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OwletLabs Launches Stardust News Reader for iPhone

OwletLabs, LLC today is proud to announce the release of Stardust News Reader 1.0.2, its news aggregator app developed for iOS devices. Stardust News Reader is a new generation information-gathering tool that is designed to be completely “User-Oriented.”

Often the information we get from the web can get easily lost in annoying noise, with the character size lacking consistency from site to site and it being difficult to identify important sections, so finding what is truly necessary can be a struggle. Stardust News Reader is equipped with a powerful embedded optimize engine, and publicly published html contents are automatically converted to the display most appropriate for each device, to make, as it were, one unified application UI. Freed from the need to load unnecessary elements, the app operates at high speeds and as the user can freely change the outer appearance and choose the format that the user feels easiest for them to read, the focus can be purely on the content.

Users completely take the initiative in relation to the information with unlimited sources of information and the user can expand the source by adding feeds in the same way as with normal readers. Moreover, the UI has been designed carefully in order to enable optimization of screen sizes and rotations for each device, and through extensive use of animation, operation is highly intuitive. Stardust is a completely stand alone reader, and can be used without reliance on external services or accounts. Users can use the app without divulging their personal information, receiving junk mails or being faced with the possibility of the providers stopping the service.

Stardust News Reader 1.0.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the News category.

Outline 3.0 – huge update of popular digital notebook for iPad

Gorillized Corporation is today, pleased to introduce Outline for iPad. The app is a powerful and intuitive note-taking application with convenient structure resembling real paper books: notebooks, sections, groups of sections and pages help to keep order in notes, regardless of their complexity. Outline is perfect for students, teachers, physicians, lawyers, executives and everyone whose daily life involves extensive note-taking of any kind. It can be coupled with Outline for Mac and Microsoft OneNote, which makes notes multi-platform.

Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and SharePoint synchronization provides users with the ability to access notes from any place. Having preserved its compatibility with Microsoft OneNote, Outline now becomes a self-contained app with its own file format optimized for Dropbox.

Starting from this app version, Gorillized made the app more affordable to users who do not need compatibility with Microsoft OneNote by moving this functionality to an In-App Purchase, while greatly reducing the price of the base version.

Main changes introduced in Outline 3.0 for iPad:
* Completely refashioned UI, it looks light and nice
* Ability to create tables
* Ability to create all types of hyperlinks, incl. inter, intra and wiki links
* Any type of files can be attached for further reference
* Extended handling of PDF files. Printouts are supported, they can be annotated and exported back to PDF for further usage
* Two handwriting modes: the one for quick notes and sketches and the other one for extended writing
* Outline own file format optimized for Dropbox syncing
* MS OneNote compatibility preserved incl. SharePoint and OneDrive sync

Outline 3.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Outline for Mac 3.0 with the similar list of improvements is also made available at the same time.

GiftShopper Free released for iOS – Manage your Gift Lists Intuitively

The Giftshopper team is pleased to announce an early Thanksgiving present for You: GiftShopper Free version. If you plan on setting out to do some serious Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping, there will be plenty of stores to greet you with deals galore. With a clean user interface, the app makes it really easy to manage your gift giving needs. GiftShopper requires no instructions for use – all operations are intuitive and trouble-free. GiftShopper will keep all your gift ideas and spendings clear, organized and instantly comprehensible. The app tracks your purchases and ensures that you stay within your gift giving budget, and guarantees that you will never forget a person or a gift again.

You can easily manage your gift lists in four simple steps. When first starting the application, you get a straightforward instruction to enter your gift budget. The app automatically retrieves your home currency from your device’s settings, so you don’t ever have to bother with it. Once your budget is set, another hint will instruct you to add the persons you want to buy gifts to. The UI to enter the recipients is very lean and easy to use: you can type in a name, or select a person from the iPhone’s Contacts.

After adding the recipients, composing the gift list is also very simple: just add the gift’s description, price and a photo – none of these are mandatory, though. When assigning photos to a gift you can take a photo or load an image from your Photos Library.

Mark items as purchased by simply tapping on the circle icon. If all items are marked as purchased, the app will automatically mark the given person with a visible checkmark. This way you can instantly see whether you’ve bought all the planned gifts for everybody. No one would ever be left behind again… and their gifts are accurately assigned!

The main UI contains all the information you need to track your gift or souvenir spending. You can instantly see how many gifts you’ve purchased, and how much money you’ve spent by person and in total. The progress bar on the top shows how much you’ve spent from the planned budget, and it turns red if you’ve exceeded it.

A nice feature is that you can share your gift lists via email. The email includes your gifting database as a nicely formatted html, in plain text and csv – the latter format can be edited in your preferred spreadsheet application. Additionally, the app’s data can be shared across multiple devices via email. The attachment will be automatically recognized, opened and imported by the app on the target device. We also provided “Passcode Lock” for additional privacy, in case, you are planning for a surprise gift for your loved one, who shared similar device.

GiftShopper Free 2.2 is the ad supported version of GiftShopper, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category. GiftShopper 2.2 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

Gig Bag Apps Releases Version 2 of Click Metronome for iPhone

Gig Bag Apps, makers of popular drum reference app theDrumDictionary and Click Metronome for iPhone, are pleased today to announce the release of Click Metronome version 2. This new version represents a complete redesign of the look and feel of Click and brings it into the modern iOS era. While keeping all the features of the original Click Metronome, version 2 takes a cue from the new Apple design philosophy and tightens its focus even further on minimizing on-screen controls in order to provide large, clear visual feedback.

The vast majority of time using a metronome is not spent adjusting settings but in practicing or playing along to the metronome, and Click Metronome is a tool that aligns with these priorities. Multiple visualization styles and a special full screen mode make Click Metronome unique in a crowded world of iPhone metronome apps. Click provides flexible features such as a wide tempo range, a large selection of time signatures, plus many other audio and visual options, all while maintaining an emphasis on clear visualization. A metronome has one job – to help a musician practice and play in time – but this can be accomplished in many different ways.

Click stands apart from other iPhone metronomes as the first to offer many visualization options in one app: a large beat counting display or fullscreen flash, along with the more traditional “pendulum” look, with and without beat counting. Once set to the desired tempo, time signature, etc., Click can enter into a fullscreen mode, making it easily visible from a music stand or even from across the stage. “Click Metronome version 2 takes the flexibility and ease-of-use of the original and combines it with a brand new modern interface for an even more focused and enjoyable experience. Click 2 marks another step toward the goal of minimizing UI in deference to the visualization, so that musicians can focus on what’s most important: making music,” said Gig Bag Apps founder, Ryan Dillon.

Click also provides the flexibility needed to adapt to a wide variety of musical needs and styles. With a tempo range from 10 to 400 beats per minute, it can provide a steady tempo for everything from slowly practicing tricky passages to keeping a band together during even the most fast paced up-tempo jazz pieces. 21 time signatures are available in total, including all of the basic essentials as well as odd groupings like 5, 7, or 11 beats per measure. Click can also play subdivisions within a beat, such as eighth notes, triplets, shuffles, or sixteenth notes. And for those looking for a more musical sound, subdivisions can be played softer to make sure the main beat is heard loud and clear. Tap tempo functionality allows for easy detection and synchronization with an external music source. Its solid, accurate audio engine maintains perfect tempo, even while switching among time signature and subdivision options.

“Whether on the stage or in the practice room, Click gives musicians the flexibility they need to play in a variety of musical styles, all while providing large, easy-to-see visual feedback,” stated Ryan Dillon. “And now, with Click, musicians are not locked into a single visual style but can purchase one app and get everything from a number display for help counting out complex rhythms to a simple flashing screen for easy viewing on a music stand.” Click offers musicians a powerful, flexible metronome, but without all the clutter that is so common to this category of apps. In the admittedly crowded iPhone metronome app space, Click stands apart with its highly flexible visuals and modern interface designed from the ground up for iOS 7 and beyond.

Other Key Features:
* Audio accent or visual flash on the downbeat to keep track of the measure
* Woodblock, Cowbell, Clave, and Electronic Pulse sounds

Click Metronome 2.0.1 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category, for the introductory price of $.99 USD (or equivalent).

Atelier for iOS: Draw, Sketch, Paint

We love drawings on iPad. We love to draw on iPhone. While touch interfaces of these devices are very good, still there’s a huge gap between raw touch points and svelte drawing lines. Zininworks is pleased to announce Atelier is here to fill this gap and help you create something beautiful.

Atelier is a new app for creating digital artwork. It is powerful and easy-to-use. The main point, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality is deeply ingrained in its core.

Most drawing apps are rooted in desktop drawing application and have millions of brushes and settings; spacing, jitter, flow, rotation, hardness, and more. It’s quite overwhelming to draw a single line on these complex apps, constantly thinking if one is using the right setting.

On the other end, there are a few apps with minimal interface – or no interface at all. It’s good for concentrating on drawing itself, but often confusing without visible UI. So we reimagined what is really needed for touchscreen art.

Rather than overloading tons of settings into precious screen real estate, Atelier offers highly refined 5 brushes; Air, Marker, and Water for adding colors to the canvas; Blender for smudging; and Eraser for subtracting. All brushes are meticulously tuned, so you just tap a brush, adjust width or opacity slider, then it’s ready to draw. Eschewing complicated settings, all brushes and sliders are shown on the main toolbar. Each brush remembers its width and opacity, so switching brushes is easy and fast.

It is straightforward to navigate around a canvas, too. Zooming and panning with two fingers are as easy and intuitive as the stock photo app. Full screen layer management is obvious and simple. Moving, merging, changing blend modes and opacity; All functions are visible and attached to each layer so that you can easily manipulate the layer. (And everyone loves subtle motion effects, no?)

In case you are not sure that those tools are enough to create great artworks, check out Gallery, an online gallery full of great paintings created with Atelier.

Atelier 1.0.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. We’re offering In-App Purchase just for Unlock All. With free download, all features – except Water, are available and you can edit up to 7 canvases at a time.

Reggie Ashworth releases Socializer for iOS 1.0.3 – MultiAccount Posting

Independent software developer Reggie Ashworth, in collaboration with Sebastian Tischer, has announced Socializer 1.0.3, a brand-new social networking app for iOS. Socializer is your daily dose of social media in one hand. With Socializer you can post simultaneously to unlimited App.net, Twitter & Facebook (Pages & Timeline) accounts without ever leaving the app.

Multiple Services – Unlimited Accounts:
* Add unlimited accounts of the following services:
* Twitter
* App.net
* Facebook (Pages & Timeline)

* Simultaneously post to Facebook, App.net and Twitter at the same time
* No more need to open 3 different apps or go to a buggy web interface

* Create groups (like a smartfilter or an alias)
* Only add the accounts or pages (Facebook) you want to see while posting
* For example, make a group “work” and put all work accounts in to only see them and never post to the wrong account again

* Save your typed message as a draft and reuse it later whenever you wish
* Keep drafts if you like so that you will never lose a specific text again

* Add all photos from your iPhone you want to post

* No more need to remember character limitations
* Socializer will show you when you reach each limit
* You will also see when your post is cut off due extensive use of characters

Socializer 1.0.3 fixes a bug where account selection might not scroll as expected, fixes an issue where a post might fail when Socializer is moved to the background, and has improvements in the counter when selecting different accounts. More features/services are planned for the future including an iOS 7 UI refresh.

Socializer 1.0.3 is currently $1.99 or equivalent amount in other currencies and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

Remotix VNC & RDP 4.0 for iOS – A Free Major Update

Nulana today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Remotix VNC & RDP 4.0, a major update of their fast and secure remote access tool with completely new layout on both iPad and iPhone adapted for iOS 7. The application provides remote access to Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and doesn’t require any additional software installed on remote machines.

Version 4.0 has an improved UI & layout for both iPhone and iPad. Server categories allow users a convenient way to save and organize all of their connections. Master password protects the app from unattended access. iPad users can switch between the Grid and List modes based on which is more convenient at the moment.

Here’s the full list of new features:
* Completely new UI on both iPad and iPhone, adapted for iOS 7
* Grid & list modes on iPad
* Master password to protect from unattended access
* Server categories
* Complete hardware and bluetooth keyboard support, including F1..F10 keys, modifiers and Caps Lock on iOS7
* Middle mouse click support
* Server search on iPhone
* New viewer background

Here is the list of bug fixes:
* International keyboard fixes
* RDP crash fixed
* OS X Mavericks Screen Sharing encrypted connection fixes
* OS X Mavericks dock pull issue fixed

Remotix VNC & RDP 4.0 is $19.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Utilities category. The update will be free for current users.

iSmileys for iOS – The spice in your texts

It was in 1881 when the first emoticons were used in an American magazine Puck. Ever since, we all have used emoticons to express our emotions. Be it a simple :) or the :P. Now what if you have a tool in your hand that helps you to really convey your true emotions without any textual words? iSmiley’s is an application developed exclusively for doing just that. It’s the next cool thing.

iSmiley’s is specifically designed for the ones who like being creative and different in their way of communication. What iSmiley’s brings to your iOS device is the ease to build your own emoticons. It is equipped with a seamless and gorgeous UI and brings forth these beautifully designed facial expressions. You can give your emoticon a character by using funky headgear or a prop. With iSmiley’s you can create your own emoticons and share them instantly via iMessage or the various other messaging apps. You can also share them by posting them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

What impresses the most about iSmiley’s is the high quality graphics, which don’t distort when enlarged. Yes, that’s right, you can resize every object, as you desire & share the same with the quality intact. The app also provides a pre-made set of emoticons (iSmiley’s Bags) to get you started. You can save your creations to the photo gallery, as well as the app’s gallery for future use. One of the most exciting features is being able to make a group of emoticons together.

Features of the app include:
* High-Resolution Graphics (Retina Display Enabled)
* Seamless and Gorgeous UI
* Create hundreds & thousands of customized emoticons
* Choose from various skins, eyes, facial expressions and headgears
* Create and Manage custom iSmiley’s app gallery
* iSmiley’s Bags – set of ready-to-share smileys
* Instantly share with friends via Messengers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email

Here’s what Jaskaran Singh, the brain behind this unique app, had to say, “I really felt the need to create & customize my own emoticons and was getting tired of using the same keyboard based emoji icons. I couldn’t find any custom emoji apps that were good enough. So I designed one myself.”

According to the developer, there are many more exiting features & enhancements planned, which will well enough make iSmiley’s the go to app for emojis & emoticons. Note that an Android version is also in the works.

iSmiley’s 2.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Please visit the iSmiley’s website for more information, including videos and screenshots of the app.

Watch the Video

Billy The Bill Samurai – Localized to 13 Languages & Optimized for iOS 7

Independent app developer, Mario Tan today is proud to announce an update to his bill splitting app, Billy The Bill Samurai. The app goes global with this update by adding localization support of up to 13 languages. The update also includes optimization for the iOS 7 flat-design.

“I believe that the bill splitting dilemma occurs globally”, says Mario Tan. “By adding support to 13 languages, the app will come-in handy to almost all people around the world.” Taking localization one step further, the app upon its first launch will automatically select the appropriate currency symbol based from the current language of the device.

In addition, the app has been optimized for iOS 7. Navigation bars and buttons have been flattened and Mario Tan has added a nice touch of layer-blur on some of the UI elements.

Billy The Bill Samurai makes bill splitting fun and approachable with a few simple taps of the finger on a smartphone screen. Users need only to input the names of guests, type of food ordered, price, tax and tip and Billy will divvy up the bill according to how much each individual owes.

Billy: The Bill Samurai 1.1 only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

Tangent 1.5 update wows users with new overlays and UI enhancements

The photo app development wizards at Pixite LLC, in partnership with award-winning creative technologist Ben Guerrette, are excited to announce the latest update to the immensely successful photo enhancement app Tangent.

Tangent Version 1.5 is once again creating buzz among the iPhonography community for its enhancements and new features, including a newly designed inline menu system that makes the process of selecting shapes and patterns easier than ever.

Those already familiar with Tangent’s simple-to-navigate controls will now be able to scroll through the shapes and patterns from all the packs without going to the submenu. The packs are color-coded to keep them easily identifiable and be expanded and collapsed as needed. This feature enables users to keep the editing process as streamlined as possible.

Tangent users will also be excited to discover the most recent patterns pack, aptly titled “Urban Decay.” The brainchild of Ben Guerrette, Urban Decay includes twenty completely unique “environmental” patterned overlays. Inspired by actual surfaces including broken asphalt, gravel, concrete and weathered paint, these overlays provide a gritty backdrop that give virtually any image a uniquely distressed mood and feel.

In addition to the interface upgrades is the inclusion of a new auto-save feature. While many apps running on iOS will be cleared out when not in use – especially when users are multitasking between apps – Tangent 1.5 saves the last edit, enabling users to return to where they last left off. This offers users the convenience of closing Tangent and later adding to and enhancing their edits whenever they feel inspired to do so.

“We’re always looking to enhance Tangent’s user experience with our updates, and in my opinion Version 1.5 totally nailed it,” says Tangent’s creator and Pixite’s lead developer Ben Guerrette. “Of course, I’m personally excited to see what Tangent’s core group of artists come up with using Urban Decay. It’s inspiring as a designer and a developer to know your ideas are expanding the way artists express themselves within the digital realm.”

To meet the needs of the serious iPhoneographer, Tangent Version 1.5 also includes improved support for working with high-resolution images. Rounding out the updates are two new blends for contrast and saturation.

Named by the Apple as App Store Best of 2013, Tangent has appeared in the New and Noteworthy section in the App Store in over 100 countries, and most recently was featured in the official iPhone 5s launch video.

Some of Tangent’s creative tools include:
* 35 easy-to-use, fully customizable styles
* 70 versatile shapes (26 out of the box)
* 88 background patterns (22 out of the box)
* 450 stunning combinations of blends and colors
* Unlimited combinations of shapes, patterns, and blends

Tangent is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category as a universal app.