Unique steam stone pot in ocean Ranch

A660201 Changyou West Coast (III)

The generous sea gives the treasure to Jiaozhou Bay. There is not only a unique “ocean Ranch”, but also a unique Shell Museum.

Geng, 60, has always wanted to display the shells collected in his museums for more than 30 years. He thinks it’s worth the price A603海洋牧场里独特的蒸汽石锅 Qingdao West Coast new area and Huangdao District Tourism Bureau devoted their efforts to publicity and promotion, aiming to fully mobilize the collection of various local cultural, artistic and intangible cultural heritage.


As a private Shell Museum, the ocean ranch of luhaifeng is a large one. The huge investment and construction aims to build a new scenic spot on the west coast, a 6033 a 60206 a 6033 “ocean Ranch”. As the name implies, we must go fishing. These yachts are different from the original fishing boats on Lingshan island

Forcing the captain to sail to “the happiest country in the world”, North Korea failed, but his towel was forgotten in the cab. It’s true that stealing chickens doesn’t eat rice When a603海洋牧场里独特的蒸汽石锅
returned to the wharf, a lonely dog who had never been ashore wagged its tail desperately to the tourists.

it’s doubtful whether this huge fresh fish was fished by him or not, but it’s a natural phenomenon to steal other people’s achievements. We Chinese are used to it for a long time A 60210 a 6033 is an upgraded version of local fishermen’s houses, which are lined with seaweed roofed houses. The exterior looks primitive and the interior is extremely modern The restaurant of
ocean Ranch Hotel is magnificent and luxurious. The dazzling pictures and samples of delicious food are dazzling and salivating.

A 6033 a 60212 a 6033 a 60213 a 6033 Shandong pasta has always been a strong point in food culture. It has been fully verified from the open kitchen to the past A 6033 a 60214 a 6033 & nbsp; sea water tofu seems to not only save the process of adding salt brine, but also have a better taste. Let’s call it “Huaxin steamed cake”. The main food is cake like exquisite a603海洋牧场里独特的蒸汽石锅 海洋牧场里独特的蒸汽石锅. Green vegetables must be the biggest selling point. And the variety of seafood in the supermarket is the exclusive product of the ocean ranch
Cooking Seafood with steam stone pot instead of hot pot, this unique experience is the first time
the sacrifice that was just fished up became like this in the steam stone pot a few seconds later A603海洋牧场里独特的蒸汽石锅
prawns, a sensitive term, stimulate the nerves of Qingdao people. The prawns in the ocean ranch are not and cannot be sold at a price of 38 yuan

&A group of fish and shrimps soon became the offerings of greedy eaters in the hot steam.  


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