the game a whole new flavor, following their desires and affinities. “We did not want to create a frustration or even fear, as many games do, we think that users should be able to decide whether or not to support a game, and should be driven by positive choices, not the opposite.”, assert Sebastien and Yasmina Lecomte.

* 3 game modes: clock / 20 moves / Infinity
* Blow feature to make the symbols fly away
* 5 atmospheres: Original, India (free), America (in-app purchase option), Zen (in-app purchase option), Nature (in-app purchase option) – more coming soon
* Stunning graphics & sound effects
* Online leaderboards
* Multiple skills levels

SYMBOL 1.0 is free with in-app purchase options (Infinity game mode, atmospheres and extra coolers) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. The Android version will be available shortly on Google Play.