The most delicious mutton in China is not in xinjiang, not in Inner Mongolia, but in this small county of a thousand years

Ningxia is located in northwest China, bordering shaanxi in the east, Inner Mongolia in the west and north, and gansu in the south. However, in such a desert area, it has the reputation of being south of the Yangtze river, which is amazing, and also a miracle of nature’s planning. According to records, this reputation […]

It is the highest arch in the world. British explorers have failed three times to climb it

In the beautiful western part of xinjiang, there is the highest arch in the world. It is known locally as the “heavenly gate”. This natural wonder in wucha county, kezhou prefecture, xinjiang, has attracted many explorers from home and abroad. It was discovered in 1947 by the British explorer Eric shipton, also known internationally as […]

A woman has a bar mitzvah after marriage? The special custom of the ancient village, make the visitor’s eye-opener

Coming-of-age ceremony is an ancient custom in Chinese civilization. In the han nationality of ancient China, the rite of becoming an adult is called “hair-pinning ceremony” for men and “hair-pinning ceremony” for women. But to my surprise, it turns out that adults also have a rite of passage. Far in the heart of the taklamakan […]

Don’t miss this place when you go to xinjiang. It is close to the world heritage site and 50 kilometers away from the ancient western regions

In autumn, damei xinjiang has another gorgeous, attracting many photographers and self-driving tour enthusiasts. In the face of xinjiang’s snow mountain grassland, the kind of freedom and natural and unrestrained is indescribable, only people who have been to the deep experience. South of the tianshan mountains, at the edge of the desert in the acre […]