What are so many foreigners doing in Thailand?

People who have been to Thailand will find that foreigners can be found everywhere in Thailand. So the problem is coming. Are they all here to happy?

Of course not! Although there are many tourists. But many of them have lived in Thailand for a long time.

For those who live on the road or far away, where does their money come from? What did you do in Thailand?


Different reasons and ways of living in Thailand

1. International migrant care group


Most of their lives are finally given a choice of time, or they have enough pensions, or they have earned enough living expenses as living capital.

They usually have lived in Thailand for more than ten years. They have learned Thai language for a long time without end. No matter how poor the basic spoken Thai language is, there is no problem. Some old people will rent / marry a Thai girl who is much younger than themselves. Some of them are in charge of daily life and have ready-made translators.

They may not like pepper, and still can’t forgive the Thai people for being lazy, but they have basically adapted to the Thai diet, except perhaps the French.

They will not stay in Thailand all the year round, because they have already achieved economic freedom, so they usually fly to Europe and the United States on major festivals in Europe and the United States, and return to Thailand when the weather is good in Thailand, where there are migratory birds.

2. Young backpackers and international students


Young and energetic Backpackers or short-term study / Travel students may not have everything for the time being, but young vitality is capital. Those who have traveled the world should have more specific pursuit for their future life and work.

Some of them are students who have just finished reading books. They come to Asia for a long vacation on the part-time salary, which is what we usually call gap year interval. Some of them just yearn for Thailand’s mysterious culture and come to primary school for massage and cooking skills. Some of them are pure friends who introduce Thailand’s beautiful women to be cheap and come to pick up girls or daze

They don’t work, they can’t work. These young people usually only regard Thailand as a station for fun / learning and adventure. Whether they come back and how long they stay depends on how much money they have and what their dreams are

3. Entrepreneurs seeking opportunities


They have successfully set up businesses in Thailand, and the young and middle-aged people who have been working steadily in this city. Some of them are Internet bloggers, some are school teachers, some are restaurant and bar owners, some are Thai company partners, and they are a group of very smart, motivated and ambitious players.

They seem to sit around every day, but in fact, their brains are controlling the whole business process. It can easily inspire new inspiration from the details of life, create new opportunities to make money, and have a strong survival ability.

In general, the other half of them are Thai. Because they do business in Thailand and have contract management rights, they get work visas and speak Thai.

4. The Chinese who go down to the south to seek gold


This one is us.

International students who are part-time purchasers, or staff members of the tourism industry, marketing specialists, tour guides, translators, team leaders and media personnel appointed by the company. These people can be said to be overseas people who work legally in Thailand. Like the students who work in China from nine to five, they can’t be said to work more easily, but their working and rest time is much more free.

There are more Chinese tourists and more self-employed businesses in Thailand. Open Chinese restaurant, agency, hotel, etc.

5. Japanese working in another place


The Japanese, who are famous for their workaholic, seem to come to Thailand for work

Thais are fascinated by the Japanese. Japanese brands dominate the streets of Nissan cars and electronic products in shopping malls. Many factories in Thailand are controlled by the Japanese. Most of the Japanese who come to live in Thailand are sent to other places to work.

6. Deep hidden Korean


In addition to the most authentic Korean restaurant, Koreans also work in companies engaged in Korean Thai Trade

7. Indians who monopolize tailor shop


Tailor and owner of tailors in Thailand are both Indian uncles

Most Indians / Sri Lanka / Turks will come to Thailand to sell handmade carpets and fabrics, and then open tailor shops, Indian restaurants, kebab barbecue stands

Thailand super cost effective project recommendation

① Bangkok: the privacy S101

Project details → invest in Bangkok’s “Silicon Valley” and take the 5g express to be a big winner in Thailand’s 4.0 new era! The total price is only 650000

Today, with the rapid development of the world, high and new technology has become an industry closely related to people’s lives. No matter which country is developing science and technology vigorously: the United States has silicon valley; Beijing has Zhongguancun, Shanghai has Zhangjiang, and Bangkok has punnawithi.


Punnawithi is not only a Thailand 4.0 digital industry incubator named by the Thai government, but also a mature living area integrating business, education and life atmosphere, deeply loved by local young people and elites from all over the world. More and more investors are focusing on this project, and Pu Xia S101 is a high-quality project that can stand the test of punnawithi.

Project Name: the privacy S101

Project location: sukunyi 101 lane, BTS punawithi 450m

Floor area: 3-0-1.5 Lai

Delivery time: the fourth quarter of 2020

Total number of households: 394

Parking: 42%

Total floor height: 8 floors (2 buildings)

Unit price of the project: from THB 114000 / ㎡ (about 26000 yuan / ㎡)

Total project price: from THB 2.89 million (about 650000 yuan)

Property fee: 57 THB / ㎡ / month

Maintenance fund: 500 THB / ㎡

House type: 26-30 ㎡ for one house; 34.9 ㎡ for two small houses; 52.2-56.5 ㎡ for combined house

Supporting facilities: lobby rest area, waterfalls relaxation space, shared creative office area, swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, countercurrent fitness pool, gym, yoga room, air yoga, air garden, air rest area, air jogging track

Latest offer: 20 seats for free, first come, first served

② Phuket: montazure lakeside

Project details

1)What?! Less than 2 million yuan can be the “shareholder” of meijingge hotel in Phuket

2) how to be a high-quality Island Hotel Apartment investor

Montazure lakeside grand seal meijingge apartment is hosted by meijingge MGallery of Accor Group, a world-famous French hotel. The project is close to InterContinental Hotel and only 300 meters away from the beach.


Accor Group has 4800 hotels, resorts and residences in 100 countries around the world. Including Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Meiju, ibis, etc., hotel brands from luxury to affordable all have. Meixiangge is a middle and high-end brand of Accor Group, which belongs to luxury. It is famous for focusing on “small but beautiful”. It is known as a boutique hotel designed for life, literature and culture advocates. The beautiful vision Pavilion of Accor Group is the golden signboard guarantee of future income of the project.

Project Name: montazure lakeside

Chinese Name: Jinxi meijinge lakeside apartment

Total planning area of the project: 728400 ㎡

Building structure: 39 buildings with 2-5 floors

Housing pattern: 236 rooms in total, accessible

Parking spaces: 60

Single lift: 2.8m, 3M

Property fee: THB 80 / ㎡ / month

Building maintenance fund: 700 THB / ㎡

Delivery time: the second quarter of 2022

Reference price (subject to the specific quotation of the developer): within 2 million yuan

Public facilities: natural living water lake, leisure pool, children’s pool, pool bar, gym, club, community supermarket, yoga platform, leisure hall, jungle slow track, 24-hour security and 24-hour monitoring

Additional paid services: ordering, delivery, booking chef’s dinner service, laundry service, in-depth maintenance service, additional cleaning service, on-site SPA service, private transportation / limousine service, “owner out” apartment maintenance service – provide apartment maintenance and in-house care service for frequent out going or living owners.

③ Chiang Mai: Astra sky River

Project details → 2019 popular landmark of the ancient city of Chiang Mai, adjacent to Shangri La, Astra sky River, a rare high-rise apartment in the central city, with an average price of only 20000 / ㎡

Astra phase 2 sky river is a landmark product of the largest city in northern Thailand, which perfectly integrates the Lanner style and modern luxury design concept of northern Thailand. It is one of the most valuable apartments in this small city that is difficult to build high-rise apartments.


The project occupies an excellent area of Changkang Road, and the 150 meter mountain view infinity pool at the top of the project makes the project become a well deserved net red real estate in the ancient city of Chiang Mai in 2019.

Project Name: Astra sky River

Developer: North home

Project location: Changkang Road, Chiang Mai

Architectural style: modern luxury Lana style

Average price of the project: 92000 baht / ㎡ (equivalent to 20000 yuan / ㎡)

Total project price: from THB 3.97 million (equivalent to RMB 900000)

Project floor: 16 floors

Type of property right: permanent property right

Total number of units: 520

Floor area: 4.2 Lai

Project house type:

Studio room type 29-34.85 ㎡

1 Bedroom 37.2-47.41㎡

2 Bedroom 72.41-73.39㎡

3 Bedroom 93.8㎡

Community supporting facilities: commercial supermarket and store, 150m infinity pool, coffee shop, gym, luxury lobby, 24-hour front desk service, 24-hour security service

④ Pattaya: Marina Gold Bay

Project details → the unprecedented pyramid shaped landmark apartment in Marina Golden Bay, Pattaya, with a total price of 66002 yuan

Pattaya is a key development city in Thailand in the past two years, enjoying very favorable development conditions: it is located in the key position of “the East Economic Corridor of Thailand (equivalent to the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in China)”, with an airport, a high-speed railway to be built, the largest deep-water port in Thailand – linchaban port, and the most expatriate Luoyong Industrial Park.


Marina Golden Bay apartment will inject new vitality into the local buildings of Pattaya and create a world-class luxury apartment. Marina King Bay’s unique design is the grandest and most unique luxury apartment you’ve ever seen in Thailand.

Project Name: Marina Gold Bay

Developer: top global group

Nature of the project: apartments with permanent property rights

Location: theprasit Road, Pattaya

Project area: 24000m2

Project structure: three 51 storey residential buildings + one commercial building

Expected completion: 2022

Property fee: 60 THB / m2 / month

Overhaul fund fee: 600 THB / m2 (one time for transfer)

Electricity meter: THB 10000

Transfer fee: 2%

Project unit type: standard single room of 20 square meters; one bedroom of 29-36 square meters; two bedrooms of 57 square meters

Delivery standard: fine decoration, kitchen, bathroom cabinet + mirror, wardrobe + shelf, door, electromagnetic stove, range hood, air conditioner, lamp, doorbell, shower, mirror with lamp, marble, basin, faucet, pipe, toilet, toilet paper rack, towel rack

⑤ Hua Xin: La Habana

Project details → selfie + best location = Hua Xin La Habana! From the total price of 550000 yuan, install a beautiful home for yourself ~

La Habana is located in Hua thanon 23, next to petchakasem Road, Huaxin main road, adjacent to cicada creative night market and tamarind weekend market. It is surrounded by bluport mall and market village Mall for one-stop shopping. There are many tourist attractions nearby, as well as the only Bangkok Hospital in Huaxin, which can be described as a complete set of invincible.


With the grand arch, countless tropical plants and gorgeous decoration style, the project has the Havana style of Spanish colonial heritage.

Project price: from THB 2.19 million (equivalent to RMB 510000)

Unit price of the project: from THB 85000 / ㎡ (equivalent to RMB 19000 / ㎡)

Location: 250m from the beach

Nature of the project: permanent property

Parking spaces: 134

Number of project households: 652


One room and one bathroom (s): 25-28.25m2

One room and one bathroom (m): 32.75-40.25m2

Two rooms and one bathroom (m): 49.50-57.00m2

Two rooms and two bathrooms (L): 61.00-98.75m2

Delivery date: December 2020

Developer: sansiri

Property fee: 50 THB / ㎡ / month

Public maintenance fee: 500 THB / ㎡

communal facilities:

Luxury property lobby, garden, outdoor entertainment area, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, children’s swimming pool, playground, fitness center, public laundry, hall, public facilities area WiFi coverage


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