Top 10 open source video players in Linux

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Compiled by: Linux China lujun9972 by Stella Aldridge

To help you choose the best player for your needs, we have listed the top 10 open source players in Linux.

Let’s look at:

1. Xbmc – Kodi media center

This is a flexible cross platform player, the core is written in C + +, and provides Python script as an add-on. The benefits of using Kodi include:

  • Available in more than 69 languages
  • Users can play audio, video and media files from the network and local storage
  • Works with jeos as an application suite for devices such as smart TVs and set-top boxes
  • There are many good add ons, such as video and audio streaming plug-ins, themes, screen savers, etc
  • It supports multiple formats, such as MPEG-1, 2, 4, realvideo, HVC, hevc, etc

2. VLC media player

Since the player has impressive functionality and availability on a range of operating systems, it’s natural that it appears on the list. It is written in C, C + +, and objective C, and users do not need to use plug-ins, thanks to its extensive support for decoding libraries. The advantages of VLC media player include:

  • DVD player support on Linux
  • Ability to play. ISO files
  • Able to play HD recorded D-VHS tape
  • It can run directly from the U disk or external drive
  • API support and browser support (through plug-ins)


This flexible and powerful player has been selected by many ordinary users. Its advantages include:

  • Easy to use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Impressive playback
  • Playback can be resumed
  • Subtitle support, can render multiple subtitle files

4. Miro music and video player

Previously known as the democracy player (DTV), Miro was redeveloped by the participating culture foundation and is a good cross platform audio and video player. Impressive because:

  • Support some HD audio and video
  • Available in more than 40 languages
  • Multiple file formats can be played, such as QuickTime, WMV, MPEG file, avi, XviD
  • Once available, users can be notified automatically and videos can be downloaded

5, SMPlayer

This cross platform media player, written only with Qt library of C + +, is a powerful multi-functional player. We like it because:

  • Multiple language options
  • Supports all default formats
  • Support EDL files, you can configure subtitles obtained from the Internet
  • All kinds of skin that can be downloaded from the Internet
  • Double speed broadcast

6. MPV player

It’s written in C, Objective-C, Lua, and python, free, easy to use, and has many new features, easy to use. The main bonus points are:

  • Can be compiled into a library, exposing the client API, thus enhancing control
  • Allow media encoding
  • Smooth animation

7、Deepin Movie

This player is an excellent example of an open source media player. It has many advantages, including:

  • Complete all playback operations through the keyboard
  • Video files of various formats can be easily played through this player
  • Streaming function enables users to enjoy many online video resources

8. Gnome video

Formerly known as totem, this is the player for GNOME desktop environment.

It is written in C completely, built with GStreamer multimedia framework, and the version higher than 2.7.1 uses Xine as the back end. It’s great because:

It supports a number of formats, including:

  • Showcast, SMIL, M3U, Windows Media Player format, etc
  • You can adjust the lighting settings during the play, such as brightness and contrast.
  • Load Subrip subtitles
  • Support direct video playback from Internet channels (such as apple)

9. Xine multimedia player

Another cross platform multimedia player written in C in our list. This is an all-around player because:

  • It supports physical media as well as video devices. 3gp, MKV, MOV, MP4, audio format
  • Network protocol, V4L, DVB, PVR, etc
  • It can manually correct the synchronization of audio and video streams


Last but not least, exmplayer is an amazing and powerful GUI front end for Mplayer. Its advantages include:

  • Can play any media format
  • Support for web streaming and subtitles
  • Easy to use audio converter
  • High quality audio extraction without affecting sound quality

These video players work well on Linux. We suggest you try and choose the player that suits you best.

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