The 5 most suitable places for poor travel in China, with a monthly salary of 3000, can easily start!

Every time I brush the travel photos in my circle of friends, someone will say

“The rich see the world, the poor see the circle of friends.”.

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No matter how poor it is


Go on a journey

How to be rich?

Those with a monthly salary of 3000 are not qualified to travel?

Although you can’t go where you want to go and play as you want, there are 3000 yuan playing methods for 3000 yuan.

In the following five places, all you have to do is choose a time to start!


Chongqing, a real magic 3D city.

A city where all navigation goes to hell.

A mild hot pot can bring you to the city where you doubt your life.

In general, Chongqing’s tourism consumption is not high, and Chongqing’s characteristics are not found in other cities!

Come to Chongqing to have a look at the beauty and night view, of course, there is no charge. The famous Hongya cave is also free. You can also go to the Qiansi Gate Bridge next to it.

As for the hot pot that we have to eat in Chongqing, it is also absolutely economic delicious.

The most authentic Chongqing snacks are mostly hidden in the fly Pavilion on the street, with authentic taste and affordable price.

Shopping in Chongqing, mainly by bus and rail transit, plus walking.

However, when you take rail transit, you must find out which exit you want to leave before you enter the station. Do not think that the wrong exit is just the problem of running across the road

In terms of accommodation, it is recommended to live in Yuzhong District. It is convenient to live about 1km around Jiefangbei and Hongya cave. Next, it is recommended to live near the subway entrance.

As for the price, it is almost the same in other cities. There are express hotels, hostels and youth hostels. The price generally ranges from hundreds to tens of yuan.


Blue sea and white sand, delicious seafood, German style buildings with red tiles and white walls, beer Carnival Such Qingdao attracts people’s soul.

The most beautiful places in Qingdao are all along the free coast, and the tickets for several special scenic spots are also very cheap. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend too much money to appreciate the scenery of the city.

In terms of accommodation, it is also more affordable. Even for the characteristic German style construction Hotel, it costs only one or two hundred yuan. The cheapest one is 40 yuan / person for Qinglv multi room hotel.

Bus is the main way to travel in the city, and the fare is 1-2 yuan. However, many scenic spots are similar and accessible by walking, so the cost of transportation is not high.

Once upon a time, the shrimp incident in Qingdao made many people dare not go again, but from another perspective, the seafood price will be more reliable after being exposed, right?


Speaking of the capital, people always have a very expensive feeling.

It’s true that living in Beijing is very expensive, but if you go to visit Beijing, the cost is quite close to the people.

After all, Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Houhai, Nanluoguxiang, 798 Art District, Panjiayuan, many museums and parks are free of charge.

Besides, it also has a convenient transportation network, which can reach all major scenic spots including the suburbs. If you use the municipal bus one card, there is a 50% discount.

In terms of accommodation, Qinglv and express hotel are very good choices for saving money. They can also meet many young people and exchange interesting stories together. They are quite good choices.

For dinner, if you want to have a good meal, you must be familiar with group buying. Almost all famous restaurants in Beijing can have group buying.

As for snacks, you can go to Xidan and Taoran. There are many snack bars. You can eat 15 yuan or so. There are pancakes in Hutong and beside the road. You can buy one for 6 yuan.


Ice lamp lights up in ice and snow world, and food in Central Street beckons Harbin in winter, people are ready to move.

Every night, the whole street is full of lights. You can also take a picture with the ice sculptures and snow sculptures on the street to experience the romance of Harbin style.

Songhua River is the mother river of Harbin. Every winter, the frozen river becomes a natural playground. In the evening, there are fireworks, Kongming lights and floating on the snow on the river. 10-20 yuan per person can be negotiated.

As for food, Martell’s popsicle, red sausage, chocolate, ice sugar gourd All are the existence that can’t be missed. The northeast food is very big. You can make a good meal within 50 per capita.

Except for individual lines, buses are 2 yuan. Metro lines 1 and 3 are the main modes of transportation for local people.

For accommodation, the standard room of economy hotel near Central Street is generally 200-300 yuan / night, and the bed of Qinglv is 50-100 yuan / night.


Fresh, artistic and petty bourgeoisie are many people’s descriptions of Xiamen, while slow life is the best travel experience here.

In many people’s eyes, Xiamen is not a city suitable for the poor. It depends on your understanding.

There are many online Red restaurants in Xiamen, but the gimmicks are more than the taste. On the contrary, the ancient early snacks in the old streets and lanes are not only authentic, but also cheap. Basically, the unit price is 3-15 yuan.

In Xiamen, most of the online red spots are free, and the traffic is very convenient.

For 2-7 yuan, you can take the subway to see the sea, or you can choose to take the bus. Most of the direct flights in the island cost only 1 yuan, while the ones out of the island cost about 2 yuan.

The most expensive is probably accommodation. The price of home stay is generally between 300-550 yuan. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can choose Qinglv, but try to choose the route from ferry to Xiamen University to railway station. It will be convenient to go anywhere.

You always say that poverty limits our imagination, so don’t let it limit our vision and footsteps.

Maybe we can’t travel once a month, but we can save a little every month, and then make a trip every six months or a year.

Maybe we can’t go further, but we can start at home.

These 5 places, monthly salary 3000 can also let you have fun!

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