World geography | Sweden — one of the five Nordic countries

Kingdom of Sweden


It’s a Scandinavian country

One of the five Nordic countries

Stockholm as the capital

It is adjacent to Norway in the west, Finland in the northeast, skagrak Strait and kategat Strait in the southwest, and Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia in the East. Across the sea from Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

世界地理 | 瑞典——北欧五国之一

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The terrain inclines from northwest to Southeast, and the north is plateau. Sweden has a long and narrow terrain, sloping from northwest to Southeast. Norland plateau is located in the north, and the highest peak in China is at an altitude of 2123 meters. Most of the southern and coastal areas are plains or hills.

世界地理 | 瑞典——北欧五国之一

The main rivers in Sweden are Yota River, Dar River and ongerman river. There are many lakes in China, about 100000. The largest lake of venaan covers an area of 5585 ㎞ m2, ranking the third in Europe.

It is the largest country in northern Europe

The word “Sweden” comes from the Swedish word “Kingdom of peace”

The name of the country comes from the starting area of Sweden (now central Sweden)

It also has lovely names like “forest kingdom”, “Nordic snow country” and “Forbidden Kingdom”

Its coastline is about 7624 kilometers long

The total area is about 450000 square kilometers

The largest country in northern Europe



It is the capital and the largest city of Sweden

Sweden’s political, economic, cultural, transportation center and major ports

Stockholm means “wooden island” in English. The city was founded in the middle of the 13th century. At that time, the local residents were often invaded by pirates, so people built a castle with huge wood on an island at the sea entrance of Lake meraron, and set up stakes in the water to prevent pirates, so the island is called “wood island”.

世界地理 | 瑞典——北欧五国之一

Now it has both the elegant, antique style and the prosperity of modern cities. In the old town, there are magnificent palaces, magnificent churches and towering spires, while the narrow streets show the street style of the middle ages. In the new urban area, there are tall buildings, neat streets, green trees and sparkling waves.

Nolan’s “Golden Gate Bridge”

Spectacular Suspension Bridge High Coast bridge (H ö GA kustenbron)

On the gangerman River

It’s Nolan’s “Golden Gate Bridge”

It’s also one of the longest bridges in the world

The region was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2000

世界地理 | 瑞典——北欧五国之一

世界地理 | 瑞典——北欧五国之一

Glacial retreat and land uplift from the sea floor are the two main reasons for this spectacle

The high coast extends from the north of henarsound to enshrzwick

The narrow and winding road is very suitable for self driving


A famous port city on the southwest coast of Sweden

Located in the catgut channel

By the Yota canal

Across the sea from the northern end of Denmark

It’s a beautiful harbor city

The port of Gothenburg remains unfrozen all year round

Become the main port for navigation between Sweden and Western Europe

世界地理 | 瑞典——北欧五国之一

Goteborg is located in the center of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, three capitals of Nordic countries. It has more than 450 routes to all parts of the world. It is the throat of Nordic countries. Within 300 kilometers, Goteborg is the most developed industrial area in the three countries and the industrial center of Nordic countries. Sweden’s resources

In 2011, Sweden’s total cultivated land area was 2.6483 million hectares, accounting for 6% of the country’s land area, and the self-sufficiency rate of agricultural products was over 80%. All kinds of food produced could not only meet the needs of the country, but also be exported. In 2011, the number of agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery practitioners accounted for 1.1% of the total, and the agricultural output value accounted for about 1.8% of the GDP, accounting for 96.858 billion US dollars. Animal husbandry accounts for 80% of the total agricultural output value. Food, meat, eggs and dairy products are more than self-sufficient. Vegetables and fruits are mainly imported. The self-sufficiency rate of agricultural products is over 80%.

Sweden is rich in forest resources, and forestry plays an important role in the national economy. In addition to the export of wood raw materials, Sweden has also established a large number of supporting deep processing industrial sectors, such as pulp, paper, furniture, and forest chemical industry, with the output and export volume ranking the top in the world. Among them, the export of coniferous tree products ranks second in the world, the export of pulp ranks third in the world, and the export of paper industry ranks fourth in the world. At the same time, the government pays attention to environmental protection, and the annual cutting amount does not exceed the natural growth amount, which makes the Swedish forest coverage rate stable for a long time.

Iron ore, forest and water power are three major resources in Sweden. As of 2014, Sweden’s proven iron ore reserves are 3.65 billion tons, making it the largest iron ore exporter in Europe. Uranium reserves range from 250000 to 300000 tons. The forest coverage rate is 54%, and the timber storage is 2.64 billion cubic meters. In the ordinary year, the available water resources are 2014 million kilowatts (176 billion KWH), 81% of which have been developed. In addition, there are sulfur, copper, lead, zinc, arsenic and other minerals in the northern and central areas, with small reserves.

Swedish climate

Sweden’s proximity to the ocean is affected by the Atlantic warm current

Mild and rainy in winter

The climate is mainly temperate continental

Most of the areas belong to the sub cold coniferous forest climate

Climate of the southernmost temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest


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世界地理 | 瑞典——北欧五国之一

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