Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba

Tokyo is a very popular tourist destination in Japan. Do you know VenusFort, Venus castle in the center of the big shopping? As an urban integrated mall, outlets are not the only one with fashion clothes, grocery stores, entertainment centers and service stores. The dining room. In addition, it is also recommended for families to come together. It is a large shopping center for children and pet products.
The mall is emblematic of a beautiful street that recreates 18th century Europe. The sight of the shops in the western architecture is very spectacular. You can enjoy a happy time just by walking in the museum. It also has fountain square, the largest square in VenusFort. In the middle of the square, a large fountain supported by six statues is a popular photo spot. Recommend lovers or family together to play the large shopping center!
The & # 8251; Please be assured that there is a staff who can speak Chinese at the general information desk on the 2nd floor. & have spent Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba
The & # 9734; Summer discount notice ☆
Period: July 15 (Saturday) to August 31 (Thursday)
The 3F outlet floor has been cut again from the original discount price, which is quite a bargain.
Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba
& # 9632; TIME SALE FINAL SALE price will be more favorable. The stores with yellow POP are the ones with limited sales. & have spent
Don’t miss the 1 hour limit! The & # 9313; 7/15(vi) ~ 7/17(1 ・ Holiday) & # 9313; 7/22(vi) ~ 7/23(day)& 9314; July 29(vi) ~ July 30(day) 8/11 (5 & # 65381; Holiday) ~ 8/16(iii)
Daily 15:00 ~ 16:00
The & # 9632; Shop is introduced
Store for NIKE style, can fully feel the brand concept of NIKE.
The store collects the world’s most popular and fashionable shoes, clothing and other related products. Men, women and children can have a great time at NIKE FACTORY STORE. The & # 8251; No tax-free service is provided.
Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba
Puma from a variety of sports and lifestyle products selected out of the goods, to provide appropriate preferential prices.
With puma concept colors of red and white as the base of the interior decoration, can slowly enjoy shopping fun.
3. Levi s® Outlet
Levi’s, based on denim, blends traditional and revolutionary styles. Men’s & bull; Ladies and a rich variety of choices, family • A store where lovers can enjoy themselves.
Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba

CITIZEN, a time-honored watch brand beloved by the world, is the outlet store of direct selling manufacturers.
Environmental protection that never requires a replacement battery. Go for a ride with a “green &bull” watch that doesn’t require “correction time”; go for a ride with a radio watch.
The catalogue features the finished models and even “overseas styles” that are not yet available in Japan.
Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba
5. Samsonite/American Tourister
American traveler, founded in 1933, continues to develop travel equipment that can withstand the rigors of travel across a vast territory. With the goal of stronger, more functional, more beautiful design, 75 years later, the policy has not changed. The quality that is liked by world 40 countries above, aim at the tourist personage of Japan, launch the first direct sale shop in Japan.
Outlets shop in BEAMS. A man & bull; Women’s casual clothing as the center, from the basic original clothing to domestic and foreign designer brands, grocery items, a wide range.
7.ZWILLING Group Brand Outlet “ZWILLING J.A. Henckels”, a German kitchen Brand, collected outlets of its brands. More than 100 countries around the world are popular “tsuviringu” and “Henckels” knives and kitchen clothing, and now the French kitchen clothing brand “Staub”.
G-star RAW was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1989. Pay attention to material, processing, clipping, initiate the cowboy dress of innovation. Based on the craftsmanship of professional staff, the interlaced design of work style and modern style is its feature.
9. Moussy backstock
Moussy, a high quality casual brand for “capable women” with their own lifestyle and fashion sense, is the NEW SHOP of “BLACK BY moussy”. Center on denim clothing, emphasizing the waist line beautiful contour & Details, bright seasonal trend with brand style.
10. Franc Franc BAZAR
Make every day a natural “happy day.”
Francfranc provides pleasant lifestyle through furniture, interior decoration and daily necessities.
The & # 9632; Business hours & NBSP;
Commodity selling 11:00 ~ 21:00
The & # 8251; 8/11 (5 & # 65381; Holiday) ~ 8/16(iii) 10:30 ~ 21:00 restaurant & coffee shop 11:00 ~ 23:00 (last order 22:00)
The & # 8251; Some stores have different opening hours
The & # 9632; Mode of transport
Linhai line [Tokyo telecom station] get off at about 3 minutes
Lily seagull [qinghai station] station direct
The official website

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Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba


Tokyo shopping guide: Venus castle VenusFort daiba


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