Travel in Bangkok, Thailand, you don’t miss cheap street food

Trying all kinds of street food is an important part of the tourism process, especially in Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia. All kinds of strange street food, you have heard or not, are worth your taste and challenge.


Street snacks that Bangkok can try

There are so many varieties and so many local cuisines on the streets of Bangkok, which may make it difficult for you to decide what to eat. Thai fried rice or papaya salad? Roti (Thai pancake) or icepot (a kind of fried ice cream)? I will tell you some delicious food that I have been lucky to taste in Bangkok, including good, bad and very bad.

Stir fried rice noodles in Thai style

Well, let’s get rid of the most obvious one. This dish is famous not only in Thailand, but also all over the world because of its simplicity, as well as its rich flavor and spices where it is needed.

This dish consists of rice, noodles, eggs, tofu, vegetables and some chicken or shrimp, which can be seen everywhere in Thailand.

Unfortunately, I’m allergic to eggs, so I can’t fully enjoy the potential of this dish, but there are so many people who choose this dish, so it’s not hard to see why it will become a classic.


Shrimp red curry

This is my personal favorite, because I absolutely like seafood! Rice, basil, vegetables, curry sauce, and pepper, with fresh and juicy shrimp meat is perfect!

Roast chicken meat skewer

In Thailand you will find all kinds of barbecue stalls, half of which I don’t know what meat is, if only it is meat. But one thing I know is that you can buy kebabs with chili sauce, which I think is a good thing for everyone. No matter where you see the barbecue vendor, you’ll soon see him grilling chicken kebabs. Hot sauce is priced at 10 baht per bottle. You should never miss it.


Dong Yin Gong

Thai people like to make everything spicy, and this dish is no exception. Dongyingong is a spicy soup, which is made by mixing herbs and spices, and finally adding some fresh and juicy shrimps and mushrooms. For those who can’t eat spicy food, this dish will make you cry.

Papaya Salad

This spicy papaya salad is more common in southern Thailand, but also in Bangkok. It’s spicy. I suggest a few more mints after this snack, because there are garlic, chili and several different spices in it. In addition, there are many ways to make this dish, some of which will definitely surprise you.

Insect delicacies

Go to Kaoshan Road, you will find many vendors selling all kinds of crickets, worms, beetles and grasshoppers. It is usually fried with a small amount of sauce and then seasoned with a little Thai spice, which is popular with tourists and backpackers.

In fact, I have never seen Thai people eat them. This is not my favorite dish, but if you want to experience the real Thai flavor, try it!

Scorpion or tarantula

It makes a crackling sound when it’s eaten. These fried products usually pass through their bodies with a bamboo stick. I’ve only seen them near tourist attractions, especially Kaoshan road.


Spicy beef salad

This spicy beef salad is rare among street vendors, but is more common in local restaurants. That said, it is not impossible to find a street vendor to make this dish. This tongue numbing salad is made of lime, coriander, mint, chili, onion and beef. I believe this dish was invented to match a glass of iced beer.


Fried ice cream

Among the top ten are “ice pot”, a kind of fried ice cream, which is popular with tourists and backpackers because of its production method. The vendor mixes the milk with your choice of ingredients and pours it on a very cold steel grill; it actually freezes the milk into ice cream. The whole process only takes a few minutes. You can record the process by picking up your mobile phone through the crowded crowd around you. It’s really good ice cream. It usually costs 250-300 baht.


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