The most dangerous zoos in Japan need to sign for life and death

I believe everyone has visited the zoo

But it can touch the beast at zero distance

There are fewer opportunities~

Today’s editor will introduce

The most dangerous zoo in Japan——

Hokkaido experience Zoo

(North Safari Sapporo)


The zoo is located in South Sapporo District, Hokkaido

There are also exemptions at the entrance of the park

“This zoo is not an ordinary zoo”

“If there is injury or any damage”

“All responsible”


Such an “irresponsible” zoo

Xiaobian is the first time to see you

You can see the animals as soon as you go in!

Almost all the cages can be opened

And you can touch, hug and lift!

(of course, if you dare to touch it)

Cute little kangaroo


Dull blindfold mink


And the hairy Fox


And lemurs that live with turtles

(what a mess…)


Except for these cute little animals

You can also experience Python around the neck


Feeding lions at close range

(you can also touch the meat pad!)


Some of my friends say that’s what it’s all about

Many zoos also have these projects

Don’t worry, the thrill is still ahead!


There is a mysterious area in the park

It’s called “dangerous forest”

If you want to get in here

We need to sign a life and death certificate first

After all, the animals here are too dangerous!


A skunk that tastes better than stinky tofu


Porcupine that can shoot “acupuncture”

Wire rope is necessary for ultra close distance

If it falls…


Viewing piranha without glass

No one should put his hand in it…


You can eat people to the bone

Peristaltic… Bamboo worm

And I can only cross over from here


Close contact with poisonous lizard without shelter


Glass plank road on crocodile pool


Ha ha ha!

Go through it like this

Do you have soft legs

What about the heartbeat?


Except for animals

There’s also reverse bungee jumping


Winter dog sled and other special experience!


It’s not good just to see pictures

Welcome to visit!


Dare you go to the zoo?

Anyway, Xiaobian is not afraid of (GAN)! ​​​​

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