Venice Red Alert! 80% flooded, may sink by the end of this century!

In recent days, Venice, the world-famous Italian water city, has been hit by huge floods.

At about 22:50 local time on the 12th, Venice’s water level rose to 187cm, the second highest water level in the city’s history. On the 13th, a new tide came again. Venice’s mayor said it was a disaster, with losses expected to reach hundreds of millions of euros.

Venice has raised a red emergency alert, ansa news agency reported Wednesday. “Venice is in an emergency! The Cathedral of St. Mark and the whole city and island have been destroyed. ” Luigi brugnaro, Venice’s mayor, wrote on twitter that he called on everyone to mobilize to tide over the difficulties.

Many parts of Venice’s historical central city were damaged by the flood, so it is impossible to assess the damage of the art heritage in the city at present, but the damage of the famous St. Mark’s Cathedral is worrying. It is reported that the internal water level is high and the whole basement is submerged.

Teatro La Fenice was not spared. Although the main structure of the building was not greatly affected, the power and fire-fighting system of the theater was damaged by water. The Ca ‘Pesaro also had a fire at night due to an electrical fault.

Photo source: Official Website of Italian Fire Department

“We are facing a doomsday destruction, and it’s no exaggeration to say that 80% of the cities are underwater and the losses are unimaginable,” said Luca ZAIA, President of the Veneto region

Climate change aggravates sea level rise

Venice may sink completely by the end of this century

According to supereva, the water city of Venice is at risk of being completely engulfed by the sea at the end of this century. Sea water in the Mediterranean will rise by the end of this century due to climate change, according to a study. From Trieste to Ravenna, coastal cities of the Adriatic Sea will soon be engulfed by the sea.

&The following famous landmarks and tourist attractions were also devastated by floods.

St. Mark’s Basilica

Tourists from all over the world often come to this square to take selfies. According to legend, this square was once called “European living room” by Napoleon. However, the high water level has turned the square into a swimming pool. It was reported that someone had been seen swimming near St. Mark’s Cathedral.

Aqua Alta
This bookstore is known as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Many years of flood experience has already inspired the relevant personnel of bookstores to store a large number of books in bathtubs and waterproof boxes. But even so, bookstores can’t predict the devastating impact of this week.
The shipwrecked girl in Banksy
In May, Banksy created a mural of a young refugee holding a pink torch. This work of art overlooks the Grand Canal.
It is one of the busiest places along the Grand Canal. It is located in the center of the city, but it also suffered from floods in recent days. According to the scene picture, the flood has inundated the upper thigh of the refugee.
Grand Canal
As a main water transportation corridor, the grand canal winds through the palace, royal garden, riato bridge, etc. Today, the water level in the city canal is pushed up. As the tide continues to rise, some ferries are overturned and many flood control barriers are submerged, which are used to protect the sinking city.
Doge’s Palace
This is a Gothic building in Venice, Italy. It used to be the residence of government agencies and courts, as well as the governor of Venice.
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