Thailand tour 5 big scams, ordinary people I don’t tell him

In a smiling country like Thailand, yes, everything is fine. Even in Bangkok, there is still a very high safety factor and a comfortable smile. However, this is before you meet the “pit dad” of them.

In recent years, there are also some illegal people in Thailand who pay special attention to new tourists. Although their tricks are quite obvious, many tourists fall into the trap of bad people. When it happens, there is actually a flashing red warning signal, but for some reason, the tourists don’t notice. All of the following fraud patterns are similar. When you encounter these scams, a simple “no, thank you.” It’s what you need to say to them.


A scam of “the Grand Palace is closed today”

This is one of the most famous scams. Every day, dozens of tourists are cheated. When you walk around one of Bangkok’s landmarks, the Grand Palace (Jade Buddha Temple) or Lying Buddha Temple, or even near Kaoshan Road, a smiling Thai stranger approaches you and asks casually with a charming smile, “where are you from?” Chatting with him will make you feel at ease, because they can often speak very good English.

This guy will ask you where you are going, and in this way you can quickly analyze who you are and whether you are in Thailand for the first time. If so, the story begins. “Oh, you want to see the Grand Palace? Your luck is really bad. Due to the special activities of the royal family, the Grand Palace is closed for a whole day today. ” Then he will provide you with other routes, such as looking at other famous temples around him. It only costs 20 to 40 baht to take his Tu car.

When you hear such news, you must be disappointed. It’s not easy to visit the famous Grand Palace. It’s closed for a day, but you will feel relieved that this gentle Thai appears here. He will take you to another temple in a toot car. It will be a very interesting journey, so you can easily follow him. And in the temple that this person takes you to, you will meet another very enthusiastic person unexpectedly and ask if you have heard of this great government activity (called Thailand gem Expo or similar name), which allows tourists to buy duty-free jade at a super low price. Let’s see how he used his tricks:


1. He will tell you that the event is coming to an end in these two days. If you don’t want to miss such a good opportunity, you should seize these amazing tourist offers. At the same time, he will show you the leaflet. The price is really quite cheap. In fact, it’s just the leaflet of the jewelry store they cooperated with. It’s not that life is too much for the gem Expo.

2. He will take you to the above-mentioned jewelry store, where someone will introduce you some beautiful stones, or even fake them. However, because it is duty-free, the gemstones you buy will be delivered directly to your home address. The goods will really arrive, but what do you get? It’s just a stone with an outrageous market value.

When you close the deal, the person will try to get you to the next temple in any way, and when you take the car to the next temple, the person will disappear instantly.


How to identify it is a scam: when someone offers you help, and you don’t need such help, it’s quite suspicious, and this person speaks English a little too well, especially a friendly, unknown Thai near the tourist area. He often takes a map and an umbrella with him, because the weather is very hot, he needs to stay here all day looking for prey.

Two: Dudu car fraud

It’s similar to the Grand Palace deception, but the deception uses a more direct way: Dudu car stops in front of the landmark buildings, such as hotels, shopping malls and other tourist places. When you need to take Dudu car to other places, he will sincerely entreat you: “please help me to get free gas, only need to stay in front of the gem for a few minutes, you can even not buy things, in business Just look around the shop and you can leave. ” Because you haven’t lost anything, you won’t mind helping him. Most people will buy things in it. At best, the driver will get a good commission from the mall, while the ignorant tourists will buy beautiful stones or transparent colored glass.

How to identify: avoid taking a toot near the mall or hotel, or in any way want to change the destination you want to reach.


Three: the deception of pattong night market

The deception of the night market in papon is still working very well, because it is so good for the curious tourists. When you walk through the papen area and try to go to the gogo bar, there will always be some people approaching you with the menu. All of the fun acrobatics on the menu are quite enticing, and the guy will say to you, “if you don’t like it, you can leave without paying anything.” This trick is the most common and effective, most people will follow him when they hear it, and those bars are usually upstairs with no name, and there are several girls dancing on the stage.

So far, so good. “Sit down, please. What would you like to drink?” Several girls in bikini are sitting next to you laughing and asking you, and telling you that you can just order a beer and sit and watch the girls show! After you buy beer, they use various means to let you also buy them a drink to chat with you. Many guests are embarrassed to refuse, and finally buy them a drink, which is particularly effective for European and American people.


When the show starts, you’ll find it’s just a little trick, not as exciting as the menu, but you’ll be asked to tip. At this point, most people find something wrong and consider leaving. “2000 baht, here is the price of your beer and some miss’s drinks.” Of course, you will question why it’s so expensive, but the big guy next to the door will guard the door well. You can’t go out without checking out.

How to know it: anyone with a menu close to you is suspicious. The price of all the drinks in the ground bar in the papon district is fixed, and the bar upstairs is likely to be a scam. If you are invited upstairs, please refuse him immediately and decisively.

Four: Taxi scam

It’s a simple trick and it’s easy to avoid. In front of each four-star and five-star hotel, there are always two or three taxis staying all day. The taxi driver always looks around and constantly asks passers-by or tourists coming out of the hotel if they need to take a taxi. Because they always stop here, you will find it very convenient, so it is easy to be fooled.


When you realize that the meter is closed, you will remind the driver to type the meter, but this is that the driver will offer you a price, such as 500 baht to the airport (instead of the usual 300350 baht). Once you get on the car, the driver will always bargain with you, and will never type the meter. But if the meter is rolling, it’s hard to ask the taxi to stop. Especially when your suitcase is still in the back of the car, you can only let the driver around.

How to avoid it: now that you know how to identify these taxis, remember to pick the kind of taxis that pass the road instead of stopping at the side of the road.

V. cruise fraud

Similar to the Grand Palace scam, friends who come to Thailand for tourism will not miss the boat trip to the Mekong River. On the wharf, Thai strangers often ask you some non-invasive questions, and he will ask, “where are you from?” Those guys always have a lot of topics to talk to you about and find out when to start. They seem to know all the football players from different countries, so if you are a football fan, you will feel that he is very kind, how to know that you are slowly falling into their trap. When you are talking happily, he will provide you with cruise service, and it’s an outrageous low price. He will explain that he specially provides such service for you because he talks with you very opportunely.


The man was so friendly that he followed his boat to swim in the river. This visit is real, but it’s actually very good. He may even stop at the bar by the river to provide you with cold drinks. So far, everything has been good. Seeing the end of the trip, you will think how lucky you are today! But when the ship is approaching the wharf, your good luck will disappear at this moment. The ship will stop about 200 meters away from the wharf. Then the “good Samaritan” will ask you for 1000 baht or more service fees.

No matter what you say and how much you think it should be, the ship will not be near the wharf. Of course, you have to pay the money, otherwise you can’t get on the shore. The most wordless thing is that you have to pay double the price, because they are two people, and both the sailor and the scenic spot who are responsible for introducing you have to pay.

How to avoid it: don’t trust any stranger who is close to you, although it seems that he is kind, you just smile and refuse. If you want to swim the Meinan River, just go to the ticket office on the wharf and buy a ticket. Don’t be cheated for a small price.


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