Thailand tourism strategy 8 questions, you deserve to have

Recently, more and more Chinese tourists want to come to this “smiling country”, but some tourists still have a lot of questions before they come. The following eight questions are of great importance to those who plan to go to Thailand on their way. Before going, they must be asked clearly!

1. Can I sign in Thailand?

[answer] Yes

The following only discusses the situation of flying to Thailand, which can be roughly divided into two categories: group tour and self-help tour.

(1) if you travel with a group, whether you apply for a visa in advance or not, the group can help you to come to Thailand because of the company guarantee.

(2) if you are a self-help tour, there is almost no visa refused when you arrive here. But if you want to play for more than 15 days, you still need to apply for a visa in advance. Because the validity period of landing visa is only 15 days at most, the validity period of visa is 2 months in advance and can be renewed for 1 month.


It should be noted that there is also a long line to do the landing sign, which may take a long time to wait, and fill in the form and paste photos.

If you have plenty of time to prepare for your trip, you may as well go to Taobao directly to apply for Thailand visa, which saves the trouble of waiting in line to apply for landing visa when you arrive. When the time comes, playing will rise, and you need to stay for another 10 days and 8 days, which can also be dealt with.

2. How much does it cost to play in Thailand?

[answer] at least THB 10000 or equivalent foreign currency per person, or at least THB 20000 or equivalent foreign currency per family.

According to the regulations of Thailand Immigration Bureau, foreigners entering Thailand shall carry cash or equivalent foreign currency of no less than 10000 baht (about 1900 yuan) with them. The website of Thailand embassy in China has relevant instructions. However, tourists who don’t carry the cash don’t have to worry about it. If they are spot checked, they can withdraw it temporarily at the airport ATM.

Although this is a spot check, and the chance of winning is very small, it is recommended to prepare in advance. It’s convenient to bring more money with you when you come out to play.


3. Do you want to change some change in advance?


When you get off the plane, you must want to play in the city, or go to the hotel first. It’s best to have change if you take a taxi. Drivers with large amount of money may not be able to find it, but Thailand is full of 7-11 convenience stores, where you can change change change at any time.

As for money exchange, it’s best if you change some baht in China in advance. I can only praise you for being a good kid. When you come out to play, it’s mainly about insurance. Don’t cram. If you don’t want to change in advance, it doesn’t matter. You can cash in or exchange at the airport. If you withdraw cash directly from an ATM, there will be a handling fee of at least 50 baht, which is not recommended.

If there is enough time, it is suggested to exchange RMB for baht at superrich airport. The exchange rate of superrich in Thailand is the best. The shop is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the airport and has a day off every day. It is located at the bottom of suvannapu airport, that is, the airport express.


4. Do you need to buy insurance in advance to go to Thailand?

[answer] it is recommended to buy overseas travel insurance.

Tourism insurance is generally low in price, fast in effect and high in compensation. Since we have decided to play, safety is the first thing. When we play carefully, we should also give ourselves a guarantee. Don’t be afraid to spend hundreds of yuan to insure money.

For example, some children’s shoes like to rent motorcycles to ride in Phuket and Chiang Mai, but if the driving skills are not up to standard, it is easy to have accidents. At this time, it’s more cost-effective to buy an insurance.

5. Is it safe to travel by yourself in Thailand? How to deal with the travel trap?

[answer] it’s safe in general, but we can’t relax our vigilance. In case of a travel trap, you can call the travel police hotline 1155 in Thailand to provide Thai and English services; the Chinese service hotline is 023560583, which can be written down in advance.

But the good environment does not mean that everyone is good. It’s better to be careful when you go out. If you encounter a scam or travel trap, report it in time. In a word, we should remember a few points: don’t be greedy for small things when you travel, don’t believe when the price is too low, don’t believe when you come to chat up actively, and don’t believe when the pie falls from the sky.


6. Do you need to buy a local phone card in advance to Thailand?

[answer] take about 7 days’ travel as an example. It’s most convenient to buy a happy card in advance in China, which can save about 20 yuan compared with that in Thailand. This card is basically enough, but you have to find a reliable business.

If there is a requirement for Internet speed, you can buy AIS card at the airport. The Internet speed is fast. Many islands also have signals, but it’s the most expensive to call home. If you don’t want to spend money, you like to brush your mobile phone, and occasionally you don’t call much when you surf the Internet, you can get truemove card free at the airport, but it’s said that the Internet speed is slow. Phone cards of the three operators can be purchased at Suvarnabhumi airport for free, and can be recharged at 711 and FamilyMart convenience stores in Thailand.

7. Is it convenient to buy living things locally? Is it Expensive?

[answer] pretty good.

Living in Thailand, sunscreen, slippers and other items are indispensable, and businesses will certainly not miss the business opportunities. There are many boots and Watsons in Thailand, which sell daily necessities. They are usually found in shopping malls, so it’s convenient to buy sunscreen at a reasonable price. As for slippers, it’s very convenient to buy them in Thailand. They are available in night markets and on the street. A pair of ordinary slippers is 100 baht, a better pair of slippers is 4 or 5 hundred baht, which are usually toed.


Do you really tip everywhere in Thailand?

[answer] act on your own initiative.

Thailand is indeed a tip country, but it doesn’t mean tip everywhere. For example, if you eat in a restaurant, you should first check whether there is a service charge in the bill. If you receive the service charge, you don’t need to tip. In addition, there is no need to tip when eating at street vendors. Fast food restaurants don’t need tips either.

So when do I need to tip? If the restaurant confiscates the service charge, you can leave 20 baht on the table. Travel and stay in a hotel. If you want to stay in the same hotel the next day, you can leave 20 baht at the head of the bed for the waiter who helps you clean your room. When doing Thai massage, you can tip 50-100 baht when you finish it. The masseuse will be very happy.


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