The aru temple in qinghai, once the largest accounting temple in the world, is little known because of the inconvenience of transportation

Qinghai lies in the northeast of the roof of the world. Qinghai is regarded as “the rush of the western regions” and “the throat of sea Tibet”. Since ancient times, han and Tibetan cultures have met. The most representative cultural relics should include the tal temple, qutan temple, dongguan halal temple and so on. But […]

This ancient country in the western region is the center of Buddhism. Archeologists have discovered a mysterious site: the world’s smallest temple

Back to the millennium, under the kunlun mountains, the cele oasis, the clear current rippling, the trees whirling, the bustling camel caravan walking through this place, you can hear the spiritual sound echoed by the river, you can see a long corridor of Buddhism shrouded by auspicious clouds, the simple and deep, the realm of […]

Why did you go to Tibet: what did you see in Tibet? Look at the mountain, look at the water, look at the tower, look at yourself

Tibet, a place full of mystery, is a place that everyone yearns for, and a place of pilgrimage for many people all their lives. For an ordinary ordinary people, most of us yearn for it: sacred mountains, sacred lakes, temples, pagodas, all the way devout body long head. However, the whole Tibet leaves behind not […]