“The prince of papermaking” is a small animal husbandry

Japan’s northeast (10) a603a660202 a603a603 is an industrial city dominated by paper industry. Walking out of the railway station, you can see the big chimney of white smoke emitted by paper mill a603 a603 Prince paper mill is not only the largest paper mill in Japan, but also in the world. Covering small animal husbandry paper industry accounts for 30% of the national output. Shanxiaomu, also known as “papermaking kingdom” a603 a603a603 a603, has a small urban area, and there are no places of interest or scenic spots in the city. It is not far from the railway station to face the turbulent North Pacific Ocean A 6033 a 60208 a 6033 a 6033 a 60209 a 6033 on Sunday morning, the business street was cold and clear. Only a few stores are open occasionally, and most of the others are closed A 6033 a 6033 a 60210 a 6033 a 6033 a 60211 a 6033 quiet, clean thatched small animal husbandry, there are very few pedestrians and vehicles on the street. Where have all the people gone In Japan, Hokkaido is a rare place with a large population, although its population density is very high. There are less than 160000 people in the whole area A603a603 a603
shaxiaomu is about 90 minutes’ drive from Sapporo, the capital. The trains are as frequent as the Beijing subway. People often travel to Sapporo on weekends A603a603 a603a603 there are also high-end hotels, financial institutions and large shopping malls near the building of Hokkaido news agency. There are not many people in the city, but there are all five internal organs, and there are many in the same way A 6033 a 60218 a 6033 leads to six counties in the northeast, even to the West Port terminal of Nagoya route in Guanzhong area. Many factories, large and small, are distributed along the coast A603 a603a603a603 besides the factory, there are not many residential areas. In front of the door of these families who sleep with their heads resting on the Pacific Ocean waves, there is a white chrysanthemum
waving in the wind

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