The cottages in green mountains are like poems and paintings

A 60201 a 6033 Qiannan tea garden (10) a 6033 a 60202 a 6033 the spring of Guizhou is especially early. When the north is still a dry and yellow winter, the mountains and fields here are already full of flowers, and the rape flowers are blooming in full swing

A603绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画 travels through the high mountains of Qiannan Prefecture, overlooking a white mountain village inlaid in green and green mountains, a paradise of picturesque poetry.


绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画 is to taste an early spring Ming Tea and find folk songs, crossing a mountain ridge and crossing a river in Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.


singing and drum music reverberate in the land of Yungui Plateau, which is rich in “Duyun Maojian”, as well as hard-working, tough, kind and hospitable children of all ethnic groups.

A603绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画 a603绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画
in order to ensure the quality and safety of the hair tip, the tea farmers do not spread pesticides, and the endless tea garden is full of sticky paper that can adhere to pests A603绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画 Qiannan spring tea has its own characteristics, from Duyun Maojian to Yunwu gongcha, all of which are famous brands.

therefore, when Pingtang held the “first pot of spring tea” free tasting, a large number of customers came from all directions.


On the night of 绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画, there was also a grand art performance in the square in front of the county government building. Singing and dancing, a happy and peaceful scene.

in fact, Pingtang county has not only Jiacha, but also modern science and natural landscapes such as Tianyan and Tiankeng. There is no charge for Tiankeng scenic area at present.

ceramics in Yazhou Town, Pingtang county have a ceramic culture of more than 600 years. The simple and elegant earthenware dish of Yazhou is very ornamental, which is unique in China’s ceramic industry A603a603绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画a603 these traditional pottery making techniques still exist in small workshops. Because of the low productivity, Yazhou pottery is less and less known.

steps out of Yazhou Pottery Workshop. The edge of Yazhou town presents a scene of new and old alternation. The old black house beside the rape flower and the new building like a matchbox coexist side by side.

A603绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画 a603绿色青山中的山寨如诗如画 continue to walk, over countless such mountains, looking back at countless zigzag mountain roads, after a thrilling walk for a while, he is extremely eager for the plain.

A 6033 a 60217 a 6033 a 6033 a 60218 a 6033 wooden structure of the old house is gradually replaced by the mixing of wood and brick, especially in some new scenic spots, the model of the ancient buildings is generally the same A 60219 a 6033 snail shell lake is another scene. Gaoshan lake is like a mirror in the mountains. Guizhou is a treasure land with good mountains, water and tea A 6033 a 6033 a 60220 a 6033 Expressway from Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, to Qiannan Prefecture is basically composed of one tunnel after another. The straight and flat tunnel shortens the travel distance and space.  


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