Ten places to travel in poverty

If you only stay in one place all your life, how can you have a broad vision? The descriptions in books, TV and other people’s words are not as good as feeling them

It is precisely because of this that I like the saying, “travel no matter how poor you are.”. No matter what, we should be better to ourselves and responsible for our growth and change.

Of course, not everyone has the ability to go abroad. But at least, China has a long history, profound cultural accumulation and rich natural resources. Under the land of our own country, we must go to these 10 distinctive places.

1. Lijiang ancient city


Lijiang with its own style (also known as Dayan ancient city) is most famous for its “two mountains, one city, one lake, one river, one culture and one style”. Many young writers and artists weave dreams here, some for landscapes, some for customs, some for so-called love affairs. Today, we can still see the millennial ancient city’s grinding sample, but more is the integration with the modern city, also does not lose its own characteristics.

Recommended scenic spots: ancient city, Shuhe, HuGu lake, Yulong Snow Mountain, Mufu, etc


Old Town of Lijiang

2, Sanya


With the rapid development of the Internet, we have gradually learned about the remote beach customs of Hawaii and Maldives. Our Sanya is not well-known in the world, but it is also the leading Jinsha blue sea in China. Sunshine, beach and sea are the standard match of Sanya. Therefore, you must have a chance to see the beautiful beaches that China rarely has.

Recommended scenic spots: ancient city, Shuhe, HuGu lake, Yulong Snow Mountain, Mufu, etc


3. Xitang ancient town


The scenery of Xitang perfectly represents the gentle Jiangnan Water Town in our impression. Because there is water, gentle and clean. Because of the old, simple and vicissitudes of life. When the wet season comes, the moss is everywhere. Sometimes there are small bridges and boats. Perhaps, one day of sightseeing, you will suddenly understand why the beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River described by the former textbook or magazine author is so desirable.

Recommended attractions: Yanyu corridor, shipilong, Xiyuan, etc


4. Phoenix ancient city


The first thing we know about the ancient city of Phoenix is the border city written by Shen Congwen. It has unique Xiangxi characteristics and is inhabited by Miao and Tujia people. The buildings here are very distinctive. The streets paved with bluestone, the stilts with wood structure beside the river, the boats with awning in the water, and the mist on the water are all ancient beauty.

Recommended scenic spots: Tuojiang, Hongqiao, Shen Congwen’s former residence, etc


5, Yangshuo


We all know the beauty of Guilin in Guangxi. In fact, Guilin is the most beautiful in Yangshuo. Green mountains, green waters, fields, fresh water, as long as we come to Yangshuo, we will find these beautiful sceneries in front of us. Or that sentence: “Guilin landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo is the best in Guilin.”. Only Yangshuo can see such beautiful scenery.

Recommended attractions: Shili Gallery, West Street, moon mountain, impression Liu Sanjie, etc


6, Lhasa


A place in Western China is different from any other place in China. The scenery of Tibet will always be sacred and mysterious. The scenery of the plateau is challenging people’s limit every minute, but it doesn’t matter. What you have in the extreme environment is also the extreme scenery.

Recommended attractions: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, namcuo, etc


7. Jiuzhaigou


I’ve seen Sichuan people and the hot Sichuan food. However, the scenery of Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan is gentle in general, although there are some wild animals in nature. All kinds of vegetation, all kinds of mountains and stones, all kinds of Haizi, it can be said that there are only things you can’t think of, nothing you can’t see. The world says it’s a fairy tale world.

Recommended scenic spots: norilang waterfall, Wuhua sea, colorful pool, shuzhengqun sea, etc


8, Beijing

As the capital, we should see this. As the capital of several dynasties, we should also take a look here. As the center of modern economy, science and technology, we should take a look at Beijing. There are historical sites, natural scenery and Beijing flavor culture.

Recommended attractions: Forbidden City, Summer Palace, great wall, Houhai, bird’s nest, etc


9. Kulangsu


Gulangyu is an island affiliated to Xiamen. People’s life on the island is very leisurely, and the shop is romantic and distinctive, which is very suitable for lovers. The scenery on the island is also very beautiful, far away from the noise of cars and horses, singing birds and fragrant flowers, which is known as the sea garden. There are also many hidden art folk experts, who may be lucky to have a chance.

Recommended scenic spots: sunlight rock, Xiamen Undersea World, Shuzhuang garden, Piano Museum, etc


10, Hangzhou


“There is paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom” Hangzhou here refers to Hangzhou. Hangzhou has beautiful scenery and West Lake scenery with traditional Chinese mythology and story style. The local garden with a long history is also included in China’s cultural heritage. The best way is to ride a bicycle in a small city.


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