The epitome of romantic Germany: Heidelberg

In Heidelberg on the neckar river, a city of “heart stealing”, a dark beer at the knight bar, a touch of the lucky bronze mirror of the little monkey on the old bridge, and a way up the stone footpath, German romance is in full swing here.
Goethe said, his heart lost here; Mark Twain said that Heidelberg is the most beautiful place in the world.
although languisheth castle many vicissitudes of life, although replaced the old house owner, although the princess and the prince changed into the ordinary Cuzco and times change clothes go undetected in the crowd, but the castle, not only in the landscape, keep a heart and a pursuit of beauty, we may be through time and space left in Heidelberg, the heart may be Heidelberg, let us find if the pursuit of the beauty of the heart.
— catkins on the neckar river

Following the route of the Viking cruise ship, we came to the beautiful Heidelberg, which is a cultural ancient city and university city on the neckar river, located about 80 kilometers south of Frankfurt.
It is the epitome of romantic Germany, with winding and quiet alleys connecting the castle and the river, full of poetic and artistic meaning.
As the oldest university town in Germany, Heidelberg is full of rich humanistic and artistic atmosphere.

Heidelberg is located on the edge of odenwald in the odenlinn mountains, the entire city built along Neckar river.
The neckar river in the ordanjord flows into the Rhine plain here and down the river a few dozen kilometers away. Heidelberg between green mountains and clear water, stone bridge, castle, white wall red tile of the old city building, full of romantic and charming colors.
In many people’s minds, Heidelberg is the epitome of romantic Germany.
Over 800 years, many poets and artists came to Heidelberg, Heidelberg was deeply broken heart.
German romanticism originated and developed in Heidelberg in the 19th century, and Heidelberg became the symbol and spiritual holy land of German romanticism. There are many great poets and artists biography can not skip Heidelberg, not a book of world literature can skip Heidelberg.

Heidelberg really has so many reasons to be loved, this is a “steal the heart” of the city.
The poet Goethe “lost his heart in Heidelberg”, and Mark Twain said Heidelberg was “the most beautiful place I have ever been”.


is also said: touch the fingers of the bronze monkey will return to Heidelberg, touch its hand mirror will bring wealth, touch it next to the small mouse will be able to give birth to more children.

this is a how warm picture — although you and I have gray hair, but I still like to be in love like holding your hand. In the romantic philosopher’s path holding the hands of lovers through, holding hands, and son grow old together. In fact, the beauty of Heidelberg itself is a poem. Towering Heidelberg castle overlooking floating life on the throne hill, quiet beautiful neckar river through the city, for the ancient city to add a touch of romantic color. A red brick jiugong ancient bridge across the river, but also across hundreds of years of ups and downs; At the top of the bridge stand the two round towers of the old city gate.

Heidelberg university was founded in 1386, in the early 16th century, Heidelberg university has become the center of the European science and culture, has nurtured numerous elite, Heidelberg university philosopher Hegel and gadamer has taught in this romantic poets eichendorff was in this study, Chinese poets Feng Zhi also left a search steps in Heidelberg — just as the saying goes, not a world history of literature can skip in Heidelberg. The Heidelberg prestige of
today does not diminish in those days. Because of the city. With a population of 5 students, Heidelberg is the city with the smallest average age in Germany. Young people here face sunshine, books under the cover of the book sitting in the coffee shop, walking in the streets. Walking in here is like going back to college. The

knight bar is one of the oldest preserved buildings in the city.

The old city of Heidelberg is built along the river on the south bank of neckar river. Although old and modern, the streets, alleys, and main buildings have retained their original simplicity.

there are so many travel souvenirs to take home, but in my mind, one of the most rewarding is the lovely little knight.

Every boy heart has a horse, every girl heart, there will be a knight. Heidelberg is where Goethe lost his heart,
Will you lose your heart in this beautiful city just like him when you come here?
& have spent
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Philosopher’s path Philosophenweg
Our first impression of Heidelberg begins with this world-famous philosopher’s path, so we must put it at the beginning of the travelogue.

philosopher’s path is located in the north of Heidelberg neckar river, on the hillside of the southern slope of holy mountain, facing the Heidelberg castle across the river, is a walking path of about two kilometers long. Because of its pleasant scenery, quiet and suitable for thinking, it has been popular among scholars and philosophers throughout history. Fresh air, dense woods, delicate flowers, walking on the philosopher’s path, looking across the river at the reddish-brown Heidelberg castle, make every visitor have a feeling of creative ideas, poetry. It is no wonder that Hegel, Hugo, Mark Twain, Goethe and others often wander here. The philosopher’s path is considered to be the best place to overlook the old city of Heidelberg from the bank.

follow the navigation to this humble ramp, which is the starting point of the eastern end of the philosopher’s trail.
Philosopher’s trail is a pedestrian zone with two main entrances at both ends. & have spent West end entrance: north from bismarck square, cross the theodor-heuss bridge until you reach Ladenburgerstraß E turn right and walk in to the philosopher’s path up the hill. This section of the mountain road is uphill. & have spent East end entrance: cross the neckar river from the old bridge and cross Neuheimer Landstraß After e, we go up the mountain from a staircase called Schlangenweg, and the philosopher’s path is at the top. There are also watchtowers on the way. This section of the mountain road is mainly staircases, and it takes about 30 minutes to walk. & have spent

there is only one seasonal kiosk on the philosopher’s path. You need to bring your own water and snacks. & have spent Pass the winding path to the mountainside, the path is a good place overlooking the old city of Heidelberg across the bank, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Heidelberg castle, the castle night scene is more beautiful when the night comes. But it’s not easy to walk back at night. Be careful.

all the way up the ramp, more energy consumption, but the right side of a wall is the famous Heidelberg university! It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe, the university of Heidelberg. Famous thinkers who studied and worked at Heidelberg university include Hegel, hermeneutic philosopher hans-georg Gadamer, sociologist habermas and the discourse philosopher karl-otto Apel. Heidelberg’s most famous students are Karl Drais, who invented the bicycle in 1817, and the romantic poet Alexander eichendorf. On the other side of the

trail is the upscale residential complex where many of the wealthy people in Heidelberg are buying property.

of brilliant sunshine, the German people like to drink with family and friends ride a bike, or to the card within the river in the sun ~

way through a hanging garden, small garden, also called philosophers vision suddenly open up, the other side of the Heidelberg, panoramic view of the old city, there are a lot of seat, can rest here to rest, drink water, eat something.

flower garden is full of colorful flowers and plants, bringing vigorous vitality to the yard, setting off a leisurely and comfortable way of life, natural beauty, only love life know. Philosophers small garden Philosopheng&auml halfway through this path; Rtchen, the poet Friedrich Hö The

is full of lovers, and the German romance is all about casual encounters.

walked in about half an hour later, we arrived at the mountainside, here is the best observation to see the old views, beautiful ~

again a few steps forward, and old castle, Heidelberg and panoramic view of the old Bridges, the breeze blowing the card within river, time seems frozen in this moment.

before the beautiful scenery is for me and stay, this peaceful world belongs to me only, in Heidelberg, there is no place more let our mind quiet, it is not any impurity thoughts, there is only a beautiful state of mind.

here you can clearly see built along the river of elongated old ~ ~

travel if time is enough, suggest you can also set aside half a day or more time, to the great philosophers, quiet walk thinking here, listen to their inner voice, enjoy a quiet, without the intervention and interference of others, to experience different life feeling.

heart is what appearance, see the world is what appearance ~

【 Heidelberg castle Heidelberg Schloss 】

castle is located on the throne hill on the Banks of the neckar river. It is a reddish-brown castle, the ruins of the ancient imperial palace.
is mainly built by neckar river sandstone, with complex structure and varied style. Although it is broken now, it still retains the spirit of Kings.
Heidelberg castle has been expanded several times in history, forming a mixture of gothic, baroque, Renaissance and other styles

old castle hand drawn map

castle is mainly built of reddish-brown sandstone of neckar river. Its internal structure is complex, including fortifications, bedrooms and palaces. Construction began in the 13th century and took 400 years to complete.

Heidelberg castle website:

Admission: 7 euros for Heidelberg castle (gear train, castle courtyard, cask and medical museum), 4 euros for concession, free garden, 4 euros for audio tour (Chinese included). Opening time of palace courtyard and big wine barrel: 8:00-17:30; Opening hours of medical museum: April – October 10:15-18:00; November – March 10:00-17:30.
& have spent
Transportation: Heidelberg is located in the center of Germany, convenient transportation, from the major cities can be reached by train. If you live in the old city, you can take the train directly to Heidelberg Altstadt railway station (Heidelberg Altstadt) instead of Heidelberg central railway station (Heidelberg Hbf). You can also take the bus to Hbf and then transfer to the hotel by bus.

has formed a wonderful mixture of three styles of gothic, baroque and Renaissance due to the constant change of architectural style, which is the representative work of German Renaissance architecture.

The castle was twice destroyed by the French in the 17th century, and the family of its owners, the electors, moved to mannheim. Part of the abandoned castle was later restored and rebuilt, until the main building was restored to its original appearance and usable by the end of the 19th century.

is still repairing the castle interior

Most of the castle’s rooms are open to visitors, with some well-preserved halls still open for banquets and art performances.
The unrepaired parts are still dilapidated, with only one exterior wall in some of the upper rooms. This is a beautiful castle, but also a castle site full of vicissitudes of life.
Mark Twain’s description of Heidelberg castle: broken and still king, like king Lear in a storm.
, ,
what kind of people have passed in this corridor?
here on the floor, carrying what kind of meeting?
story has gone, left many sigh…
& have spent
A bird’s eye view of the old town from the other side of the neckar river
The road halfway up the hill opposite is the philosopher’s path

& have spent

Heidelberg on the roof, so beautiful!

out of the castle, turn right there is a path down the mountain, step by step, you can go to the old city old street up ~

people love travel, not to reach the destination, but to enjoy a variety of fun in the journey.
& have spent
& have spent
Formally known as the karl-theodor bridge, the old Heidelberg bridge spans the neckar river and has a long history.

is a stone bridge with 9 arches across the north bank of the neckar river. It was built by Elector Karl Theodor between 1786 and 1788.
Walking on the karl-theodor bridge, the magnificent Heidelberg castle makes a beautiful backdrop for a photograph.
& have spent
Heidelberg castle seen from the

south bank of the bridge has a bridgehead stands tall, and the mountain Heidelberg castle corresponding line. The
bridgehead has two round towers. The door below the tower used to be the entrance to the old city of Heidelberg. The round tower was also used as a prison.
& have spent

bridge has a bronze monkey statue, legend has touched the bronze monkey right hand will return to Heidelberg, and the monkey left hand bronze mirror will bring good luck to touch it!
& have spent
A lot of friends like to put their heads into the heads of monkeys to take pictures
There is a beautiful legend in Heidelberg: it is said that in the 17th century, the bridge of Heidelberg was frequented by monkeys who, like their owners, kept “greeting” passers-by. Seeing this, a poet wrote the poem. Later, according to the story of the monkey, the old Heidelberg bridge erected a bronze monkey sculpture, sculptors also engraved the poem.
is also said: touch the fingers of the bronze monkey will return to Heidelberg, touch its hand mirror will bring wealth, touch it next to the small mouse will be able to give birth to more children. & have spent

there’s an indescribable sense of pleasure in every prank. Ha ha.

bridge has two statues, Kurfuersten karl-theodor to the south and Pallas Athene to the north.

old bridge and castle ~

The ancient bridge of Heidelberg is the highlight of Heidelberg’s beautiful scenery and aura, thus becoming the symbol of Heidelberg.

on the other side of the old bridge, there is a monument, which is covered with locks in various languages

Many people choose to lock themselves under the bridge
& have spent

or you, like Goethe, lost your heart here…
& have spent
& have spent
& have spent
【 Bismacrkplatz, old city of Heidelberg 】
The old city of Heidelberg is built along the river on the south bank of neckar river. Although the old city is also very modern, the streets, alleys and main buildings have retained their original primitive style.
The main street is Hauptstrasse, parallel to the neckar river, with a length of about 1.6 kilometers, for the pedestrian street. The street ends in bismarck square on the west and the market square on the east.
& have spent

not long after walking down from the castle, you will find bismarck square. Like many small squares in German cities, the center is a sculpture of bismarck, and there will be restaurants and dessert shops nearby.

colorful buildings are very pleasing to the eye, filling the old streets of the old city with vitality ~~

cathedral of the holy spirit in the heart of the old city
The cathedral of the holy spirit, built between 1344 and 1441 on the Marktplatz, is the largest and most important church in Heidelberg’s old city.
is an ancient and elegant gothic red brick building, its towering spire is particularly noticeable. The church housed the mausoleums of successive Kings and electors, but they were all destroyed during the grand alliance war. Only the tomb of elector Rupert iii, who built the church, remains.

sit in the bar outside the church, watching the tourists and buskers in the square.

house of the knight — also known as Hauz Zum Ritter st. Georg — belongs to the Renaissance architecture, named after the statue of the knight painted on its outer wall. It is one of the oldest preserved buildings in the city.

& have spent

knight’s house was built in 1592 by a German cloth merchant named Charles belaire, specializing in Chinese silk and satin. Later, knight’s house became a private residence. 1705 was converted into a hotel, which has been in operation ever since.

& NBSP; Knight’s house is easy to find next to the cathedral, and the small square in front is a good place for beer and coffee on your terrace

& have spent

and other European and American people, the German love to bask in the sun, sunny afternoon, of course, three or five friends together, talk to enjoy the sun!
& have spent

& have spent Afternoon time, and friends talk gossip, take photos together, this simple happiness you often have, slowly quiet down to find a long time no small happiness.

in the old street, almost every windowsill there is a pot of flowers, every day by flowers around the feeling is a happy thing, the fragrance of flowers tangy and come to here is also happy!
& have spent

green bit by bit spread, let the dream begin to sprout in a corner
& have spent

street performance artist ~

“Harley” bike ~

riding such a bike, like a rainbow across every city, the beautiful warmth and light flowers left, let her go to happiness of every person

& have spent
there are so many souvenirs worth taking home, but in my mind, one of the most rewarding is the lovely little knight. Every boy heart has a horse, every girl heart, there will be a knight.
& have spent

old street snacks are also very cool oh! Hundred years ice cream shop, meat roll point, and all kinds of dim sum shop…

this is a fruit vinegar store ~

Heidelberg is the epitome of romantic Germany,
From winding and quiet alleys to castles and rivers,
Or the little shop in the old street,
All full of poetry and painting…
& have spent
& have spent
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