“The corporation” is a Japanese Mafia? Chinese girls are scared: the streets are full of gangsters

& have spent What did you find out when you went to Japan?

It turns out that the corporation is not a gangster!

Japanese common people think, yamaguchi group is “robbing the rich and giving to the poor” “hundred years righteousness help”.

The first time I traveled to Japan, I felt jittery. There are many such signs everywhere: XXX co., LTD. Whenever you see these words, you will think of the first yakuza yamaguchi group. It is the most powerful and largest designated violent group in Japan, with its influence even in east Asia, and even one of the most historical and large-scale gang organizations in the world.

When I read the word “corporation,” I associated it with the yakuza. I thought it was another group of yakuza with power and status besides the yamaguchi group, otherwise they would not be everywhere.

It is reported that the origin of the Japanese underworld is basically after the abolition of the samurai class, many warriors lost focus on life, gradually turned to violent crime. Some people will choose business, but more shady business, such as underground casinos, brothels and so on. Although gangsters are feared and loathed around the world, they are legal in Japan.

As long as the yakuza operate under a law, the Japanese government gives them a legal license, which means that Japan is a country that legalizes yakuza, and to my surprise, it is the only country in the world that does. So the Japanese really think differently.

Based on this understanding, when I saw the various “corporation” signs on the street, I thought these were the proof of the legitimacy of the Mafia. What is more exaggerated is that when I meet some men in suits who come out of these “corporations”, I will subconsciously stay away from them, because they are gangsters who may be carrying sharp weapons in their black briefcases.

But after three or five trips to Japan, I found my first “jitteriness” increasingly laughable. Therefore, when I saw the sign of “company limited” again, I couldn’t help taking a few photos. Surely no one was more humiliated than me.

In Japan, a corporation is similar to a Chinese corporation. Japanese enterprises are generally called “corporation”, which means that the enterprise is like a big family. In order to avoid confrontation within the family, everyone has the responsibility to maintain harmony and unity within the family.

The Japanese kana writing “か ぶ し き が い し ゃ”. In fact, these are two separate words: strains and societies. In South Korea, “co.

So the corporation is not a yakuza, but a Japanese corporation.

But when it comes to yakuza, the most famous of them, the yamaguchi group, the default is that they are big Japanese firms with “extensive operations”. It is regarded as the most rigorous Mafia group in the world, and its form is just like that of a large Japanese enterprise.

The original yamaguchi group was dominated by illegal businesses, and later branched out into various fields, including showbiz. In the 21st century, they invested in technology, finance, real estate and so on. In 2014, the yamaguchi group launched its “official” website, the corporation yamaguchi group, identifying the company as primarily engaged in civil engineering.

In may this year, I went to Japan for work reasons, and because I had an extra day off from work, I booked a one-day tour of the city online. The yamaguchi formation was mentioned when a Chinese guide who had settled in Japan introduced us to Japanese society and culture.

He said, in the eyes of the vast majority of people, the underworld is hateful. But in the eyes of many ordinary Japanese, including some Japanese media, the yamaguchi group seems not to be a gang, but a “century-old righteous gang” that “steals from the rich and gives to the poor”.

On holidays, members of the yamaguchi, dressed in suits and ties, help the disadvantaged, handing out cakes or cleaning. The yamaguchi team is best known for being the first to arrive after Japan’s 2011 earthquake. The yamaguchi team is reported to have delivered more than half a million dollars in aid and “moved quickly and quietly.” The same story played out during the hanshin earthquake.

But what is the world famous gangster like?

Japanese writer kato jia once said in an interview with Chinese media that, in the eyes of Japanese people, underworld pay attention to rules, they rarely exercise violence to ordinary people, but between their own people, may act extremely.

As a result, ordinary tourists to Japan tourism, not to worry about the underworld hurt themselves. In addition, the public security environment in Japan has always been good, no matter tourists come to Japan with group tour or free travel, basically not because of safety factors and fear.

No matter how good the security environment in Japan is (the crime rate in Japan has increased significantly in recent years), whether it is group tour or free travel, safety awareness must be used. Don’t go back to the hotel too late or go outside.


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