The unique male hat of Madura


See also Southeast Asia (VII) a 6033 a 60202 a 6033 Madura island is only separated from Java island by a narrow channel, but the language and folk customs are quite different. For example, this hat is the adornment that local men often wear a 6033 a 6033 a 60203 a 6033


A603马杜拉島独特的男性帽子 bangkalan is an important town in the west of Madura island. The whole town is small but clean and beautiful. There are not many people. There is no congestion and noise in big cities A 6033 a 60207 a 6033 election poster is hung in every corner of bangkalan district. If a smiling politician wants to be an official, he can only win the favor of voters. He can’t bribe his boss a 6033 a 6033 a 60208 a 6033 a 6033 a 60209 large and small mosques with a large amount of money. He can comfort the hearts and minds of more than 4 million muslin people on the island A603马杜拉島独特的男性帽子 a603马杜拉島独特的男性帽子 a603 the public transportation on the island is not very convenient, and motorcycles are the main force. A small motorcycle can meet the travel needs of a family of three A 6033 a 60212 a 6033 a 6033 a 60213 a 6033 sickle and other cutting tools are special products of Madura island. Mandajie business stall can be sold at will without ID card registration and unit certificate.
A 6033 a 60214 a 6033 a 6033 a 60215 a 6033 green field, there are some tombstones with exquisite shapes standing in disorder. Tombstones are not limited to black and white, but also blue, green and even red A603马杜拉島独特的男性帽子 a603a603a603马杜拉島独特的男性帽子 a603a603马杜拉島独特的男性帽子
came into the house of the stonemason who made the tombstone and had a panoramic view of the kitchen, living room, study and bedroom A 6033 a 6033 a 60219 a 6033 a 6033 a 60220 a 6033 some of the women on the island exposed their hair in front of the outsiders, but even the gas station, there are also seemingly uniform characteristic tooling A 6033 a 60221 a 6033 Java island and Madura island are connected as a whole by a short bridge, the cost of crossing the bridge is insignificant, and the transportation cost between the two islands is not high.


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