Thailand Bangkok night life top 10 good places, you get it

Thailand’s rich night market life culture is an experience that can’t be missed during the journey. What Thai night markets are worth visiting? What’s the most interesting thing about Thailand? A lot of kids will answer “go to the night market”! No matter in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or other cities, they are full of good memories of buying and cutting hands and eating contentment. Is it really fun? You’ll know after reading it!

1. Khao San market Kaoshan road night market

A street in Bangkok, Thailand. Its English name is Khao San Road. The gathering place for backpackers is both a night market and a food market on both sides of the street. It’s very busy. There are bars on both sides of Kaoshan Road, and you can feel a lot of rhythmic music on the road. Almost all of these bars have large LCD TV or projection TV, and the consumption of bars is not expensive. About 50B for a small bottle of Chang beer. Some open-air bars also offer ordering, salad, fried rice and so on, and the price is not expensive. In addition, there are 7-11 supermarkets (convenient for shopping), McDonald’s (you can take photos with Uncle McDonald at the door), bigburger (featured with a large hamburger, a global chain, Beijing and Shanghai), bank ATMs, tattoo shops (also available for only two weeks). Maybe they are mainly young people, so they are more open-minded, chatting and greeting strangers are very casual.


2. Asiatique the riverfront night market

The latest and largest Bangkok riverside night market, located in Charoen krung Road, Bangkok, has the longest riverside direct road in Thailand for people to get on and off the wharf. Here, you can take a boat in span Taksin in the evening, and take people to the night market free of charge every half hour since 5 p.m. every day. Different from the general night market, its theme is close to nostalgia and archaism. The shop is located in the warehouse of antiquity. Walking in the night market seems to be a small town in Europe. It has a very small investment atmosphere. There are many traditional Thai crafts, clothes, shoes, all kinds of boutiques, skin care shops, and many characteristic bars and restaurants.

Business hours: 17:00 p.m. – 24:00 p.m

Asiatique Sky Wheel

Bangkok’s new Ferris wheel! The 60 meter high Ferris wheel of asiatique, a night market on the edge of the Mekong River, was named “asiatique sky” and officially opened on December 15, 2012. The ferris wheel adult fare is 300B, 15 minutes, about 4 laps. The ferris wheel is always grey and fresh. You can also overlook the night view of the Mekong River. It’s very beautiful. You can experience it if you have the chance to go to Bangkok~~

Ticket price: 150 THB for children and 200 THB for adults.

Opening hours: 5 p.m. to 12 midnight

3. Silom night market

It is said that this is a relatively early Tourist Night Market in Bangkok. There are few locals. The commodities sold are mainly clothes, handicrafts, leather bags and so on. There are various pole dance bars on both sides of the night market. It feels that they are mainly open to tourists. The area is very small, and they can turn around in ten minutes. There is a NARAYA exclusive shop in the night market.


Lady’s mysterious letter Street

In fact, it’s the familiar night market of Silom; this street, I also call the “expensive pants Street”; it refers to men’s underwear, special style underwear with a price of over 100 baht or even 200 baht a bag. There are more than ten kinds of underpants selling these strange designs on the street. The style is amazing, oh my God! It turns out that there are so many flowered underpants. Ladies who want to surprise their boyfriend and husband may as well buy it back to make sure to increase their life interest.

4. Saphan phut night market

On Wednesday, the Memorial Bridge next to the wat Po, under which a fair night market of about three or four hundred meters in length was developed along the banks of the zhaopuye River, namely saphan phut. Saphan phut night market is a super local night market. On the one hand, due to the inconvenient transportation, few tourists will go there. Most of the commodities sold in this night market are clothes, and then are household products. Although the clothes sold are not very satisfactory in design and quality, the price is very cheap, but relatively to meet the tourists here We don’t have to buy anything to go to the night market. Come here to see what the average Thai people eat, wear, use, and how to live.

Talat Pak klong flower agricultural products market

In addition, it is worth mentioning that beside saphan phut, there is a flower market (Talat Pak klong), which is open at night. You can take a few more steps and enjoy the flowers!!! Also, saphan phut is closed on Wednesdays. You should remember the time so as not to run for nothing.


5. Pattong night market

This is the most famous “sightseeing” night market in Bangkok. The reason why it is specially marked “sightseeing” is that it is a night market for tourists, and 99% of consumers are foreign tourists. Patpong night market is a night market developed along the side of Silom Road. Countless vendors have been set up on both sides of red brick road. The products sold include clothes, bags, shoes, silver ornaments, handicrafts, pirated CDs, DVDs, watches, lighters and so on that tourists will be interested in. The total category can be said to be various, which can guarantee that there will be products that interest you, but the quality can only be considered as average, especially There are few genuine products, and the price is not cheap. In fact, pattong is also a famous erotic weathering area. Walking down Silom Road, there are gay bars, a-go-go bar (pole dancing bar), a-go-go bar, a whole row of Japanese style hotels dedicated to Japanese guests, various alternative erotic shows, etc. in the extended lanes on both sides.

6. Huai khwang night market

The night market is a very local night market. There are many delicious things. Because most of the consumers here are Thai, there will be no price irrigation. Thailand’s northeast food is also very delicious and famous here. It is always full of seats and needs to line up. Pig’s feet rice, Thai fried rice noodles, fried chicken, fried fish, noodle stand, etc. as long as you have room for your stomach, try as much as possible. The Huai khwang night market is only eight or nine hundred meters long. Basically, there are not many commodities to buy, and there are absolutely no delicious ones. But if you want to have fun here, you’d better come back after 11 p.m. because as I said before, the working girls in the neighborhood usually leave work after 11 p.m. when the whole night market comes, there will be a lot of buzz, while the yingyingyingyanyan people are The streets can be bustling until four or five o’clock in the morning. For those who can’t sleep at night and like to join in, you are absolutely welcome to come and jump!


7. Khlong Thom night market

The real cheap night market is called yaohuali China City, but it only opens on Saturday and Sunday, about 10pm-1am. It is also the largest, most pressing and grassroots night market in Bangkok. Finger tiger, knife and weapon, baby doll were put in the same stall for sale. Used TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, computers, tool parts are also moving into the night market. Heavier goods than people can also be brought home at night. It’s not unusual to have a full stand of remote controls and a full range of locomotive shock absorbers. Such a night market full of industrial revolution also sells cellos, guitars, statues and jade photos of the king. It can also satisfy the spiritual life of the bourgeoisie. Of course, food, clothing and music are the basic stalls, which are also dazzling.

8. Ratchada night market Siam night market

It’s only open on Monday night every week. In the parking lot outside ratchadapisek subway station in Bangkok, you can see local people and tourists who shuttle between used jeans and real leather bags, old cameras, furniture, car accessories and other goods, hoping to buy super value goods. The night market was originally a place for the exchange of used scooters and auto parts, and then gradually developed into a place for the sale of used cars and fashion. Tourists can not only experience the fun of bargaining here, but also understand the local culture through this window. Every peddler comes to open a stall with antique cars and sells mainly second-hand goods, especially the accessories related to cars. For example, most of them are car enthusiasts. Take the subway to Ratchada station, and the brand-new sun lum night bazzar will also open near this station.


9. Train Night Market

In Bangkok, it’s a real open-air market selling antique collections. It’s a big retro shop that can collect retro products. It’s a pity that Wenqing doesn’t come here. An incredible souvenir, from antique furniture to Hippie fashion pieces to Mao Zedong portraits. It’s also a good place to take art photos.

Night market opening hours: Thursday to Sunday 17:00 to midnight

10. Siam Gypsy junction caogan night market, Bangkok

In fact, Siam Gypsy junction is not a new thing. It was attached to JJ green night market before, but later because of some problems on both sides, they came out to open their own doors. After looking for many places, they found the side of bangson railway station, which is the night market under the overpass. After the market, there are different things to sell on the left and right sides. On the left is the stall set by the peddler, on the right are some shops. There are also Vintage home products, fashion products and even hair salons. Most of the shops open on Friday and Saturday. If you usually go on Wednesday and Thursday, there are not so many used vintage vendors open.

Business hours: 18:00-24:00 from Wednesday to Sunday


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